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  1. Lavarn

    Doom2 on nightmare difficulty

    Haha, using this thread for keyboard vs. mouse is fine by me - my original question was answered, that is actually is possible to beat every level in doom/doom2 on nightmare (without cheating). As for the keyboard-only thing, I use it mainly because it was what I did when I first started playing FPS games. I don't think you could use the mouse in the original version of doom, but I might be totally wrong about that. Anyway, it seems playable in doom because of the up and down autoaim (don't know the technical term for this), but if you try to use it in a game like quake it is much harder. I actually did spend some time learning to use the mouse for quake, but people were already so damn good at that game I felt I could never catch up. Keyboard-only will always feel more natural to me I guess.
  2. I'm sure people have asked about this before. Nightmare difficulty is so damn hard that I'm wondering if it might be impossible. I've seen some demos of people claiming to beat all 30 levels on nightmare (does zdoom still not support demos?), but I was under the impression that it was done through cheating...slowing down the frames or some similar thing. As for me, well I'm not very good (I use the keyboard lol), but it's pretty easy to beat levels 1 and 2. With some work, I managed to beat level 3, so I'm sure that's possible. How high can you go?
  3. Lavarn

    Falling too far (instant death)

    Oh yeah...I did remember the semicolon in the actual script but just forgot to put it when I copyed it above. Weird...I tried using ZETH to make the script and I think it automatically compiles it since when I opened it in Wintex there was a BEHAVIOR lump. That didn't work so I actually tried compiling it myself using acc.exe: acc test.acc This produces a test.o file which I tried to add to the wad with Wintex (wasn't sure how to do it, but I went to data and loaded in the test.o file under the name DEMO1 and renamed it to BEHAVIOR afterwards). Again, that didn't work. What else could be wrong?
  4. Lavarn

    Falling too far (instant death)

    Haha...yeah that's what I was going to do, but I've never used scripting before so I don't really know how to do it. I know that dark7 uses this trick and I got ZETH to look at the scripts...it seemed to me the crucial thing was: script 1 OPEN { sector_setdamage (1, 200, mod_falling) } Where I'm guessing 1 is the sector tag, 200 is how much damage to do, and mod_falling has to do with the message it displays when you die like "player fell". I tried to convert my wad to zdoom/hexen format with zwadconv (I made my level using WinDEU) and then copyed the code above into the script, but it isn't working. I must be missing something...or maybe I'm doing it completely wrong, I don't know.
  5. Lavarn

    Falling too far (instant death)

    But it probably would not work if the player needs to jump across the pit, for example. I don't think I'm going to get this map to work with vanilla doom anyways...so I'll just stick with zdoom and legacy (I know the trick mentioned above works with zdoom, haven't tested it with legacy).
  6. Lavarn

    Falling too far (instant death)

    Omg...that's awesome, it works perfectly! Exactly the kind of effect I am looking for. I am eternally grateful... :) Now the only problem is that the pit is so big I'm going to have to place hundreds of these things... How does it work anyway? When I fall onto the sprites (spawn spot) I instantly die, but when I walk into them I only take a little bit of damage.
  7. Lavarn

    Falling too far (instant death)

    Woh...I was convinced I have to use scripting, but I'm going to give this a try. Do you think this will work even if the "pit" is very large and weirdly shaped?
  8. Lavarn

    Falling too far (instant death)

    Yeah, that's the way I want it to work, but then the level would only be playable with zdoom and nothing else (I think). I don't really want to make this restriction unless I have to. Maybe there's a way to do it using a voodoo doll. The problem is that the player is jumping over a pit, and I went them to die if they fall in. But the player still needs to cross the sector to get to the other side. So there's no good place to set up the trigger which kills the doll. However, I've never used voodoo dolls before (this is really my first level), so maybe I'm overlooking something. Also, in the other thread that was related to this, someone mentioned that voodoo dolls are used in megawads like AV and HR. Does anyone know any specific level that uses it? I'd like to take a look...
  9. I noticed in several wads I played that falling to certain places results in instant death. I was wondering how to do this in my level. I know I can make a sector that takes 20% health every second or something, but this would look really dumb as the player slowly dies looking for a way to get out (even though there isn't one). Instead I want to just kill them instantly hehe... I guess if worse comes to worse I could make a way out but this sort of defeats the whole purpose. Anyone know how to do this trick? Thanks for any help.
  10. Lavarn

    Classic Doom Limits

    woh...AV map 20 = 14839 Linedefs I guess I shouldn't be worried about my map with a mere 1500 linedefs :)
  11. Lavarn

    Artist Needed

    I'm guessing that in most cases, "not enough time" or "too busy" are just excuses when the real factor is just loss of motivation. People start off with a vision of how great their map or the entire project will look when it's done and this gives them the incentive to start. But somewhere along the line they just lose interest...not sure why it happens. I guess there is such a thing as having too much time on your hands. I'm speaking for myself anyway, cause I've started tons of maps but haven't completed a single one yet - even though I know I have the skills necessary to complete them.
  12. Lavarn

    Editing Question

    In my opinion, good maps take a lot of planning. Not necessarily a lot of time actually making the map, but a lot of thinking about how it is going to be fun. I mean, that is the point of making maps right? So other people can have fun playing them? Heh, the single player maps in newstuff lately sometimes make me think otherwise... I usually plan out one part of the map at a time, and while I don't actually draw sketches (I suck at drawing), I have it pretty well planned out in my head. Of course, after I actually design it, it invariably never looks as good as I was hoping...so I abandon it. I've started working on like 20 maps, but haven't finished any of them yet. That's my style of mapping anyway...
  13. Lavarn

    Raising and lowering floors

    Yeah...that's what I eventually had to use, and I was able to create an elevator with two floors (except I can't get it to move downward at turbo speed). But it seems like using this would make it impossible to create an elevator with 3 floors. You could get it to go from 1 to 2, and from 2 to 3...and then lowering it would bring it all the way back down to 1 again. You couldn't go from 3 to 2...I guess it's not a big deal, but it seems like a weird limitation. But maybe there's a tricky way around it I'm not seeing?
  14. Lavarn

    Raising and lowering floors

    I was trying to create an elevator (instead of a lift) in WinDEU that has switches to raise and lower it. I used "Raise floor to nearest floor" to make it go up and that works ok, but then I tried "Lower floor to nearest floor" to lower it and that didn't work at all - it just sat there. Instead I ended up using "Lower floor to lowest floor" to get the elevator to lower (and that works). So it seems that raising and lowering floors actually work differently. I'm guessing that "Lower floor to nearest floor" actually means "Move floor to nearest floor, which may or may not be lower"...since my floor didn't move at all (there was another sector next to it with equal height when the switch was activated). Also, if I want to get the elevator to move down quickly, there's no tag for "Turbo lower floor to lowest floor", and "...nearest floor" runs into the same problem as above, not to mention there's this seemingly random +8 for lowering floors quickly. Anyone know how this stuff works? Thanks in advance.
  15. Lavarn

    My kool doom paeg!!1

    Cool...it works perfectly in jdoom. When I play the wad in zdoom though, the music is just silent. Zdoom does have support for mp3, right?