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  1. Tycitron

    Any theories about pretty much anything in classic doom?

    Glad you like my theory! i love your description of the Devil Hive being a mix of the jungle base and the inner portal, which i think fits Plutonia manual story quite well! as for the "Phobos Anomaly" exit, i imagine it's just a nice little reference to E1M8 and a "non-canon" exit that the Doom Marine doesn't take in the actual story of the game. It's just a trap for the player, and so they can maybe get 100% kills if they are lucky with the BFG. Only sending them to the next level so the player doesn't get angry to dying to a trap exit after playing through the entirety of Hunted lol. And for the sky i imagine it's just due to hell warping, in Act 1 it starts out a cloudy gray sky, then by Act 2 it's either slowly being warped red, or is a sunset like you said. And by Act 3 when you are really deep into the base the sky itself is fully warped into the hellish flesh sky as hell starts leaking into our world from the Gatekeeper portal. One last piece of evidence that you never FULLY enter hell on Plutonia is the fact in the manual it states directly: "The Quantum Accelerator and its prototypes are deep inside the ravaged complex. A demon Gatekeeper guards them and mans the last Gate of Hell." Clearly stating it's deep within the complex and that the Gatekeeper GUARDS the ate to hell and the Quantum Accelerator.
  2. Tycitron

    Any theories about pretty much anything in classic doom?

    I have a theory that in both TNT and Plutonia i believe you never go to hell in either of them. In Plutonia it looks more like maps 21-30 are just in the DEEPEST parts of the jungle base Plutonia takes place in, i mean the last map is called "Gateway to Hell" and the IoS in the map is called the "Gatekeeper" so i think this confirms you never go to hell on Plutonia only find the gateway to it. Probably from the Gatekeeper itself, and by destroying it it implodes on itself sucking itself back into hell with the remaining demons. Also further evidence is in the map20 screen which says you are entering the "Devil Hive" on a search and destroy mission for the Gatekeeper, further proving it isn't in hell at all only a Hell-Warped jungle base. As for TNT well... every map past map20 seems to have human locations in it, like the literal next map is called "Administration Center" (EDIT: just saw how you can see a part of the previous map "Central Processing" from Administration Center, so this absolutely helps with the evidence.) and the maps after seem to be mines (Lunar Mining Project and Quarry) and Ancient Temples. Probably built by the demons, or maybe those temples were always there kind of like how Doom 3 had the ancient Martian temples in Mars. I think that the third part of TNT takes place in a Hell-Corrupted IO, kind of like how Doom 2 described the demons as "Warping the starbase with their presence" except on a planetery scale, and by killing the "Demon-Spitter" in the middle of it all, you defeat the demons and restore IO ...maybe. (Still no clue what that blue light is supposed to be though, outside of both fan-sequels explanations of course. Also TNT 2: Devilution seems to go with the idea that you never go into hell and were always on IO with the first map being the map30 of the original TNT and the sky texture is IO still after the blue light stuff. Also the fact you never actually see or destroy the hell ship in the original TNT is weird.) I put way too much thought into this...
  3. Tycitron

    SIGIL II (Releasing December 10, 2023)

    I can't really catch the streams of him making the levels, but the little i saw it seems to be a connecting episode between Sigil and Doom 2? I noticed a lot of earthly locations and earth bases. Imagine how cool it would be if the final level lead into entryway or something like that. Although i wonder how the hell so many things can happen between Doom 1 and 2, Episode 4 already kind of pushed it timeline wise and the ending text said Doom 2 was next. And then Sigil 1 pushed it farther along by Doomguy being sent to hell again instead, then the text AGAIN says Doom 2 is next. And now Sigil 2 seems to be an "Episode 6" of Doom 1 and will probably have the same ending. Like jeeze poor Doomguy can't catch a break before Doom 2 lol
  4. Tycitron

    Doom 1 E1 unrealistic space

    As Blasphemous as it is to say this, this is why i use the wad "darkskies.wad" where it just touches up the alpha skies a bit and gives EP1 and EP2 better looking skies for the environment. Mainly Episode 1 though, cause i don't really have any issues with Episode 2's sky already. But i like how the Alpha one makes it look like there is smoke/clouds blocking out the Hell sky so the reveal of Deimos being above Hell itself is hinted at in a cooler way through the entire episode. You can see the red hellish sky seeping through from under the clouds/smoke.
  5. Ah man i wish i had mapping skills to contribute to this! This looks like the perfect mod to play with Doom Delta when this is finished.
  6. Tycitron

    What's your guilty pleasure wad or map?

    Definitely TNT Evilution for me. Love it to bits, can't get enough of those fanmade sequels for it lol.
  7. (Also i just noticed something really really small, but the text screen dialogue in the ending screen seems to be different from ingame and and in the files, which one is the correct one?)
  8. Woah my name is in the credits too! Thank you! It feels kind of surreal lol! Also once this thing is fully released I want someone to make a mock up “Final Doom 2” box with both TNT 2 and Plutonia 2. That would be cool I think!
  9. Another thing i like in the original games plot is the fact the UAC has NO IDEA about the demons until it is too late. They just found these two teleporters on the moons of mars that were dormant for god know how long. Then the demons find out and use it to take one of Mars's moons directly into hell and usurp the technology on deimos. I like it because it keeps the Demons mysterious and esoteric, where in Doom 3/2016/Eternal The UAC knew about the Demons and Hell and were experimenting with it, ala something like Half-Life. already which i think is kind of lame IMO. Especially in 2016 and Eternal. As another user put it, the UAC became mustache-twirling villains.
  10. FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS! I love the original games story, but it is criminally under-looked. Because hurr durr "story in a game is like story in a porn movie" and "What story?" when anyone brings up story in Doom. its kinda sad.
  11. Tycitron

    What do you expect for the next Doom game?

    It's not going to happen, but i hope they ditch the "lol rip and tear doom slayer is so powerful the demons are scared of him! you are the danger!" I just want a game again where Doomguy is a regular Marine ala "Aliens" with some tongue-in-cheek humor thrown in, while still being mostly serious. Also a mix of more "grounded" and sci-fi guns like the classic games. Instead of full sc-fi for the weapons.
  12. Tycitron

    What was TNT: Evilutions music composed with?

    Thank you all for the replies :) but yeah doesn't seem like there is an """Intended""" way to listen to them. So i will just continue to use the SC-55 soundfonts, as i consider it the "DOOM" Soundfont. (Although it is interesting to know what they were composed with!)
  13. And i'm sure Convilution/TNT Forever will also be great, although i wonder whats happening with TNT Forever, if it's still sticking to the "wait a few months after Devilution fully releases to release our project" or something different.
  14. Yes you did great on the music, when i first got to map30 i was literally in awe the whole time with the map and the music together.