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  1. As the one who started the conversation (At least I think it was me) on the SIGIL post about classic DooM's controls, allow me to say something: I'll admit that I thought that the keyboard-only was the primary mode of play, given that it was the default settings, and I didn't know about the hint in the manual. But I was just proven wrong. Maybe the developers knew it played better with the mouse, but set the keyboard as default because it was a more familiar control scheme for most players, especially considering how the genre was still extremelly young, and a lot of people hadn't even played Wolfenstein, so they had no familiarity at all with the game mechanics. Still, I think that the original Doom was developed with the limitations of keyboard-only controls in mind, because there were a lot of people who didn't even had a mouse back in the early 90s. I don't think the developers would want their game to be unplayable by so many people. So I think the monsters and the encounters were designed with all that in mind. And this is why I argue that modern control scheme breaks the original maps difficulty. I do not claim that keyboard-only is the "right" way to play the game. I don't even play that way. Now, and this is an honest question, even the keyboard + mouse controlers used back then weren't as versatile as they are today, right? Like the easy strafing and stuff. I do remember mouse being supported, I don't remember WASD + mouse at all.
  2. WalterAB

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    If it is how it was supposed to be played, don't you think it would be the default settings? Now, my memoery may be failing me, but I think that if you watch those old videos of Romero playtesting the levels, he was using only the keyboard. Maybe by the time they recorded the demos they had realised that the game would play better using the mouse to aim, but I don't think the game was designed with that kind of control scheme in mind.
  3. WalterAB

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Niiiice, thank you @HAK3180 for playing my maps and providing the cool feedback! Yes, it was easy on purpose, it's supposed to feel like early levels. Some simple stuff so I don't overwhelm myself while I'm still unexperient at mapping. I'm working on a 4th level for the same wad right now, and I will keep in mind your feedback while I'm working on it. Especially when it comes to the looks and the combat.
  4. WalterAB

    unpopular retro opinions

    "Wrong Side of the Tracks" (GTA: San Andreas) is not a hard mission at all.
  5. WalterAB

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Hey @HAK3180, you gave me some really cool feedback when I posted my first maps a (good) while ago, so I'd find it awesome if you could send me some thoughts regarding my latest attempt... Here's a download link, it's three Doom 2 maps.
  6. WalterAB

    My further efforts into Doom mapping

    Hey @Suitepee you're awesome! Thank you for playing my maps again! Yes, sadly I haven't been getting as much feedback for these as I did for my first maps, but hey, it was nice seeing someone play through it again, like last time. The midi on the first map is actually a song from Faith No More, but noted, a lot of people seemed to not like it very much, so I'll change it. Oh, the lift with the blue armor on the second map was supposed to be a secret, I remember tagging it, but it clearly wasn't the case on this file, I'll check in the editor later. Thanks again for playing it on your stream!
  7. So, a while ago (Almost a year ago, actually... Holy shit, it's been a year!) I posted a thread with my very first maps, where I asked for some feedback. So now I'm back, and I have more maps to show you guys, and I hope I can get some more awesome feedback, like last time! And no, I did not spend one entire year working on these. I dropped the project for a long while, and got back to it recently. Game: Doom 2 Levels: Map01, Map02 and Map03 Software used: Doom Builder Compatibilty: Tested with Zandronum and Gzdoom. Should be compatible with most mods as well. Additional credits: Nick Baker, aka NiGHTMARE for the waterfall textures I couldn't find any specific credits on the song used on the second level. It was simply credit to Composers of MSB on the title. Screenshots: Download link
  8. WalterAB

    My First Doom Mappack

    Just played your maps. Here's some feedback from a fellow beginner in doom mapping: -> Some of the rooms are quite empty, especially in the earlier levels. Put some decoration or do some fancy stuff on the walls and ceilings. -> Also in the earlier maos, I see you re-used a lot of texture and room aesthetics. This does get a lot better in tha later levels, especially tha last one, so I imagined you already improved on that -> Combat had its moments, but most of it is shoot, take cover, repeat, as the guy above said. Also, I noticed the lack of explosive barrels! The barrels are a good tool to make combate with a lot of monsters more engaging and a little bit more strategic -> Lastly, when your doing doors, make them inside a opening on a wall, instead of just changing a texture on a flat sector. It looks like the door is painted on the wall when you do it like that. Overall, these maps are pretty cool, if a little basic. I especially liked the last one. Room geometry and overall layout are all pretty cool. Nice work!
  9. WalterAB

    How do I compose music for doom1/2?

