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  1. Anything new in the works from the master of architecture?

  2. Yeah sorry about that - was replying on my phone and couldn't figure out how to hide the OP.
  3. This is the worst post I’ve ever seen...! Dude!
  4. Agony

    Archive/ZIP Software

    Good feedback from everyone - looks like it's time to try 7zip again!
  5. Sonic for me. As someone who had a SNES and not a Megadrive (Genesis) I was totally into the Mario vs Sonic hype at the time. Everyone was going on about whether Sonic 1 was better than Mario World etc. Many years later and when I finally played all the Sonic's I couldn't believe it. That said - I think if you had a Megadrive and not a SNES you would appreciate Sonic more - esp. if it was part of your childhood. Part of me wishes I got to play it back then - I think when you play a game (in time) has a big say in how you feel about it/remember it. I read online sometimes that some kids don't even rate The Legend of Zelda or A Link to the Past - and that totally blows my mind...! Really feel lucky to have been a kid/teenager through the 80's and 90's to be honest!
  6. Agony

    Archive/ZIP Software

    Cool thanks folks. I did have 7-zip a few years ago but I had some zip's I'd created with 256-bit encryption with Winzip and I wanted to add to the archive and had some issues or something - but hopefully it was just a case of me being lazy and not fully investigating the way to get it done! ;-)
  7. Agony

    Archive/ZIP Software

    Hi folks, Wondering what software most people are using for archiving/compressing/zipping/whatever you want to call it. I've been a Winzip user for like 20 years - but I've finally reached the point where I can't continue using it's bloated ugliness any longer... Who's got a solid, lightweight alternative and what are the pro's and con's?
  8. Agony

    DOOM Retro v4.9.2 (updated May 12, 2023)

    Hey Brad, Just want to say - well done with this port! Just downloaded it today - and haven't had a deep look into it yet, but it's bloody brilliant mate. I note you mention that the "doomretro.wad" fixes some of the Doom 2 iwad's bugs - just wondering if you know about the Icon of Sin texture being out of whack because one of the linedefs is too long? You can see the issue on the left horn. Anyway - that's just something that always bugs me so thought I'd share! :) Keep up the great work on this excellent port. And kudos for an excellent site, release notes, etc. All A-grade mate.
  9. Agony

    Your thoughts on Plutonia

    Have to say - if someone said "here's a megawad with 32 levels" and gave me Plutonia - I'd be pretty damn impressed. It has some unusual levels (like "Hunted"), some standard levels that are basically Doom 2 with added difficulty, and it even pulls off a pretty decent level 30 and a decent slaughtermap in "Go To It". Like any megawad there are some things that aren't to everyone's taste, but on the whole I find it extremely entertaining and many levels are better than those in Doom 2. Edit: Oh and I will just add - that I do wish there was less reliance on Arch-Viles, Chaingunners and Revenants throughout - but each to their own.
  10. Agony

    Doom wallpaper

    Nice work Jim!
  11. Wow, shocking news. Not a fan per se, but still have a huge amount of respect for someone so passionate about our industry. RIP
  12. Agony

    Breach [1.0, now on idgames!]

    Just want to say I found this map absolutely superb - 10 out of 10 for me. Thank you and well done! A masterpiece. Out of curiosity - how did you design it? ie, did you sketch out the layout beforehand? What is your editor of choice?
  13. Agony

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    First post...! Hi everyone - will introduce myself elsewhere as appropriate - but thought I'd join in the fun here and post a screenshot of the start of my 9-episode MegaWAD "House of Evil" - which I've been working on - on and off - for over 10 years. https://imgur.com/a/VgarMJy Hopefully be able to release the first few levels for beta testing soon! Cheers Agony