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  1. DoomMan777

    (Leaked) DOOM ETERNAL OST - DTest_Phobos_1

    WTF? Is this clickbait? I don't get it.
  2. DoomMan777

    The Gameplay Reveal Details Thread

    It is A Crucible, and not the one from the previous DOOM. Otherwise, great analysis.
  3. DoomMan777

    Hell Knights have eyes

    Pretty cool I suppose.
  4. DoomMan777

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Where am I wrong? Doom Guy is meant to be a Survivor, Someone who overcomes the Colossal Odds stacked up against him. Doom Slayer is meant to be an Unstoppable Force of Nature, he IS the Colossal Odds against them, Demons, who cannot overcome them/him.
  5. DoomMan777

    New interview(s)

    In the Interview they CONFIRMED it was NOT the Crucible. And, No, it looks different.
  6. DoomMan777

    New interview(s)

    https://www.ga´╗┐mereactor.eu/grtv/393393/Doom+Eternal+Hugo+Martin+Marty+Stratton+Interview/ Around the Middle of the Interview.
  7. DoomMan777

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    So, Doom Slayer became so Badass because his Previous Incarnation was Mistaken by Fans to be The Badass Incarnate, which was not the Actual Main Point of the Character? Neat.
  8. DoomMan777

    New interview(s)

    DooM_RO, You are the Best! It seems that Baron of Hell is actually a Class of Enemies, so expect to fight more Varieties of them. Cool.
  9. DoomMan777

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    If We believe the Interview, no it is not the Crucible.
  10. DoomMan777

    New interview(s)

    Some Things to Note. The Bulky Suit is actually the same Praetor Suit from Doom 2016, just upgraded. That Energy Sword is not the Crucible. We will explore the Past of the Doom Slayer. The Multiplayer will have the PVP Aspect, now done Internally. Many Enemies will have Weaknesses, or Body Parts you can Damage to make them not Functional, like the Tail of Arachnotron. There will be Multiple Multiplayer DLC. The Places on Earth We are gonna visit will be completely Fictional, no Real World Locations.
  11. DoomMan777

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    3. It is not like the same can be said about Doom 1 and especially Doom 2, right?! 5. It is not like Doom 1 or Doom 2 Demons only made the sound of "manly" cries when they got shot. 6. Why? Valid reasons? Did someone in your house just turn on Justin Bieber tapes or what? 7. Perhaps, but you gotta show Valid Arguments, boi.
  12. DoomMan777

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    By far my new Favourite Gun is the Regular Shotty. The Alt. Fires are Cool AF.
  13. DoomMan777

    Story hints

    Here is my theory how the Game goes. 1. DS wakes up on Mars, where he slays some small amounts of Demons, as most of the Hell's Forces are concentrated on the Invasion of Earth and Phobos. And then the Slayer meets Samuel, The One who likely woke DS up, as ge thought DS would help him. DS fights Hayden, who wields the Crucible. He disables The Praetor Suit, but the Hellwalker defeats him nonetheless. DS uses the Crucible to go to Earth, as he learn from Computer Terminals that The Earth is Under Attack. 2. It turns out that the Past Pockets of Resistance against Hell are futile, and, for the first time, DS is unable to do Much to stop it, Demons are too numerous and overwhelming for DS to stop the Full Invasion Fast Enough, wearing a manmade suit, not the Armor of the Old that empowered him. 3. DS decides to go to Hell, as he remembers the Wretch, the Demon Traitor who created the Praetor Suit for DS. The Unchained Predator has to fight his way through Countless Demons, traverse Immeasurable Hellish Landscapes, and eventually "Hell Hives", where the Demon's Evil is at it's most Potent. There he meets the Wretch, who gives him the New Armor and Uprages/Upgrades his Arsenal. 4. With New Powers Doom Slayer returns to Earth, slaying Demons easily. The Hell, Eternally Scared by this Revelation, decides that Something more Powerful must be created to combat the New DS. The Slayer, on the other hand, ensures that the Earth is safer, and can hold off the Demons. But then he encounters Marauders, Traitorous Argent D'Nur or Perhaps Something Else turned into Demons and given Praetor suits, as Hell found the Praetor suit of the Slayer on Mars, and decided to produce them for their Elite Forces. He defeats a couple of them, and maybe a Boss or Two, and then learns from UAC Men that Demons desperately try to gain their Footing on Phobos, a Place that could give them many Advantages, if they could control it. 5. He uses the Crucible to travel to Hell, where he doesn't spend much time, as he finds a Portal teleporting him to Phobos. He is Lucky enough to get Teleported into a Facility, a Command Center. There he fights some New Menacing Foes, like DoomHunters, designed specifically to kill him, Archviles, and then has a Boss Battle with a Giant Demon-Tentacle Thing, One of The Tentacle-Creatures that were sent to Earth, but regrouped to Invade Phobos. 6. With the defeat of such a Powerful Demon, Hell Forces cowardly retreat, but the Slayer uses the Crucible to catch up with them. There he slays hordes of Powerful demons and finds out that the Wretch was Brutally killed for his many traitorous acts against Hell. After that he stumbles upon a Unique and Unexpected Location, a Portal to a New Dimension, the Place where some of the Argent D'Nur survivors remained hidden and safe. There he reunites with them, and then decides to End Hell once and For All, for What they have done to Him, His Race and Everyone Else. 7. Doom Slayer fights through Hundreds of Demons, from Imps to DoomHunters, and eventually enters What looks like a Giant Castle-like Structure. There he battles with the Main Demon, the Hell Lord resembling the Icon of Sin. Despite The Fight being Brutal, The Slayer defeats the Hell Lord, thinks about returning to the Dimension which bacame the New Home of Argent D'Nur, standing right next to the Portal, but doesn't do that, and instead destroys it by punching it. Deep down he knows that he Saved His People, that His Onslaught is Eternal, and that They Always Come Back.
  14. DoomMan777

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I cannot see the Soul Cube in DOOM Eternal. It took ages before the Thing would kill anyone, and the healing would be odd, considering we have glory kills and what not.