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  1. Devils950003

    Ultimate Doom is deeply flawed beyond E1

    Agree somewhat with the OP. As far as E2 goes, I actually prefer some of the shortened versions of PSX Doom...some of those E2 missions can really drag, and almost feel long for the sake of being long. Some E3 levels (Unholy Cathedral and Limbo) I've always found kind of annoying.
  2. No embarrassment here. I only play Doom on my Xbox 360 (via Live download) and on a PSOne (with the fold up LCD screen). Though I play them both on UV, PSX Doom is generally "easier" on UV once Phobos Anomaly is cleared, as there are no episodes (so you can carry all of your weapons throughout), and some PSX Doom levels are cut/shortened (some quite a bit, like Spawning Vats)...it makes for quicker level-clearing, and a more streamlined experience. So in a way PSX Doom as a whole represents my easier difficulty "setting", even if I'm still playing that game's version of UV. Admittedly E2 and E3 on UV (360 Doom) are much tougher having to start from scratch, from a weapons standpoint...in some ways I kinda hate having to be so much more careful with ammo, but at the same time it makes for a cool challenge. I'll probably start 360 E4 levels on HMP...I've only played E4 levels on the PSX, and those were tough even with a nice stash of weapons going in (also doesn't help that PSX frame rate gets pretty chuggy on some of these levels). Never had much interest in starting every level with only a pistol and 50 bullets. Just not my thing, but if I ever did decide to try that, I'd probably play on HNTR or HMP.
  3. Devils950003

    What is your favorite (and/or least favorite) Doom console port?

    I actually bought a GBA strictly to play Doom on...I guess I was just too used to the PSX version to really be able to "feel" GBA Doom (and that screen is SO small)...but having watched a bit of a youtube video of a GBA Doom playthrough, I gotta admit, what is there was done pretty well, all things considered. But no REAL Tower of Babel, no Cyberdemon...deal-breakers for me. The 360 version definitely changed how I approach PSX Doom (not ever having played the original PC Doom helped to give PSX Doom a lot of longevity, as I didn't truly know what I was missing, though I'd seen playthroughs here and there)...PSX Doom is now more of a portable-only experience, where the concessions feel more acceptable (which is the way I've been playing it for many years now anyway - on a PSOne screen - but when I can throw on even better versions of Hodges' PSX music on my laptop, and play the levels with ALL of the textures and areas intact, playing PSX Doom at home doesn't really work for me anymore, when I have a largely better option so readily available). PSX Doom obviously does have some things going for it...some levels do "feel" better than the original for sure, even stripped down and simplified...and that soundtrack is one for the ages. But the last few times I really sunk into it (before I got into the 360 Doom), I stopped at Perfect Hatred...I can clear it, but the sub-20 fps rate for too much of that level really hurts the game...kinda takes me out of it. And unfortunately it's more of the same during Sever The Wicked.
  4. Devils950003

    What is your favorite (and/or least favorite) Doom console port?

    Yep I remember that. And how the woman who programmed it was given very little time to finish it. Even though I prefer the Hodges soundtrack, the remixed Prince tunes from the 3DO version are really quite good...the redone Hanger tune makes you want to storm the place and immediately kill every last thing you see. I may try a few 360 levels with those tunes playing in the background for the hell of it some time. Was pretty amazing that the NES managed to port in many (maybe all?) of the wall textures, considering all of the versions that were nerfed from that standpoint.
  5. Devils950003

    What is your favorite (and/or least favorite) Doom console port?

    I played the PSX port a ton too, but now I think if I ever tried to bury myself back in it, right from The Hangar I'd be noticing everything that was scaled back and/or is now missing (not to mention the frame rate, which really chugs on some of the E4 missions). Some levels retain just about all of their original layout, but there's a lot of concessions made. 3DO actually had a full-screen mode (accessible by code)...I've heard the frame rate in that mode was usually stuck in the single digits...basically EVERY level played like parts of PSX's Perfect Hatred.
  6. Devils950003

    What is your favorite (and/or least favorite) Doom console port?

