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  1. Retro Dino

    I need inspiration for a .WAD

    That forum is great ty so much
  2. Retro Dino

    I need inspiration for a .WAD

    As the title say's I need some inspiration for a .WAD! I've only made two .WAD's and my mind is drawing a blank right now. Post some pics or .WADS so I can get inspired. Thanks in advance!
  3. I really wish it was as simple as just having texture packs and inserting them in the start up menu. That'd be amazing. I also want this with like decorations and stuff.
  4. Retro Dino

    Doors Not Operating Correctly

    I had a problem with doors awhile ago and I made the stupidest little mistake. Can you screenshot the properties and stuff?
  5. Retro Dino

    Tips on decorating outdoor and indoor areas?

    Rex, what is your profile pic supposed to be anyways?
  6. Retro Dino

    The Cyberdemons's Eyes

    I can't ever get of this guy's hair in this picture. Why is it like that?? Who's hair is like that, seriously? What's the backstory to this, i need to know.
  7. Retro Dino

    What is the appeal behind Fantasy?

    I listened to this when I was like 10 and I've been in love with fantasy ever since. Especially castles in the sky, idk what it is but man that shit's just so cool to me. I made a whole D&D campaign about going to the 4 corners of the earth to collect the 4 elements, at each corner was a giant tower protected by elemental dragon. (So one tower would be the fire tower, and at the top would be a fire crystal, but it's guarded by a fire dragon.) When you collect a crystal a giant bridge forms from the corner of the earth to the center. Once all four crystals are collected you can go to the tower in the middle of the earth and fight the black dragon using the power of the crystals. not gonna lie, I made a whole backstory for this, past lore, futre lore, wars, characters, everything. I still have yet to play it with someone:( Really wish it would be turned into a game or something.
  8. Retro Dino

    Tips on decorating outdoor and indoor areas?

    Thanks. I like your name btw, love Goosebumps.
  9. ngl i've really been getting into the blues lately. I really wanna get a bass guitar and start making some blues of my own.
  10. Retro Dino

    Favorite Food and Drink?

    Sweet or unsweet?
  11. Retro Dino

    Favorite Food and Drink?

    Literally the same. It's heaven on earth lol.
  12. Retro Dino

    What do you think about Doom 3?

    I know I'm super late, but I got Doom 3 a few month's ago on my PS4. I was really enjoying it until I reached the part where you have to put the barrels in the thing. What a way to kill an exciting game. I literally couldn't get the barrel in the thing either, it was frustrating. I need to go back and finish the game, but I have to many other game's now lol. Once I finish it i'll probably come back on here and give my final thoughts.
  13. Retro Dino

    Tips on decorating outdoor and indoor areas?

    That's an awesome tip ty
  14. Retro Dino

    Is there a Doom Eternal WAD?

    Is this suppoused to have new levels or is it just Doom 2 with the 2016 sprites? Because when I loaded it it's just Doom 2 with the 2016 sprites lol