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  1. FrancisT18

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (Release Candidate 3?)

    I was easily able to make it into Depot any way I wanted without needing LIGHTAMP or having the low light level result in frustration, but it's your choice. :) Two max in Maintenance sounds fine.
  2. FrancisT18

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Seems it may be optional...PRBoom+ is explicitly supported and it (2.5.14) gives me no weather effects either. Might be a bad setting though?
  3. FrancisT18

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    @DragonflyIs playing with ZDooM 2.8.1 permissable (even if not advised)? If PRBoom+ is supported I'd think that would imply an OpenGL port is not absolutely necessary. If ZDooM is allowed, can the weather effects be enabled on it?
  4. FrancisT18

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (Release Candidate 3?)

    My only criticism for this map is you have too many LIGHTAMPs, IMO. Using them when you don't need it just makes everything not look as good and takes away the atmosphere. The pitch black sections should only take one pair each, and I'd let the player sneak a pair into the yellow key area with Archviles, if he/she desires. But that's all - so I think you should only give three of these: two in labs and one for the Berserk. You did give more radsuits than I needed - but overuse of those doesn't really spoil anything so I don't have the same feelings about watching how many you put in.
  5. FrancisT18

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    Always enjoy reading these. :D And good picks, generally, including a few I didn't expect but they only served to remind me of some gems I'd forgotten about. A little (or maybe not so) 'scratchpad' of notes from me (please note I don't play multiplayer or use many mods so those won't be here): -Erik Alm is absolutely justified for his award IMO, and it's too bad he might never see it. :( How many great maps and wads owe their inspiration to Scythe and/or Scythe 2, direct or indirect, wholly or partially, is far too many to count. -I'm glad Deadwing got a runner up finally, his maps are always at the very least runner up quality the last few years. -Dimension of the Boomed is my favorite wad I've played this year at least of ones that aren't a complete TC and is absolutely the best singleplayer mapset out there to combine Quake with DooM. -Struggle indeed isn't meant for one sitting but playing more slowly I had a great time and I liked the modifications (perhaps in the minority here!). -REKKR is a clear labor of love, and a new game for all intents and purposes, but I think it needed a bit more polish, and perhaps a few more helping hands in mapping. I'd certainly call it runner up at least but not sure about Top Ten especially when Ashes 2063 could have exchanged with it. -Square E2 is without question one of the year's best releases and needed to be clearly mentioned somewhere but given the project was already given a Cacoward in 2014 I may have avoided using one of the Top Ten spots for it a second time. Maybe give it a big shout right in the opening of the article. -Following on from the above - Deathless, Bury My Heart Knee Deep, 4 Seasons, and Order of the Odonata were definitely robbed, so one of those could have taken Square's place. It may be unavoidable to not 'rob' anything even with a full 20 slots, but three is 25% less than four! Despite the last three points, a great read as always about a great year of releases, and happy 25th! :D
  6. FrancisT18

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    Taking my fall semester final exam, but looking around a lot here too!
  7. FrancisT18

    Let's create a list of the best Old-School 32-level megawads

    Some that really feel to me like they could BE older wads, regardless of when they were actually released. All have at least 3 full DooM I episodes or 32 DooM II maps: 2002: 2002ADO (Various) 2009: Ultimate Needs More Detail (Fiend) 2011: DooM Core (valkiriforce), Jenesis (Jimmy), and DooM II Unleashed (Various) 2012: Base Ganymede (Khorus) 2016: DooM The Way id Did - Lost Episodes (Various) and No End In Sight (NaturalTvventy, Xaser, and Chris Lutz) 2018: Deathless and Jiffy Bag (both by Jimmy)
  8. FrancisT18

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    @CapellanYeah sorry I missed those few. And there was no intent at all to 'poke' at Doom 404. I should have probably just said 'non-limitation'.
  9. FrancisT18

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    @CapellanI remember Level 15 really impressed me when I played it, which was within the last year. You were really at a high standard IMO for 1996. In my top five for sure, having played around with about half the maps here. I need to look at your other full length/full detail levels (Requiem-11, Darken 2-03, CC4-06, Nuclear Halls, something for Deadly Standards 2, don't know if I miss any). Overall MM2 can't entirely escape showing that it is from 1996, but it gets my vote as the best PLAYING of the MM/MM2/Requiem/STRAIN quadruplet. Some of the others lost my interest after about ten maps.
  10. @Crunchynut44 That is all and well, I just was left a bit dazzled when all you mentioned was when you would likely NOT be releasing something as opposed to (also) affirming if you likely would at some point, regardless of if that be one or a few or several months down the road. Looking forward to it in 2019 hopefully! :D
  11. @Crunchynut44I hope you find a way to (when and in what form you desire, of course) release what you have. Would still be sad to just see 20 maps go to waste. ;(
  12. FrancisT18

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    I thought he did Level 6 for Requiem afterward?
  13. Okay if QCDE has maps it gets my +++ for multiplayer. Which also has multiple awards, but I'm not very deeply into it. Since 2017 looks like it had had ten Cacos and nine honorables, I'll throw a few more in: Cacoward: +++Avactor +++The Quirky Domain Honorable mention: +++Demonic Deviation +++REKKR +++Maskim Xul That's nine nominations for each, I'm at an impasse ATM what I think most deserves that last Caco nomination. I have not sufficiently played to judge: Total Chaos Ashes 2063 DooM Slayer Chronicles
  14. Year to date Cacoward: +++Adventures of Square E2 +++Dimension of the Boomed +++Struggle +++ExoMoon +++Bury My Heart Knee Deep +++Deathless +++Order of the Odonata Honorable mention: +++Team Rocket +++Man on the Moon +++4 Seasons +++Eternal Damnation +++Mayhem 2018 +++Doom 404 Mapper of the Year: +++Jimmy, though narrowly! Lots of candidates! Gameplay mod: +++QCDE
  15. Hmmm...now I need to solve what that last one is! :D