    For several years, it was PSX Doom for me, because I started with the no-music, too-much-removed Jag version, and the PSX variant absolutely blew it away. Loved the awesome Aubrey Hodges soundtrack (still holds up to this very day, and his 20th anniversary release of an even BETTER version of that soundtrack (with bonus tracks to boot) makes what was already damned near perfect even more so). And of course the added lighting effects and other goodies. I never once played Doom on a PC, but finally got into the Xbox Live 360 version a couple of years ago (after having downloaded it some time before)...it took a little getting used to after so many years with PSX Doom, but to me, the 360 is the definitive console version...clean and smooth as could be, no downgraded or missing textures, everything is there...my only issue is with the original Bobby Prince tunes...they're just too cartoony and primitive to take seriously. I turn that music off and play the Hodges PSX Anniversary Edition through my laptop...problem solved, feels quite natural and makes a world of difference. That being said, there's still aspects of PSX Doom that I like better. The sound effects, for one (especially the Barons of Hell, Hell Knights, and Cacodemons, but just about every sound effect in PSX Doom trump the original's). And certain levels are much creepier and have a much darker (read: more fitting) atmosphere...PSX Tower of Babel is so much more intense than the 360 Tower of Babel...the PSX version has Mancubi in that level (on Ultraviolence), and the animated flames just add so much more to the whole experience. I also liked that some PSX levels (like the Containment Area and Spawning Vats) were truncated and whittled down...there is such a thing as "more is more", and some of the original E2 levels really drag on a bit too long. PSX's Spawning Vats' "castle" textures were also pretty cool and gave that level a very unique feel. 360 Doom is definitely more challenging from E2 on (due to not being able to keep your weapons), so I like that. It's fun to crank through the PSX's levels loaded for bear though, even if some levels are not as tough as they were intended to be as a result. But anyway: Favorite: 360 Doom w/PSX 20th Anniversary Soundtrack. PSX Sound Effects would make this even better. Favorite for Portable: PSX Doom on a PSOne. Small PSONE LED screen helps offset the downgrade in textures. Inconsistent framerate and lesser variety in textures is a little harder to look past one you get used to the never-stutters, silky-smooth 360 version, but it's still fun. The best way to play Doom on the go, as long as you've got 120VAC nearby. Least favorite(s): 3DO version is obviously a trainwreck (but the Prince remixes are very well done), SNES version is kinda-sorta impressive considering that it was even possible, but that doesn't mean it was a good idea. Tried the GBA versions and they didn't take at all.
  7. Devils950003

    Advice for a console noob?

    I'll always have a place in my heart for PSX Doom...after having first played the Jag version (my initial foray into Doom), PSX Doom felt like a massive improvement...and that incredible soundtrack and re-imagined sound effects by Aubrey Hodges still hold up to this day. I've played through the PSX version many times, and playing it on a PSOne with the flip-top LED screen makes a world of difference, as far as some of the shortcomings go...it's very forgiving. I now play the Xbox Live version on my 360 (though with a key tweak...to be explained later), and as much I still have very fond memories of the PSX Doom, it's hard to go back to now...having not played the original PC version, it quickly becomes clear how much was excised out of the Jag maps...it's a LOT (the Hanger looks especially spartan on the Jag set). The 360 version plays silky smooth, with much better resolution than the PSX, no missing frames of animation, full maps...and it's definitely TOUGHER than the PSX version, partly due to the fact that you don't get to carry over all of your weapons from Episode to Episode...if you grew up on PSX Doom, that is definitely a bit of a punch to the face (PSX Doom plays like one long continuous game, no Episodes)...360 Episode 2 forces you to be much more discerning with how you use your weapons...enemies are generally quicker and harder in the 360 version as well. And of course, nice to not only have to write down 10-digit passwords for completed levels, but to be able to save within a level. This being said, there's aspects of the PSX Doom that I definitely miss. The animated flames in the background of some levels REALLY added that extra level of dread. The light-sourcing and generally creepier and darker feel of PSX Doom feels a little more "right", and some levels in the PSX version got a nice makeover that felt like a better fit (love the textures used in PSX Spawning Vats, and the increased ceiling height in Halls of the Damned, and some levels even in simplified form are more visually appealing overall than the 360 version)...at times it's definitely scarier and more foreboding. Some levels (like Containment Area) play MUCH better as shortened jaunts...some 360 levels feel like they're just too damned LONG. I also LOVED seeing Doom 2 enemies in Doom 1 levels, even if the Revenant was clearly nerfed in the PSX version...even now when I'm playing through 360 Doom, it feels odd to not see Doom 2 enemies that I've gotten used to encountering during PSX Doom playthroughs. So getting to that "key tweak"...one thing that I flat-out can't do is play any version of Doom with the Bobby Prince tunes...they just don't work for me...they sound primitive, cartoony and silly. Fortunately Hodges has released extended and more fleshed-out versions of his PSX Doom work...I play that through a laptop (I pick the correct track that originally went with each PSX level), and turn off the Prince tunes. The only thing that I'm stuck with in this arrangement are the original, non-Hodges sound effects, but I can live with those, even though I consider them a downgrade. Doesn't kill the game for me though...admittedly, if I had to play with only the Prince compositions, I don't think I could play any version of Doom...though there's a part of me that would consider a playthrough with the 3DO remixes of the Prince work as my soundtrack. So, I would say for portable or "tabletop/electronic game" kind of fun, I'd go with PSX Doom, on a PSOne console with the LED screen. Nice to have on va-kays here and there, for those nights you can't sleep. For playing at home on a proper TV, it's 360 Doom (set the screen to the smallest size possible...the smaller the screen, the better and less pixelated it will look), with PSX Extended Mix music. Oh, and as far as control schemes go, I thought the PSX version always controlled very well (though sometimes a little sticky in corners). Ditto the 360 Doom, though it's an entirely different control layout...it took me a little while to get used to, but once I did, it feels about as natural to me as the PSX version did.
  8. Devils950003

