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  1. FrancisT18

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    @KoroziveYour quote is empty, also Episode 2? Level 9 is E2M2. Unless you mean 'map 9' as in E3M9 which is Level 23...
  2. FrancisT18

    Doom II: 25 Years on Earth - 6-map demo release!

    @PhobusVery well done so far! Nice almost fast-food maps. Loved (to-be) Level 16, especially because:
  3. FrancisT18

    TC/Mods that don't need Doom.wad/DoomII.wad

    Square recieves my highest recommendation in that class, Harmony is another. And FreeDooM of course can run a lot of things as well as run by itself. Shadow/Rise of the Wool Ball, Rekker & Return of the Triad work standalone too I think - but not sure.
  4. FrancisT18

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    Magnum opus? Seems a worthy one...maybe later solo maps can look at UD E3/E4 or D2 E2/E3 styles.
  5. FrancisT18

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    Excellent megawad probably no more than two and a half months in the making...impressive stuff! My favorite Monti wad to date, really capitalizes with the themes explored in the Favillesco series, but with a bit more authorial experience & DooM II resources (I could pretty much just call the first 23 levels Favillesco II but that's definitely no insult, the opposite in fact...). With DooM II tech maps at the end to top things off.
  6. Come Eat the Mapwitch. Very recent one. Annie DooM. Skulldash: Expanded Edition. Pirate DooM.
  7. @RyathI think Sinergy by @Crunchynut44 also started in NaNoWADMO 2018.
  8. FrancisT18

    Which 32in24 Edition Is The Best?

    11 starts with Poker Face playing on Level 1. That's all I remember from when I once did a quick peak for curiosity.
  9. FrancisT18

    Which 32in24 Edition Is The Best?

    Ah...you say 'for deathmatch' and 'for capture the flag'...;( Otherwise this would be a really easy question to answer: 14. Because I only play solo lol
  10. FrancisT18

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    True. There have been 'top ten' or even 'top five' nominees 'snubbed' from anything at all. 2017 Moonblood & Inquisitor 3 were in the top ten for mainline nominations & didn't make a list of 19 total awards/runners up (though the later was subsequently recognized as a snub, and the former is in the Review Corner). 2016 rf1024 was in the same camp & Alpha Accident was a zero nomination winner. Those are just a few examples I was able to dig up with little effort...Probably part of why the whole thing since 2017 is now called 'Mentionations'.
  11. It is definitely closer to E2/E3 (minus brown walls), than it is to E1 or E4. But definitely not purely iwad style at all. Probably just don't want to mistake the phrase 'an E3 replacement' for 'an E3 style wad'.
  12. FrancisT18

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    I have more nominations in 2019 now than there are awards...I guess I'll just keep nominating, even though I know some won't make it... +++GORE by @Chris Hansen +++Bloodspeed by various +++Mass Extinction by @nicolas monti +++D4V by @Noiser gameplay mod
  13. FrancisT18

    WADs where "graphics/atmosphere >> gameplay" is the standard.

    Definitely at least Level 6 of Hell Ground. Absolutely anything Lainos made, probably most things Shadowman made too. Most of A.L.T. Dawn of Reality. Arcadia Demade. (It's Bioshock, what do you expect?) Temple of the Lizardmen 3+. City of the Damned: Apocalypse. Unloved. Hellbound. Blade of Agony. Phobia - The Age. There are definitely many other maps where you could easily have a good time just turning off monsters & admiring the scenery if you'd like, but these are ones where I felt good looks/atmosphere was strongly prioritized over delivering any real form of memorable gameplay experience. I felt the stuff @Mistypointed out had fully thought out gameplay too, probably much more than any other wad mentioned in this thread so far, (EDIT) except Dragonfly's maps, as I never found those to be the slightest bit more emphasized in look/feel than in gameplay. Though any list with Breach and Demonstary is not complete without Brigandine as well.
  14. FrancisT18

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    @HAK3180After the start the layout definitely is in the 'MooD' of Hangar there. :D
  15. Demonic Deviation and Sons of Ares aren't community wads or speedmaps, but it doesn't matter, I really enjoy these even if it isn't completely thorough. :) While not true of the last couple (since Moonblood), many wads covered on this thread also are ones I may have easily forgotten about given they're not just 'more work by a Cacoward or runner up recipient'.