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  1. This is sort of supplemental to my last poll given I kinda condensed down the choices. Might do Mario later. I'd most likely go with 3&K or Mania. With ten options I still had to combine Rush/Rush Adventure (you can just pick that if either one is your favorite) and omit Game Gear titles and yeah also...Sonic 4. But that's what 'Other' is for. I allowed multiple choices if some are very very close/too hard to decide.
  2. FrancisT218

    2D peaks: Mario vs Sonic

    @prfunkyI've heard Kirby Super Star is one of the top platformers on SNES. Not up to DKC2 or Super Metroid levels, but there with Super Castlevania, Mega Man X, or Super Mario World and despite Kirby being a well known franchise Super Star is probably a bit less well known than the other SNES games. Haven't heard of Mr. Do myself either. I played both Jazz Jackrabbit's as a kid! Sonic gets a gun, loses a *bit* of speed basically. I'm not sure how well they stand up though compared to say Sonic 2 or Sonic 3&K and they don't have any ports I'm aware of sadly. Funnily Jazz Jackrabbit 2 was released only a few months before Sonic Adventure. @heliumlamb I've got my eyes on Freedom Planet 2 especially, the SEQUEL that was released last year. Also with that 06 mention, I like having Crisis City come back for Generations rather than being ignored. The P06 fangame is also more generally playable. @Stupid BunnyI'd like to add in Sonic Adventure 1 I especialky have liked: the opening level Emerald Coast, the tornado in Windy Valley (possibly my favorite scene in the entire game, it hits hard here being from the USA which gets a lot of them!), the snowboarding in Ice Cap, and basically the whole of Speed Highway. I'm still on Red Mountain currently. City Escape's also epic in SA2. No surprise it and Speed Highway showed up in Generations. But I dislike being forced to play mech and treasure hunt levels between speed levels.
  3. FrancisT218

    2D peaks: Mario vs Sonic

    Sonic Adventure 1 is a game I like quite a bit, at least talking Sonic's campaign, including the hubworld. Like an 8 or 9/10 campaign. There are objectively 'dated' elements sure but they don't make it less fun for me, all in all I find it a good transition to 3D and in fact I would say it's just as enjoyable as Mario 64 if not moreso, especially since it has the focused high adrenaline action stages. Mario of course had way better 3D outings going forward but I don't think Sonic started out in 3D any less well.
  4. FrancisT218

    2D peaks: Mario vs Sonic

    The point is which you like more, of course it's fine to like both
  5. FrancisT218

    2D peaks: Mario vs Sonic

    You can vote the first option for any Mario pairing, third for any Sonic pairing besides 3&K and Mania. I'll edit slightly to expand existing choices. I didn't explicitly include an alternate Mario option or other Sonic games as to not pad out options and because these tend to be very widely considered the best of their 2D games, especially with regard to SMB3/SMW as the best 2D Mario's.
  6. FrancisT218

    Top 10 videos games of all time (your personal list)

    Figure I add my two cents here versus another thread on the subject. I got a LOT to catch up on and can't be very specific but I've played at least something out of these franchises and had my attention grabbed: DooM - nuff said Metroid - Played a bit of Zero Mission and Super, both intrigued me Portal - Portal 1 was awesome, not played Portal 2 Spelunky - Was hard for me last I played but has my interest Sonic - Gottagofast, even like some 3D or part 3D games (Adventure 1 and Generations) Donkey Kong Country - DKC2 quite good so far and have heard it only gets better Duke Nukem - Both platformers and DN3D were big in my childhood Quake - I've enjoyed enough custom levels to include it, DooM still better Celeste - Haven't played any yet but it's right at absolute top of the list when I feel I got the skill, got to include Mega Man - Beat the start of MMX and want to finish it eventually
  7. FrancisT218

    2D peaks: Mario vs Sonic

    Probably the pair of old franchises most designed to compete with each other, which pair of games are your preferred pick? (Regardless of quality of other games in the respective series.) I know Sonic Mania is much newer, but still think it should be included among the best the series has to offer in 2D, with both a few new zones and tasteful expansions to old zones.
  8. FrancisT218

    The DWmegawad Club plays: #1 Kill & Number One Kill TNG

    Fixed my vote. I had thought Liminal was like 10 maps.
  9. FrancisT218

    The DWmegawad Club plays: #1 Kill & Number One Kill TNG

    +++Fragport +++Plutonia Revisited 2 +++Intergalactic Xenology & Syringe & KDIKDIZD
  10. FrancisT218

    Doom Streams

    Four years since she passed, let's increase our hard Scythe II maps streamed count to four...Time to play Forgotten City and Afterlife II http://www.twitch.tv/francist218/
  11. FrancisT218

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest 2

    +++3 Heures d'Agonie +++Nostalgia +++Number One Kill Trilogy
  12. FrancisT218

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    One of the most memorable/influential DooM maps, figured I'd share this one
  13. FrancisT218

    Maps which feel like megawads

    Some Lost Civilization maps, Soria Moria from Magnolia, Anagnorisis from Eviternity, The Mucus Flow from Community Chest 2, Misri Halek from AV, Jade Earth, and Deus Vult are some I can think of.
  14. I think that would be good! Maybe 5-10 days. If desired, could request only mappers who haven't submitted or reduce cap going forward to keep this kind of thing a bit more manageable. Just completely suggestions/ideas though. I want to be nice, in any case :)
  15. Got time to test out Map30 for myself! Yeah I have the feeling at least the first two thirds are weighted a bit heavy on 'more bark than bite', maybe reduce to nine orbs on UV (or knock a few Megas to Supers). Just one or two fights late that got me a few times. There's also enough Plasma to BFG spam virtually the whole thing and use hardly any rockets; I'm not sure if you intended it to be this generous or not. Lastly, the final fight can definite be cheesed a bit too easily, as I did in the recording. My idea would be to either have a short lock-in before it's possible to open the last blue door, or make it not a blue door at all and have it open as soon as passing the first blue door (as that would have the monsters behind it roaming the area and harder to just blast past). In any case, I recorded my blind playthrough, so you can check to see how the difficulty and balance aligns with what you were ultimately intending. It's a good ending map in any case! Just think it's a bit generous and low on the 'bite' and even beefing up difficulty slightly would still be much easier than its inspiration. (My estimate of a good difficulty target is probably Running Late Map32 about, IMO.)