    PC Doom sound effects VS PSX Doom sound effects

    Awesome to see you on here...I posted to your website some time ago, about how influential and memorable your PSX Doom soundtrack and sounds were (and ARE). Suffice it to say that everything that you were looking to accomplish within the limitations that you had to deal with, you did it all beautifully. If not for your contributions, PSX Doom is probably remembered as more of a footnote and a merely pretty good (but limited) console port. The lighting and darker/grittier atmosphere helped to make up for the truncated levels, occasional frame rate sputters, reduced resolution, and lessened texture variety, but it was really your compositions that made PSX Doom such an enduring version. BTW I'm playing through the Xbox Live Version of Doom with the extended PSX Doom soundtrack playing through my laptop, and I love it...really fleshes out the PSX tracks and adds to what was already awesome in the best way possible. Wish I could incorporate your sound effects as well (some of the PC sound effects are REALLY hard to take), but oh well.
  9. Devils950003

    PC Doom sound effects VS PSX Doom sound effects

    Been playing the Xbox Live (360) version of Doom lately, with the Bobby Prince tunes turned off (they just don't work for me at all, though I'm semi-tempted to give the 3DO remixes a go sometime). I go with the far superior work of Aubrey Hodges playing through my laptop (the extended soundtrack, which are even better/longer versions of his PSX Doom work). The Hodges tunes actually work very well with the XBLive version, though they do feel slightly more at home on the PSX. As much as I still enjoy PSX Doom, now that I'm used to all of the "extras" (no missing textures, no truncated levels or missing animations, etc), and the incredibly and consistently smooth frame rate on the XBLive version, it's a little harder to go back to the PSX, even though overall I still the PSX atmosphere just feels more "right". Fortunately I play PSX Doom on a PSOne with the LCD screen, which is a bit forgiving. And I do like the "feel" on some of the PSX levels more than their PC counterparts...and in the case of the Containment Area, the PSX (well, Jaguar technically I guess) chop down of that level is actually welcome. I do wish I had the PSX sounds on the XBLive. There may be a couple of PC sound effects that are as good or slightly better, but overall, the PSX effects are better by a landslide. Too many PC sounds are just too weak.
  10. Devils950003

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    Yeah, the ambient tunes + the darker areas made the jump scare moments that much more effective in the PSX version. And I know the maze you're talking about very well. Had my share of "Oh shit, where did THAT guy come from?!" moments in there.
  11. That screen was just way too small for it, and it just felt off. On one hand, it was an impressive technical achievement in some ways, and I actually bought a GBA just so that I COULD play Doom on it. But I thought it was pretty bad once I did.
  12. Devils950003

