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  1. _reallyTired

    2 questions (difficulty settings and dialogue scripts)

    That's fine, you answered my other question perfectly though thank you, the second question is something I might get more help on the zdoom forums I feel so I'll ask there too EDIT: in case someone tries to do the same thing as me with dialogue on lines its actually really simple and doesnt need you to use the SecActUseWall thing. place an actor down outside the map, in my case i used an explosive barrel and make sure you change the actor name on the script to the correct one, then give it a thing ID tag. Then set your walls action to Start conversation and set it to target the appropriate Thing id. thats literally it, i dont know why that was so hard for me?
  2. Currently Mapping and fiddling around in GZdoomBuilder in UDMF format. 1) why is there 8 skill settings and are skill settings 1-5 the ones to use for dooms default difficulty settings? 2) is it possible to trigger dialogue by pressing use on a line/wall? The following works: namespace ="Zdoom"; Include = "SCRIPT00"; conversation { Actor = "ZombieMan"; Page { Name = "Hello"; Dialog = "World"; } } But replacing "ZombieMan" with "SecActUseWall" and placing the necesary thing down on a wall doesnt let me use it. clearly im misunderstanding how to use the secactusewall actor but the wiki page doesnt really help me. it may be possible to trigger it without a thing at all but i need conversation ID which i dont beleive i can give to a line. Thanks in advance and im sorry if im being stupid.
  3. _reallyTired

    Change interaction text from a locked door?

    Thank you!
  4. _reallyTired

    Change interaction text from a locked door?

    Thank you for trying and its my fault for being unclear, but i know all of this and i think the answer to my problem is probably much simpler. how do i find the LOCKDEF's to edit them? (idk if thats better worded? i just dont know how to access the lockdefs to edit them)
  5. _reallyTired

    Change interaction text from a locked door?

    Sorry yeah youre right, its UDMF format, ill edit it into the OP as well. i have read up on lockdefs before posting, i understand what it is and what it does, just not how to edit them.
  6. I recently started to learn how to use GZDoom builder in UDMF to map, on the map i am currently working on i have a locked door that i want to change the text that pops up when you interact with that door specifically (leave other doors requiring that key card interaction text as it is). how would i go about doing this if its possible?