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  1. Garbage

    Eagle Mapping Project

    Is it possible to utilize frames from the Wolfenstein SS or Commander Keen for the projectile?
  2. Garbage

    Eagle Mapping Project

    Nice! I'll start mapping soon. Liking these gritty textures
  3. Garbage

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    All weapons are water guns and can only be refilled by running in FWATER sectors
  4. Garbage

    Halloween Hangar

    bumped because its actually near Halloween now
  5. Garbage

    Caco Bell - A boom compatible map

    I liked it! (Especially the mega sphere secret)
  6. Here's my map: uacfootball.wad.zip Map Name: Monday Night Some skills implemented DM and Coop starts, some extra weps for DM Format: ZDoom in Doom format Music is Hiding the Secrets from E1M9 Feedback is well appreciated! Known bugs: Rocket can get stuck in brain-hole if fired at odd angle (Probably can't be fixed) Rocket cannot be retrieved if shot into the stands (Just don't do it)
  7. Garbage

    need help with gzdoom DECORATE

    @Empyre Tested the code, worked great
  8. I'm trying to make a rocket projectile that drops a weapon when it hits something, but it doesn't seem to be working. I put the DropItem flag, and I get no script errors on launch. But when fired, the rocket acts normally and doesn't drop anything. Help?
  9. Are custom weapons allowed?
  10. Garbage

    morty.wad - A vanilla Doom 2 map

    V2, difficulty settings added. Gameplay easier on easier skills
  11. A vanilla map for Doom 2 that I made after watching an episode of Rick and Morty: morty.wad.zip V2, Difficulty settings added! Has coop and dm support, made in a day Comments are well appreciated!
  12. You can put NoFreelook in MAPINFO
  13. Garbage

    mcdoomalds.wad - An unserious WAD

    @MAN_WITH_GUN There are a few homs I forgot to scrub out, try using a limit removing port
  14. Looks cool! I'll take map 3. I'm not really sure where the map is going in terms of theme, but it'll come to me.
  15. Garbage

    Halloween Hangar

    Halloween style e1m1. Why in September? I have no idea. Play this with Ultimate Doom e1m1hw.wad.zip Music is from e1m1 (At DOOM's Gate) that I changed to a creepy organ and bells. Gameplay is mostly the same, but extra monsters are added. Doesn't work in Chocolate Doom for some reason picture things