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    Agree with others that I don't really find Classic Doom scary. The generally bright visuals and midi tunes don't really allow for a "scary" atmosphere. Throw the 3DO soundtrack on and you get that "Alright, let's get it ON!" vibe. Lighting effects, dark areas, and ambient tunes in the PSX version, different story...much more unsettling and nerve-wracking. Even though Doom 64 shares a good chunk of PSX Doom's general feel, I didn't find it quite as scary...not sure why. Maybe because it seemed less "gritty" somehow, maybe a little bit too polished (still love Doom 64 though).
  13. Of the ones I've played: Favorite: PSX Doom (for general atmosphere/killer soundtrack/improved sound effects), in spite of some limitations elsewhere Right up there: Doom 64 PC Dooms (via Xbox and Xbox360) obviously have a lot of strong points, but the borderline overabundance of textures (some areas are just eyesores) and midi tunes and sound effects often make me want to go back to the PSX version. Wish I could enjoy the originals more than I do. Didn't enjoy Doom 3 at all, much as I wanted to. Jaguar Doom and 32X Doom are hard to take seriously due to severe slicing and dicing (no music in the Jag, only 17 levels overall in the 32X). Impossible to go back to once you've played the PSX version. GBA Doom: What the hell is this? Just because one COULD somehow make this work on a GBA doesn't mean one SHOULD. Would never play the 3DO version due to the obvious (it being awful), but love the remixed Bobby Prince tunes.
  14. Devils950003

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    Jaguar Doom was my first foray...I had just finished up Wolf 3D for the Jag when I bought it. Having not really seen or played the PC Doom, the downgraded/missing textures and absent music didn't really bother me at the time...guess you can't miss what you don't know. The whole idea of being able to kill monsters with an awesome variety of weapons in a (pseudo) 3D world where you could go anywhere within its boundaries was pretty cool to me...but due to the Jag version's limitations, I didn't really fall in love with it. Played the 32X version within a year or so of having bought the Jag version, and didn't think the music was anything all that special (the 32X certainly didn't do those midis any favors). Some time later, I bought the PS1, and not long after that, saw that Doom was available for it. Almost didn't even buy it, but decided What the hell (pun intended). As soon as I fired it up, all I could think was "Holy SHIT!" The lighting and improved resolution over the Jag and 32X iterations were one thing...but that awesome ambient super-creepy MUSIC! At the time, right along with Saturn's Panzer Dragoon compositions, that was the best in-game music I'd ever heard in a video game, and it still holds up all these years later. It completely changed the feel of Doom, in the best way possible...made playing SO much more nerve-wracking! I'm actually playing though it once again, right now...I have a portable PSone with the LED screen (had it for about 10 years or so), and I still find PSX Doom as immersive as ever...and the small screen makes the now-ancient pixel-prone graphics seem less rough on the eyes. All these years later, it still remains my favorite version of Doom, in spite of some limitations (like occasional frame-rate plummets). Even reached out to Aubrey Hodges with regards to how influential his Doom soundtrack was, and he responded, which was pretty cool. Doom 64 was next...so smooth, so clean, clearly influenced by PSX Doom, and in the best ways possible (more Aubrey goodness to boot). Took me a little while to get into its new look, but once I did, I loved it...not quite as much as PSX Doom, but very close. Felt a bit short...10 more levels or so and I'd have even fonder memories of it...it just felt like it was over too fast. Loved some of the homages to previous Dooms (like Even Simpler). Doom 3...just didn't take. Looked good but just didn't feel like Doom to me...too many tight, similar-looking cramped corridors. Despised the PDA crap. Tried to get into it on multiple occasions. Bought the version that came with the original Doom and Doom 2. And as far as THOSE go (basically PC Dooms), technically they obviously have more going on than the PSX version...more textures, higher resolution, better and more consistent frame rates, no nerfed ememies, etc. But those midi tunes and some ugly textures/odd color choices...ironically I simply find PSX Doom to have a much more convincing/less cartoonish atmosphere and feel. I even tried to mash up the PSX soundtrack with the originals, and they just didn't blend. I do admit that the 3DO remixes of Bobby Prince's tunes make a world of difference though, in a very good way. I find myself playing the original Dooms more just to see what's been cut out or changed in the PSX version, but I don't enjoy those nearly as much. PSX Doom just feels far more compelling and immersive. Actually toying with the idea of buying an Xbox One X and snagging Doom for it. Can't decide.