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  1. DoomMan777

    Perfected vs Overthinked

    Thanks for the advice! I think I am a little more intrigued by the idea of Doom 3 becomeing a legit survival horror game with all the changes the Overthinked mod does. So, probably will try your mod first, but I then plan to try the Perfected version as well. One thing: Is the enemy AI changed?
  2. DoomMan777

    Perfected vs Overthinked

    So, I really want to play Doom 3, the only Doom I have not played, and I heard that without mods, it is not that great... I learned that Perfected Doom 3 and Overthinked Doom 3 are the main 2 mods that change the game, but do not add or really overhaul the setting of the game. So, which mod i better or worse than the other?