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  1. Pre

    Graphics card for Doom Eternal

    8GB vram, 16GB system ram, installed on an ssd. Put everything back on ultra and the 2 options for nightmare in Kadingir Sanctum and it runs at 56-60 in some areas, and then 45 in some areas, and during fights 45. So depending on where you are standing it changes and very rarely I get 60FPS if it's in a spot that isn't very demanding(start of the level, or looking at the sky). And if I'm in a huge fight with possessed soldiers shooting those charged orb attacks it stutters and causes me to die in some areas/levels. This is the main reason I put it on low.
  2. Pre

    Graphics card for Doom Eternal

    Yep I will. We still have a year and a half so I'm in no rush. I won't sell my liver, yet. I love gaming at 4k. I still use my old 1080 monitor for my 2nd pc and I tried Doom on it. You see pixels easily, settings won't cover up pixels, so even on low settings my 4k screen is better than the 1080p on the highest settings. But this is just my opinion. Using the 4790K. If you believe my CPU is causing this, I don't think that is the case since it exceeds the system requirements. Even my 2nd pc which has a FX4350 and a 1070 runs doom fine, all it changes is how fast it loads. I built the gaming setup for a different game and well, now it's time to upgrade to something that can play Doom.
  3. I'm running a 1070 on 4k right now. It's an amazing card for the price but it barely runs Doom on low at 55 FPS and down to 40 FPS in the really "rich" levels. The 1080ti is the top card at the moment and no end is in sight. I hope by the time Eternal releases they will have a new card ready because I'm already making financial plans to upgrade my 1070 when Eternal comes out. I want a card that will give me the most longevity. Maybe they will have the next gen Titan.
  4. Pre

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    There isn't an accomplishment for it anyway. The difficulty level was put in as a joke because people thought DOOM '93 was too easy. I won't ever beat Doom on UNM, Kadingir Sanctum is just too much. Getting to that level is hard enough. I died trying to snipe the first mancubus because I fell of the cliff and that's hilarious. I'm already sick of replaying the first 5 levels. I'll retry here and there but ATM I think I'm done, and I did enjoy it a ton. It's one of those short lived experiences that I get that I enjoy. But how would it be to play with my other friends online who play FPS? It would be amazing and they agree.
  5. Pre

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    Then make enemies 2x harder to kill and now you got a challenge. If people want to hide in a corner and let their friend do all the work, let them, it won't hurt anyone. Obviously they don't mind. It's not like I'm going to get all mad because while I'm playing I think, "man I wish someone could do this for me and let me afk...".
  6. Pre

    Ultra nightmare is now locked for me

    Nevermind, must be a glitch, works now.
  7. Says I have to survive "into the fire" to unlock it.
  8. Pre

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    I would personally never get 7 other people to play this at one time without the problem of actually getting them in a game, and not having someone screw around. Sounds like multiplayer to me.
  9. Pre

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    The multiplayer could also be considered 2 games occupying the same game overall? I just like having a game I can play co op with my friends instead of them watching me play it. For instance, even now the ultra nightmare on Doom 2016 all you need to do is just allow a co op setting where another player can join in if they want and it would be perfect. Sure it would take away the challenge in some ways but add in friendly fire to that and you have basically evened out the game. So really all that needs to be done is add in a second player to the current game for nightmare or ultra nightmare only. 2 players with the same map, meaning you have to share ammo and watch out for friendly fire, and if one of you die both of you have to start over. You say it like co op is something that can't be done because it would take too much time when it's been a part of console games since nintendo or possibly earlier and has been apart of many PC games since dial up. But Doom has been one of those games that only had co op with mod maps. It's something we should expect for a 60 dollar game. And if we have to trade multiplayer for co op then I'm down since I hate multiplayer to begin with since hacking is so prevalent.
  10. Pre

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    Make a co op campaign along with the single player. Take away the multiplayer, if we want that we can go play quake 3. Bring back Ultra Nightmare. Put in a setting that allows us to choose if we want health/armor and ammo in a more central position on the bottom of the screen or switched from left to right. More game save slots. Fix the sounds for units. For example when there is only 1 possessed or 10 it always sounds like there are 10.
  11. I will have to see what happens then. I finished the ITYTD campaign and now I know what to expect for my rune picks during UNM. I wanted to do the UNM run getting all secrets and challenges but gave up after getting to level 4. The "To be Knighted" challenge is not for me. The hell knights in level 4 make that level impossible for me unless I cut them down with the chainsaw. Hell knights, pinkies, and summoners are the first thing I will chainsaw the most I think.
  12. I'm doing a run in I'm Too Young to Die to find all the powerups/runes/secrets so I can have an idea of what I want to do when I get this far in Ultra Nightmare. I finally found the 2 rune trials in Lazarus Labs and it shows a message before each trial that I will lose progress for the level. That kinda sucks. I still think both runes are worth getting but to rerun the first part of the level twice to do it seems odd. So if I get to this point in the game where I play these rune trials on Ultra Nightmare will I have to restart Lazarus Labs each time? Does it only show it on I'm Too Young to Die? It doesn't give any warning message about losing progress on zeromasters UN run so anyone know what will happen?