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  1. Przemkoman

    InSanity - Doom 2 survival horror.

    Hey, thanks for all of errors you found. I forgot about these shitty scripts, I'll try to fix these. I'm really happy that you showed me that.
  2. InSanity is psychological horror, total conversion mod for DooM 2. You play as Polish policeman who started losing his mind. At first he had horrible nightmares but now... Nightmares become truth... Features: GzDooM OpenGL effects. New weapons. New Monsters. New Textures. New sounds and Soundtrack. Easter Eggs. Whole scary story. Steam, original, BFG IWAD compatibility. A little bit of Gz/ZDoom movement usage (jumping, crouching, freelook). Little difficult And much more in future (I wish). Gameplay Download More Info Other info: Current version - Alpha 1.05 Next version --> 06.06.18