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  1. Retro Dino

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Here's my list. A lot of the stuff I haven't had. I also don't drink a lot of diet soda. I try not to drink soda these days anyways.
  2. Retro Dino

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Is the true answer.
  3. Retro Dino

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Pepsi. Coke literally eats the inside of your stomach. It's essentially acid. Plus it's taste is eh. Also coke really fucked up with the 'be less white' thing, it definitely made me dislike them even more.
  4. Retro Dino

    Did you find Doom scary when it first came out?

    I played SIGIL when I was 20, and it has some scary moments in it. The darkness and lights flickering really get me, and then you turn around and there's a demon or some shit.
  5. Retro Dino

    Do mappers use Wolfenstein SS in maps/wads?

    I use them as easter eggs. I try to put a few in my maps usually, just because they are fun.
  6. Retro Dino

    Remake your first map(s) thread

    The multiple sector WAD made by other people. The one with the cells.
  7. Retro Dino

    Remake your first map(s) thread

    I love how just adding a few simple things really changes the environment. Like damn, those pics are day and night.
  8. Retro Dino

    Remake your first map(s) thread

    I haven't made a WAD in a minute. Also did that one WAD ever get finished?
  9. Retro Dino

    Remake your first map(s) thread

    This is sorta on topic, but I enjoy taking others first maps and remaking them. Such fun to add my own little twist.
  10. Retro Dino

    Not having the DLC's sucks.

    Damn, that sucks man. I hope you get to play it and Eternal some day!
  11. Retro Dino

    Not having the DLC's sucks.

    Dang that sucks even more, sorry. The games are great, hopefully you get to play them sometime soon. PS4's can be pretty cheap if you have patience and look at places like Facebook marketplace. IDK if you'll get a stimmy but if you do, I recommend getting it! I might get the DOOM DLC's with it, if I ever get it. Also Assassins creed origins DLC.
  12. Retro Dino

    Not having the DLC's sucks.

    I am a broke boy, so I don't have the DLC's. I was sure I bought the season pass when I bought the game, but I guess not. It's really upsetting to me because I feel like I'm missing an opportunity that I've never had. Plenty of people here have been with Doom since day one, I was never given that opportunity and I would have loved to have it. Well it sorta rises with these DLC's, and not having them feels like a disconnection from the community. Also, it's almost impossible to not see spoilers. I know I'm just complaining. but it's definitely doom related. Also no, I don't have a job. I'm disabled. Sorry for anyone who wants to be a dick and say something like "It's only $20" or "get a job" I'd love to get a job or to have $20 but some people just have to struggle.
  13. Retro Dino

    What if Map1, but Archviles?

    I'm not even going to attempt this.
  14. Retro Dino

    a question about Prodeus

    I just saw someone play Prodeus on Facebook. It was a remade map of E1-M1 in Doom. I've never heard of this game before but I'm wondering if the whole game is a "remake" of Doom? Does anyone know? Thanks!
  15. two rockets that fire straight. After using that attack they would need to get close and do melee damage. The damage wouldn't be that high though. There main attack would be the rockets. The rockets can not be fired more then once!