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  1. Hehe good idea. I don't think there's an easy way to do this in the engine.
  2. We all know, being 26 years old, Doom is in serious need of some upgrades. I decided to follow Bethesda's lead, so I made this. Just load it up and you'll have all the awesome benefits of the Switch version! This mod REQUIRES gzdoom, or at least any port that can run ACS scripts. Enjoy, and don't take it too seriously! DoomUpgraded.7z
  3. sarge945

    QuakeCon 2019

    In light of the recent Nintendo Switch release of Doom, I have made a GZdoom compatible addon in celebration and to make it more in-line with the new version! You can get it here!
  4. So I was getting annoyed when I played Heretic a few days ago, having to go into Data Files just to load and save the game. So I decided to fix it. Now, Save Game and Load Game are available directly on the main menu, because almost nobody plays in 640x480 anymore. Yes, I know I can just press F6 and F9. This is a personal project that I have decided to make available in case someone finds it even slightly useful. It uses MENUDEF to change the menu, so it requires a zdoom compatible source port. If someone knows of a more compatible way to implement this, it would be great. Chuck the pk7 file in your autoload/raven folder, and you're good to go. Have fun! Raven Data Files Fix 1.0.zip
  5. Yes, that was my map. I am not interested in starting drama or stirring the pot, but the main issue I had with the project at the time was the inconsistency of feedback. Map area A was considered bad, so I would change it, only to be told it was now even worse, despite addressing the specific points raised. Needless to say, I was about ready to bail before the map was booted anyway. This has been an extremely unpleasant first-experience working on a community project and I will be very carefully considering which projects I join in the future, if any.
  6. Yeah I almost didn't post it, but I thought it was funny enough so I went with it. I guess looking back it comes off more as a random political rant. Oh well...
  7. We need a Discord server about as much as the world needs Assange's asylum to be maintained It is vital that we get one!
  8. I am visiting my cousin for a couple of days, but if you remind me in 1-2 days, I will test it for you
  9. Overall a hard map, which I couldn't finish. The supershotgun trap kept killing me. I like the visual style though. I would have a demo but my Crispy doom is acting funny (doesn't remember my crispiness settings, and now I can't find the demo that I made for this map)
  10. I finally got to the actual end, so either I am getting less stupid, or your map is easier to navigate. Either way, it's a good thing. I got killed by the 2 cyberdemon's though. We may be a little underequipped for them. By the time I got to the fight, I was almost out of both plasma and rockets, and that was with me being (mostly) conservative with them. Maybe a small area should open up just before there (once you open all 3 key switches, on the way back) which has some health, and maybe a soulsphere, but maybe not. I was thinking while playing, because the first red door is around a bend, some players might walk right past it and miss it, thus encouraging them to walk around aimlessly. Maybe putting a red post around the bend could help mitigate that. Here is something I threw together in Doom Builder in 2 minutes as an example. And here's a demo for you: jlv3FDAsarge945.7z My apologies for the pauses in the demo, my roommate had his gf over and she brought a cool new puppy which I just could not resist patting. Also, if it looks like I got lost before the red door, I was looking around for health/ammo, and testing if it was possible to SR40 across that ledge :P
  11. Does anyone else need map feedback?
  12. TLDR: *slaps roof of gzdoom* This bad boy can fit so many dynamic lights and effects! Description: I really like Steve's flashlight. Having an actual spotlight based flashlight, rather than trying to place lights (or whatever the old ones do) looks WAY better. That said, I didn't like how the flashlight was effectively "free". That is, it basically nullified dark areas with no real balance. I decided to modify it and (at least in my opinion), improve it's functionality from a gameplay standpoint in the following ways: You will start off with a handheld flashlight (I used sprites from Realm667, sue me :P). You can either light up the environment or use weapons, ala Doom 3 A headlamp has a chance to replace the Infrared goggles, which will allow you to have a flashlight and a weapon out at the same time (just like how the original mod worked) Removed the "Flashlight size inner/outer" and "flashlight intensity" and "flashlight location" settings, now it's based on slightly higher than the old defaults and emenates from your "body". Being able to configure it like this was too close to cheating. You can still change the color, which has been changed from a server variable to a user variable, so theoretically different players can have different flashlight colors. However, this mod is NOT TESTED in multiplayer, so take from it what you will If enough people complain, I will re-add the intensity, size, position etc variables to the config menu. Configuration to give the flashlight black gloves or standard gloves, or try to autodetect Brutal Doom/Project Brutality and use the correct glove colour. Option to always use the headlamp (which is cheating, but it's there) instead of having to find it. Slider to change map brightness, similar to DarkDoom, but configurable. Configurable Button to switch to/from the flashlight, or turn on/off the headlamp. Please let me know what you think. I originally threw this together because I liked a different Flashlight mod that acted the same way, but found it extremely inferior to Steve's in terms of the actual effect, and I wanted a DarkDoom value in-between the standard DarkDoom offerings. So I made my own. This is definitely not polished. You will obviously need a very recent build of gzdoom that supports spotlights Thanks: Steve - for the extremely useful spotlight-based flashlights, and his extremely permissive license Realm667 - For free to use sprites and sounds. License: You can do with this what you wish, it's only fair since I was given the same permissions. Download: Flashlight.7z
  13. This, basically. It's also the philosophy I use. Give them some guns. If they need them, good. If they don't, I'm sure they will appreciate the extra ammo
  14. I'm evil, but I'm not THAT evil