    Guitar Pro is a great software for writing MIDI music. It has easy to use interface, it's pretty lightweight, and it's quite simple to export your projects into MIDI. I recommend Guitar Pro 5 over the newer GP6, as it works better with midi.
  10. WalterAB

    Can too many sectors affect map performance?

    Thank you all for the tips, all very helpful.
  11. I like to play around with lightning on my maps, and I thought of using lots of sector with light gradient to make light sources (such as torches etc) look better in darker areas. Obviously this will require me to draw a lot of sectors around said sources to get the best effect. My question is, will this affect the game performance when playing the map? I know the editor might lag a bit, but I'm worried about the in-game performance.
  12. WalterAB

    Looking for feedback on my first maps.

    I just saw your video @Suitepee , thank you very much for recording it! It is very nice to see someone else playing through my map, gives me so much insight! About the 25 health pickup in a narrow walkway thing, I totally see how that was a bad design choice. Thank you for pointing it. Also about the lightning, I do like playing around with it a lot to try and create atmosphere, but I see the results being mixed. I'm still doing them on my new map, but maybe less over the top. Oh, and less completely dark areas too, I guess they're kind of annoying. Thanks for all the feedback, and for streaming my maps for other people to see.
  13. WalterAB

    Looking for feedback on my first maps.

    Thank you all so much for the feedback! You have all been insanely helpful! Thanks @HAK3180 and @Pegleg for all the pointers, especially about combat! Designing fun and interesting encounters really is a challenge of its own, and I really appreciate all the tips. I shall keep them in mind for my next project (which is already in progress). About the lightning, yes I kind of obsess over it, as I'm sure you guys noticed lol. I like creating sort of "vertical" shadows, because I think it enhances the atmosphere of the levels. I also believe I've discovered a solution for the ceilings, as they do look weird in a lot of rooms. Anyways, thanks for the tips in this category as well, they were very helpful. Also, thank you @Catpho for the thread recommendation, I will definitely check it out. Thank you all for the warm welcome into the community! I'm glad to be sharing this stuff, and I will definitely do more!
  14. WalterAB

    Looking for feedback on my first maps.

    I am sorta familiar with slade, yeah. But I just realised I can very easily compile them together in one wad using Doom Builder itself. I guess because I worked on them separately, I just didn't think to add them together. I kept 'em in the "skins" folder of Zandronum, so they played as if they were one wad anyway, but I guess it is more convenient to have them merged. I updated the link in the post with a version containing both levels in one wad. Thanks for pointing that out!
  15. Hello everyone! This is my first time interacting with the Doom community, even though I have been playing the game for the past 20 years. I have recently gotten into mapping, and I decided to share my first test maps, to get some feedback and hopefully improve my skills. These are my first maps ever, I have never even opened a level editor before. I looked up some basic tutorials (which I'm sure will show in the first map XD), and then tried to figure out the rest. That being said, I guess that it is bound to contain some noobie mistakes throughout these levels, so I'd be glad to have them pointed out. Any feedback is welcome, even if it's just "this sucks. you suck". I can take it ;) Anyway, here's some basic info. Game: The Ultimate Doom Levels: E1M1 and E1M2 Software used: Doom Builder Compatibilty: Tested with Zandronum and Gzdoom. As far as mods goes, should be compatible with most of them, since it's all vanilla stuff. I've tested with Brutal Doom, Project Brutality, WW2 Nazis! and Juvenile Power Fantasy. Here's some screenshots: And here's the download link: https://mega.nz/#!ugQlCTzJ!ze0fgWlDlL12JLJkJPFgjQV9Jx0CXPpNnFWDb4c4o3E