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  1. The idea is to load both wads simultaneously, not create a bunch of wads with duplicate textures.
  2. drx-Tartarus-FDA.zip I cheesed the archvile and the cyberdemon is just kind of nothing once you're done with that arena. He can't really hurt you unless you mess up and is in a slightly awkward position. The actual arena fight is neat and probably even more interesting with the archvile alive. I hate inescapable pits on principle though, I don't think it adds anything to the fight to not have escape teleporters. With a 20% hurtfloor it's not like you can cheese it from down there and you'll probably die anyway, but making it escapable makes it feel more like part of the challenge instead of a punishment. "I fell in the pit but escaped with <10% health and went on to survive the map" is a much better experience than "I fell in the pit, time to quickload".
  3. drx-Sacrilegev4e.zip (Hopefully This time for sure) Final version with outside area revamped as well as ammo, monsters & secrets re-balanced across the board. UV-Speed and UV-Max demos included. Edit: updated to 4e, fixed automap and other tiny adjustments.
  4. Two FDAs for @DMPhobos & @Classicgamer6 drx-CainaMorte-FDA.zip Caina Aside from those damaging sectors Urthar mentioned, my main issue would be the plasma rifle. I didn't notice it until after everything was dead and with an extra 100 cells in the exit room I left the level with 300 cells. I wasn't really hurting for shells either so I was pretty heavily overstocked for any subsequent level. Morte I had some issues with ammo leading up to the blue key doors. The secret teleport to the boat is missing a texture on the door track & you can't open it from the inside because there's an action line for the lift in front of it. It also has the best rewards which feels odd because it's the easiest to find and it's right at the end. The teleport out of the rocket launcher secret area doesn't work in complevel 2 because the teleporter sectors also have the tag and have a lower index than the landing zone. I couldn't get it to launch in chocolate but there are some visplane overflow hotspots out in the blood sea and more importantly also near the yellow door and on the boat. Looking at drawsegs the map basically explodes.
  5. Darox

    Which Doom monster do you dread the most?

    I didn't think much of them way back when and when I got back into doom the default settings of GZDoom make them comically obvious, but now that I'm playing with more faithful ports these guys are near impossible to see. Chaingunners are still the worst though, they're just not interesting and they're so often used for awful gotcha traps. Revenants and Archviles are much more fun to fight.
  6. New version of Sacrilege, this version should be final barring any issues. drx-Sacrilegev4.zip The imp/vile ambush now works like it should have done all along, the exit got changed a little bit, and if you haven't already opened the lion/satyr walls you can now do so in the red key zone. --- I also played through @HAK3180 & @elmle 's levels. drx-HAK-FDA.zip The Arachnotron at the start is a little too bulky and harmless, but the opening lava field is the section I enjoyed most and works great with just the shotgun/rocket launcher. The Hell Knight ambush is really rough; six knights and a baron in a tight spot is difficult by itself but there's also a couple things and sharp edges in the room to get caught on. I'd like it a lot better if there wasn't the risk of getting snagged on things and ending up trapped in a corner. Or just a number of knights lower than six. Minor issues: The skinwall to the right of the exit is misaligned and there is an extra sector tagged as secret that you can't stand on in the dark room secret. drx-Elm-Demo.zip Not a FDA since I played the previous version, though I can say from that first attempt that if you go left and miss the chainsaw the start is extra rough; there's a lot of cacodemons wandering at the start and not a lot of ammo for them. I think the shootable switch could use something to make it more attention grabbing and probably the red-key chambers that open up as well, especially the more remote one with the teleporter. Otherwise I liked it a lot and it definitely felt very Inferno.
  7. A lot of those wall details are inspired by the various wall detailings in Unholy Cathedral, although I admit it's not quite the same. I am somewhat concerned about those Inferno-esque requirements especially regarding optional areas and finales; the shortest path for reaching the exit still sees ~95% of the map & enemies. One thing I have considered was letting you skip the barriers in the E/W teleport rooms if you have the red key, but seeing 'You need the red key to open this door' when they bump that wall might give players the wrong impression. Thanks for the demo, and I just knew as soon as I changed how the imp/vile ambush started that someone would step off the elevator and end up meeting a wall of imps crowding the entrance, which ruins the "go wild with the rocket launcher" strategy that I'm aiming for. Time to go back to the drawing board and try to make it more robust. Here's a FDA for your map as well: drx-Urthar-FDA.zip I enjoyed it, the path to reach the bridge switch had a nice progression. I don't generally like dark maps but the lighting effects were nice here. The switch exit felt a little weird though. The red key ambush was nasty but I survived it so it's not really a sticking point.
  8. @xvertigox drx-woe15FDA.zip I did a FDA in chocolate this time instead of my usual pr+. Those imps in the starting room are really hard to see behind the grates against the skull walls in vanilla res. One other thing I would suggest is maybe swapping the yellow and red keys. The yellow key is the one near the rocket launcher but the red key is the one that reveals the baron. I do like the added texture variation, and while the outside area is cramped I don't mind that sort of thing. I was able to blaze through it on my speedrun anyway. Speaking of, I did a couple UV-speed demos for fun. drx-infernew-demos.zip @xvertigox Woe - :51 @NaZa Sinner - :45 (You can skip the trigger line for the crushers, which is a shame but also saves you a lot of time) Sacrilege - 1:10 (A whole 5 minutes faster than my typical runs)
  9. Bah. drx-Sacrilegev3b.zip Okay, now it should be extra impossible to reach the switch altar before the ambush arrives and be surprised by an archvile appearing next to you.
  10. I updated my map: drx-Sacrilegev3.zip drx-Sacrilegev3b.zip - Improved red imp ambush further It's mostly combat changes. There's a chaingun in the starting room now and the three teleport landings all have additional bullets. All of the monsters are now alerted immediately and on lower difficulties their numbers are significantly reduced. A couple other fights now have cleaner starts and will hopefully prevent players from unintentionally ending up right next to spawns. There's more ammo and health available across the map as well. I also added even more imps and reworked some of the secrets. I'd greatly appreciate it if the people who had issues with the combat could try this version out and let me know how it turned out. As well as everyone else, of course. Demo: drx-Sacrilege-UVS.zip This is the time to tell me that it ended up way too easy for UV and make me mess with the balance even more. There's two soulspheres, green armour, blue armour, an extra rocket launcher & a BFG hidden in secrets. It feels like a lot.
  11. @xvertigox drx-WoeFDA.zip I got owned by the final Pinky. I thought a secret might have opened up but it was just him locking the exit door on me. I had a bit of a rough time at the start and didn't get the rocket launcher until after killing both barons, but that was a nice short map.
  12. My considerations for continuous are mostly forward thinking. The idea is that you should leave the level with maybe 20% more ammo than what you started with, and I balance that ammo around a player who isn't expected to use their fists (or pistol), kills everything they see, and doesn't try to set up infighting, mostly because that's the way I prefer to play but also because that should be roughly what the upper median for ammo consumption will be. Especially in a community project like this I can't do much about what a continuous player comes into the level with but I can try to make sure they don't enter the next level with a crazy arsenal. It's easier to be more liberal with shells & bullets as well because they don't have quite the same impact as having a stocked rocket launcher or BFG ready to go for the next map. Making sure it's definitely possible from a pistol start is most important though.
  13. Darox

