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  1. Do0t

    Acs code not working

    I changed the name on the LOADACS to SCRIPTS and compiled the acs script again with SCRIPTS as name but still not working unfortunately. Anyway, thanks for the help but at this point i don't see what else i can do besides scrapping everything and giving up on the mod i'm working, no acs for me.
  2. Do0t

    Acs code not working

    I'm not sure what is wrong but if you want a look yourself over the wad here's a link https://nofile.io/f/7OPR8Jndn7F/Testingmap.wad
  3. Do0t

    Acs code not working

    My acs code doesn't work even after i did a compiled version and a LOADACS, everytime i try to use the code on a map i get a console message"P_startscript; Unknown script "Test"." However, using the code directly on the Gzdoom Builider Script Editor with OPEN or map trigger seen to work. The Decorate trigger is a test actor using the lost soul as placeholder. I don't have a programming background and that's my first time doing something with Acs, the code is pretty mess and made with nothing but "if else" statements but it does work. The Acs purpose is to teleport the actor near the player when everything else is made on Decorate. ACTOR Testemob 1050 { Health 10 Radius 16 Height 56 Mass 50 Speed 15 Damage 3 PainChance 0 meleedamage 100 meleerange 80 Monster +FLOAT +NOGRAVITY +DONTFALL +NOICEDEATH +NOCLIP AttackSound "skull/melee" PainSound "skull/pain" DeathSound "skull/death" ActiveSound "skull/active" RenderStyle SoulTrans Obituary "$OB_SKULL" // "%o was spooked by a lost soul." States { Spawn: SKUL AB 10 A_Look Loop See: SKUL AB 5 A_Chase SKUL AB 0 A_JumpIfCloser (400,"FOUND") Loop FOUND: SKUL AB 3 A_FaceTarget (0) SKUL AB 0 ACS_NamedExecute ("Test",0) SKUL AB 0 A_Stop Goto See --------------------------------------- #library "nope" #include "zcommon.acs" Script "Test" (void) { int away = 1; int basex = GetActorX (0); int basey = GetActorY (0); int basez = GetActorZ (0); int speedx = GetActorVelX (0); int speedy = GetActorVelY (0); int cool = 150 << 16; if ( CheckProximity(0,"Testemob",500.0, 1) ) { Print(s:"Near"); if (away==1) { away= random(5,7); if (away==5) {SetActorPosition (5,basex+cool,basey, basez,0);} if (away==6) {SetActorPosition (5,basex, basey+cool, basez,0);} if (away==7) {SetActorPosition (5,basex, basey-cool, basez,0);} SetActorVelocity (5,speedx,speedy,0,0,0); delay(30); } } else { Print(s:"Away"); } delay(10); restart; } The random tid 5 is the tid i used when testing.
  4. Do0t

    Asylum of the damned

    Update! I did a harder version, tight ammo, more monsters and small changes in the map, changed secrets localization, new small room secret
  5. Do0t

    Asylum of the damned

    Woah! Thanks for the video and feedback. And about your points; Difficulty Yeah, watching your video make the map look way easy then it's supposed to be and there's 2 reasons; first, the map is build in a way to be able to finish without secrets, and you used every secret, making the map way easier, two, that's not your first playthrough, so you already know every ambush. That's not the first version of my map, i actually did some changes to make easier so everyone would be able to finish without secrets, more ammo/health and less monsters, of course, i could make a turn back! Visual You are playing without slopes and lights which affect not only the visual but also the gameplay, so not sure what to say about that I only used doom 2 textures because i wanted to know how far i could push the visual of the map without custom textures The switch is a sloped floor texture, the actual switch you activate is a invisible wall around this "switch floor" and i forgotten the flag "repeatable action" on but it don't do anything harmful.
  6. Do0t

    Asylum of the damned

    Thanks! Did you finish my map ? found any problem ? Any feedback/criticism would be nice :)
  7. Do0t

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

  8. Do0t

    Asylum of the damned

    This is a map i did some time ago but never published anywhere besides a youtube comment on Vertigo channel, he never played my map and there's isn't too much i can do with this map, so i will just publish here. Overall the map is just myself messing up with Gzdoom features, most everything is done by voodoo doll. Difficulty made; Ultra-violence Gameplay time; 20 minutes Jump and crouch need. Freelook optional. OpenGl. Download; https://nofile.io/f/dWN9W773knp/The+asylum2.wad old version; https://nofile.io/f/kqVS2ngsf1O/The+asylum.wad