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  1. NightmareMan

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Hello, @Hyde! It's great to see you here. Thank you for being with us and tell your experiences and stories about D64, I could listen them all day. As nobody has asked this question yet... Do you remember something like a super secret that was in Map 20 "Breakdown"? When I knew there was a secret that was not yet discovered, I started to search more info and it blew my mind.
  2. NightmareMan

    So, how old are you ?

    I'm 22 now but a fan since I met again with doom 64. I was between 14 -16 back then.
  3. NightmareMan

    Doom 64 Inspired Album (for modders if wanted)

    Totally inspired by Audrey's style. I think my favorites are Ëÿa and Gwam Swolíst so far. Also I think your music would perfectly fit in a D64 sequel. As a suggestion I would say it would be nice if you put more sound effects like distorted sounds of animals and bells, like in Spawned Fear or The Bleeding. My ears are hooked since yesterday. Keep up the good work.
  4. Oh man. This looks amazing! Even now that I have saw it, I know that I'll still be in shock when some of your designs make appearance in game. I can easily imagine this Revenant in the D64 instruction booklet or some N64 games magazine. It would be nice if your project have some promotion in that style once the project is completed.
  5. NightmareMan

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    I thought in a DLC with classic skins for demons but then I saw that it wasn't necessary. They did an awesome job with all of them but I dont feel the same with Cyberdemon. I know they'll keep his design but they could give him legs with more minotaur's style. Or the way he dies in E2M8. I would love to see him explode except his feet or give the option to do him a glory kill.
  6. NightmareMan

    We got the demons!

    They said there are twice as many in this new one, so there is a possibility to see more enemies like the Zombieman, Shotguner and Chaingunners if it's on Earth. I also wish they bring back Nightmare Imps or create something using that style.
  7. My friend, love your Doom64 models! Awesome!!!

    1. NightmareMan


      Thank you! I'm sorry for couldn't respond to you yesterday.

      I would like share them to you but I don't know how yet. Here are two models in gbl format. These models are the artifact and the laser gun.


    2. Gerardo194


      Don't worry about that, my friend! 

      If you have some doubts about something I can help you out. If you wanna sent something to someone you can do it by pressing the letter icon of any user here. 


      OK, I'm gonna check those models out! Thank you my friend.

  8. I also tried to do a recreation of the Mancubus' and Arachnotron's models in D64 and an incomplete version of the deleted "laser" gun using Paint 3D. I wonder if you will do a recreation of that laser gun for this project too.
  9. @Gerardo194 @Erick194 I like everything you have been doing and also your love for D64/PSXDoom. I really hope you could keep doing your projects until all is done. I know how hard is so I will be supporting and giving opinions about your works. I like how your Spider Mastermind looks. I think it would looks nice if she have a pair of arms.