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  1. CaptainResident

    The Ghoul's Forest 3

    First and foremost, this mod does its job good to an extent. It sets the atmosphere up very well. The fire going out in the beginning is a nice way to start it off and the whole "stuck with nothing but a bow and wit" idea is a good way to execute the gameplay itself. But unfortunately that's as far as positives go. You see, the actual area is so dark that a particular enemy is near impossible to actually see unless you have focus into what exactly you're looking for. Even then, it's a tiny enemy. The one I am referring to is the Creeper. After that obstacle, you have a giant skull that teleports everywhere and a face that will scream nonstop. Unless you're on edge whilst playing this, those will just turn out to be annoying at a point. Then there's the final boss. It flings random shock images at you, ranging from a picture of a clown, to random gore, to the classic picture of the girl from The Exorcist we've all seen plenty of times. Lazy, if anything, considering they're just images with no connection to the actual game whatsoever. TL;DR: Great concept and beginning, poorer execution. Sure is great reaction material for the unaware, though.
  2. CaptainResident

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    Ah, right! I was thinking of one of the ports that removes the easter egg. Yeah, the obscure secret was what I was referring to. The devs just couldn't remember how to do it.
  3. There's also a surprise factor here; demons are most likely not expecting them to be the ones invaded. I doubt defenses would be readied enough to hold off what we would have by the time we have a strong foothold in an area of Hell. And, like Aquila mentioned, we'd have missiles able to destory the heaviest of resistance, possibly set up by the time they're ready to fight back properly. Then, of course, since it ain't on Earth... Go ahead and launch some Satan rockets in there once our fellas are done with most of the ground stuff.
  4. CaptainResident

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    Yeah, Sarge sure kicked the tone all the way up with that one. Sadly, though, it seems there's gonna be a change to it in the next version of the pack ("Extermination Day" is the official name for it) and it isn't as spooky with that one. At least, so far it isn't. I hope he knows what he's doing with it. Yep, my second favorite, right behind you-know-what. Wasn't that the map with the puzzle so big and confusing that the devs at Midway lost track of it and it had to be scrapped?
  5. CaptainResident

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Me. I took this photo around the time I joined this place, which wasn't long ago. I decided to don myself in one of my favorite jackets, one of my masks, and some sunglasses. The mug I'm holding says "LOVELY", a word I commonly use to describe good things. I just made a little label out of a type of sticker paper I had and wrote it on there with a marker. I took that label off the mug and now have it amongst my sticker collection on my desk cabinet. Then, I messed with colors to tint it with one of my favorite colors: blue. Mostly as a middle finger to the color red, a color I hate very, very much for certain personal reasons.
  6. CaptainResident

    Post Apocalyptic Currencies

    Music formats for me. Anything except those old shellac 10" records and 8-tracks. Vinyl records would be the $20s, CDs the $5s, cassettes the $1s. The only issue that would come along is that it would only really be feasible if I at least have interest in the music. Call me a hipster all you want. I collect that stuff.
  7. CaptainResident

    Did you ever have nicknames for the monster's?

    Zombieman: Zombies Shotgun Guy: Boom guy Pain Elemental: Pain in the ass Arachnotron: Brain guy Baron of Hell: Communist Arch-Vile: Bigger pain in the ass Revenant: Boney Icon of Sin´╗┐: John Romero
  8. CaptainResident

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    I have an almost indestructible shield against horror things (in other words, I almost never get frightened) but the previously mentioned "Sacrificial Grounds" from the Starter Pack WAD crawled under my skin like snakes. Although, when I was really young, I used to be freaked out by the House of Pain level in the first Doom. The music and, especially, the lovely window area pictured below bolstered the spook.
  9. CaptainResident

    Devile II

    The only remotely good map was the secret Quake level remake, and that was only good because I like Quake in the first place. All of the other maps, especially that secret "Labyrinth" map, were total wastes of time I didn't even bother to properly run though. I just did a combination between the ol' IDKFA and noclip and skimmed over them. Just, please, put more time into them. Scythe 2 wasn't made in a day.
  10. CaptainResident

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    So, what would you folks say is your favorite map in the creepy variety? It can be one of the base levels in the original games (1, 2, 64, etc.), or in a mod. Mine would be Map 28 of the Hell on Earth Starter Pack (the Brutal Doom campaign thing), the "Sacrificial Grounds". Spooks me every time. The Doom 64 music really adds to it.
  11. CaptainResident

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Weapons have upgraded counterparts (with extra weapons, obviously) but there's some sort of catch that makes them a pain to shoot at times, possibly because of those upgrades. Say, the upgraded Rocket Launcher has, like, 5 barrels and shoots better rockets. The catch is, you gotta wait until the entire thing sets up and prepares. Then the thing explodes in your hands (with no damage of course) in your hands and you have to redo the entire thing each time you shoot it. Shameless plug for a mod I'm actually working on.
  12. CaptainResident

    Share Your Sprites!

    A random rifle weapon I made using Mike12's rifle sprite resource. When you finish firing it, the magazine falls out and you have to sit there trying to jam it back in until it fits before you can shoot again.
  13. CaptainResident

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    They take too much of my ammo and/or effort when using any sort of explosive isn't the most convenient or effective thing to do. Especially early game.
  14. CaptainResident

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    I at least just want the zombies and whatnot to look more like humans, for christsake. Maybe give them bullet weapons, too. Hell, just make them zombified soldiers, like the old games without all the melting-into-armor stuff going on. Also none of those bullshit shield guys.