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  1. ioquake3

    how do i install GZDoom builder?

    thanks @Kappes Buur i'll check it out.
  2. ioquake3

    how do i install GZDoom builder?

    thanks to both @leodoom85 and @Myst.Haruko as i mentioned in my post i'm a buffoon this isn't gonna be something i can easily understand because i'm too used to most programs being downloaded off the main site in the form of an installer not a zip file, seriously though i don't see how they can't just compile everything into a basic executable and pack that into an installer then create a page on their website where you download the installer, run the installer, go through everything and BOOM you've got a fully functioning program ready to use without having to download some other things, but again i'm an idiot and that's probably the only way to get it to work although i think a lot of people would probably agree that downloading and running an installer would be so much nicer, well i guess you get what your given. peace -ioquake3.
  3. this might seem kinda stupid but, i genuinely, for the life of me don't know how to install GZDoom builder. i'm going to list off my problems about installing this level editor. 1) I don't know where to download the stable release of it, now there is drd team's little devbuild site but that's mainly a bunch of unstable beta type builds, i'm looking for the most recent stable version. 2) how to install it, i'm gonna tell you my 2 main problems on installing GZDoom builder, 1 is an attempt at school in the computer lab the other is about all the youtube tutorials iv'e found or lack there of. 1. school attempt. now a few weeks ago in I.T class, me and my friend were in the computer lab trying to figure out how to install the program (we downloaded a beta build) so that when we found the stable version we would know how to install it but there were just a few slight problems, first there was the problem of trying to find the "installer" i say that with quotation marks because everything inside the extracted zip file was a complete mess to us, when we did find what we thought was the installer it just turned out to be something called the updater, my friend tried to run the updater to see if it was the installer and we ran into the second problem, the obvious problem of the schools shitty administrator program, you know the thing that blocks the installation and launching of software as well as every fucking thing on the internet yet also fails to do that at the same time because it can't distinguish what is and what isn't an inappropriate site despite the fact that the school programmed it's filters with sites and images so that it "knows" what to block. basically the administrator did the one thing it's good at, stopping software from running and that was our only chance to do that because my friends mum wouldn't let him go on to his computer because he "spends too much time playing Fortnite, Gmod and DOOM" and i couldn't try on my computer because it's on the fritz. 2. the non-existent youtube tutorials. i say these are non-existent because when you type "how to install GZDoom builder" into youtube, it just comes up with tutorials on how to use the program not install it, i did manage to find 1 installation tutorial but it was from 2009 about doom builder 2 and for windows vista, i'm a windows 10 user and i want the most recent level editor GZDoom builder. now some of you are probably gonna type up a tutorial and post it in this thread but the problem is (from my attempt at school) it's such a mess of files that i'm going to need a video tutorial and like i mentioned a few paragraphs ago, there's only 1 tutorial and really old so it's no use to me. MY MESSAGE TO PEOPLE WHO MAKE PROGRAMS THAT UTILISE SOURCE PORTS Please set them up, pack them into an installer and make a page on your website where you can download the most recent stable release of your programs and install it easily, ya know like normal software developers. i'm sick and tired of developers releasing their programs in zip files with the contents being just another 50-60 files that most people don't know what they are or how to use them. a good example of this is the developers of xonotic, a game that runs on the darkplaces engine (a source port of the Quake engine) and that game comes in a zip file, once you extract it you'll notice a lot of files that the game uses in order to run and multiple applications, 1 is the game itself another is a program you use to setup a multiplayer server and another is a Quake style map editor, wouldn't it just make sense to compile all these applications and files into 1 program and pack said program into an installer. that's how i would do it. i'd love to see your advice people and i thank you in advance for helping a mindless buffoon like me install a program that i don't know how to install, (at the time that this is posted i'll be asleep so don't be surprised if you get a reply from me 12 hours after you posted) anyway peace.
  4. to Chezza and Bryan T, thanks for the recommendations i'll check them out. hope you both have a good day.
  5. Hello i would like some recommendations for MEGAWAD's that work pretty well with BRUTAL DOOM the reasons why are simple, 1. it'll give me a chance to go around the community and see what cool stuff people make. 2. one day i'm gonna start making my own WAD's and by seeing the stuff the community makes i'll takes notes of the architecture of the maps so that i'll have some ideas for WAD's where the levels don't just consist of default brown texture everywhere and basic geometry. 3. my friend owns a youtube channel and i want to see videos where he goes into these WAD's with BRUTAL DOOM completely blind just dying over and over again for the entertainment of stupid people like me. if you guys do recommend any WAD's, thank you, i'll check em out myself and hand em to my friend so i can laugh at him dying over and over again like a pleb, btw if you want to laugh at his failures with me his youtube channels called Leeams711 gaming, link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB_Ph1IUVgzA10cwxEnSPrA i'll see what you guys recommend as a few hours after i post this because i'll probably be asleep while your posting recommendations so at the time of writing this goodnight.