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  1. BaraKornel

    Urban Escape

    Looks great, gameplay is decent, loved the atmosphere. It is short, but the replay value is quite high.
  2. BaraKornel


    It's great fun. I killed the Cyberdemon first try, 1% Health.
  3. BaraKornel

    Engineer Nukem

    Fun map, with some decent design. I don't get the last teleport though, where the player can use the teleport to teleport to exactly the same place.
  4. BaraKornel

    Northern Powerhouse

    4 chaingunners and Romero. Nothing special here.
  5. BaraKornel

    Xenomorph Base (testing version)

    The maps got more detailed, and just nicer to look at as I played the wad. I think it was really really fun, and it is very well balanced. It's not easy, but not hard either, it gives a nice challenge. MAP03 was amazing, and MAP06 is just badass. Loved the creative ideas, I think your maps have a lot of them so yeah.. it's fantastic. I couldn't find the blue key though on MAP06. The floor didn't come up, so I had to IDCLIP my way out of the hole. Everything else is great though. Edit: Nothing bad happened about the blue key on MAP06, for the second time around. I don't know what went wrong on my first playthrough.
  6. BaraKornel

    Black Room

    Level design is pretty good. Nice layouts and details all over the map Honestly looks like a 4 star map, but it's like a 2.5/5 because I don't think that this is challenging, this is just annoying. When I wasn't even halfway through the map, I only had two shotguns and a chaingun. That wouldn't be a problem, if there weren't so many monsters. Arch-Viles everywhere, a Cyberdemon, dozens of revenants, hell knights, baron of hells in a kinda medium sized room. That sounds fun right? Well, not really. If the map would provide enough cover (from the Arches), more ammo and weapons than it would be alright. There are a lot of masterpiece wads/maps, with a lot of monsters, and I don't have problem with that. But I don't think that this is executed well right here. Fantastic looks, but the gameplay is just mindless. That's a shame.
  7. BaraKornel

    The Traphouse

    Some of the rooms looked kinda OK, some of them looked uninspired and boring. It felt like two different designers were working on the map. It wasn't that terrible, there are way worse maps than this. The reason for the 1 star, is I don't think that it is beatable without cheats. Not on Ultra-Violence at least. I couldn't do anything in the first room, because as soon as I switched the door, dozens of demons came out of a room, and the Arch-Vile could kill me easily, because the player cannot hide from the Arch-Vile. If you are putting Arch-Viles in a map, make sure that the player can hide from them, or otherwise it's going to be awkward.
  8. BaraKornel


    The layouts weren't so good. Make sure that the texture of the floor is different than the one it sticks out from. There were some issues with some of the textures being misplaced. I liked the use of the lights though, they were ok.
  9. BaraKornel


    Easily had the potential to become a 4/5. I think I would rate it like a 3.5/5. I think it looked great, the layouts were simple but quite memorable which is always good. My only problem was that there are way too many Hell Knights and Baron of Hells. They made the map dull at some points. Lack of medikit was annoying at first, but that berserk pack at the blue skull was really satisfying because of this.
  10. BaraKornel


    If you play each map with a pistol start, things can get hard somtimes, because you are barely going to have ammo or health. Overall it was challenging. I loved the textures and the layouts were creative.
  11. BaraKornel


    Fantastic design, and the gameplay is just really smooth. I love the fact that this is a Scythe inspired wad, because the difficulty rises towards the end of the wad, but the maps are never complicated. John Romero has 8 tips (rules) for designing great maps. You really nailed this one: (8. Creating easily recognizable landmarks in several places for easier navigation.)
  12. BaraKornel


    Terrible design, mindless layouts, a lot of monsters which is fun for 5 minutes I'll admit that, but the overwhelming items make it way too easy. There's literally a Soulsphere around every corner. It's not an annoying map, it's just stupid.
  13. BaraKornel

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Oh, and an even better one. I don't really like E3M8, and I never really play it. It's way too easy. It would be better, if the Spider Mastermind had more health. Two BFG shots in the Spider Mastermind, and a few other monsters walking and floating around in a relatively big map? I think the final boss should've been the Cyberdemon.
  14. BaraKornel

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    When I was a kid, (I'm 17 now, but this happened when I was like 5 or 6). So yeah, I'm playing the good old DOS version on my Win98 (thank god my parents didn't buy me a WinXP, because I have memories of DOS even though I'm young). I have memories of me playing Underhalls, and back then I used to turn the lights down on my monitor, because I wanted to have a scarier feeling. I played with the saturation too, the screen was all red and dark, and it looked scary. This is so cringe.
  15. BaraKornel

    Chill Base

    Decent design, it was a little bit challenging, but nothing extremely hard. I like the progression of the map and how balanced it is. I liked some of the architecture. The map isn't full of boxes. Textures are on point too.