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Argh I forgot about the texture pack none of those walls are meant to be invisible. -- Oh it didn't get loaded properly, that's unfortunate. Thanks for the video regardless! P.S. I say it Dah-Rocks.
  14. I thought at least 3 of them were pretty well signposted, though I can understand not stopping to examine the walls while making a FDA. That's how I did my example demo as well. It shows that such a playthrough is possible and it doesn't give them away.
  15. Thanks for all the feedback guys! This is only my second published map so criticism is extra valuable. -- @jerrysheppy Demos with deaths are still helpful! Unfortunately your demo doesn't seem to have been uploaded properly, it's <1kb and only lasts for a second. The difficulty with the starts is fair. There's only a couple enemies removed from those spots on lower difficulties and you effectively start surrounded so a misstep can quickly lead to getting pinned and eaten. Removing a couple more enemies from those spots for HMP/HNTR (and/or moving the chainguns so that you pick them up immediately) seems like a good idea. It's tough to balance different difficulties so I appreciate your feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of the map :) @sarge945 It's unfortunate how that demo worked out. I did try to balance ammo so that you wouldn't really have to work for any infighting or ever use your fists. I think those balances are pretty close to being good (the second/third room you go to you don't have your 50 extra starting bullets but can use the shells) but I didn't properly account for the extra two cacodemons who can spawn in when you return to the central room, so a couple more shells seems like the plan. Playing on an easier difficulty is also totally fine, ammo is increased and that revenant trap is much kinder. @Aquila Chrysaetos The E/W/S landings are given the same amount of ammo and roughly the same total monster health, so it's more a question of which monster set you find easiest to deal with. Personally I find the layout of the southern landing with the yellow door to be the toughest. I'm not too worried about the difficulty of the red key area or picking off the outside revenants. It's possible to run away from most of the encounters and the only part that is seriously trying to kill you is the revenant trap. It's balanced to be reasonable to stand and fight everything, but I'm not really trying to stop people from using those kinds of tactics if they really want to. Thanks for pointing out that MIDSPACE issue, I hadn't seen that. @rdwpa That was a pretty chaotic and entertaining demo, I liked how you ran through things. That revenant spawn was unfortunate though. A revenant appears on each of the staircases and is supposed to walk into the center in a pincer, but they can't hear you until the initial four are released. The edge of the sound box on those stairways is pretty close to their teleport, so if you run out of the room without shooting it gets ugly. I should have just had them alerted earlier in the map and jump in instantly. -- 0/6 secrets across the board though :o