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  1. CaptainResident

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Thank you, I'm actually using it as an intermission screen!
  2. CaptainResident

    Share Your Sprites!

    Those are actually really good for model rips. A lot of other ones looks pretty badly converted. My only suggestions are to smooth the edges of the Champions SSG and to add some more muzzle flash frames that make it look like it's growing out of the gun like a lot of muzzle flashes in mods look like, makes it a lot more smooth.
  3. CaptainResident

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    I do a LOT more editing and arranging of images and not much full-on drawing (digitally, I do a lot of traditional drawing), but here's a thing I just call "Wall". I took a brick texture, took out some bricks, a background from a Doom project of mine, and then made out the symbol thing out of shapes and effects and whatnot. I actually use it as my wallpaper because it's one of the few creations I'm proud of. "Why don't you just include an attempt at digital drawing", you may ask? Well, here are some reasons. These are Mario and Luigi. My point is that anything I draw from scratch digitally ends up like these because of a force of habit to draw repulsive things.
  4. CaptainResident

    Share Your Sprites!

    Back again for yet another marvelous creation. I call it the Rattler. It fires spinning explosive Revenants. Here is the spritesheet, currently having trouble converting the video of it to a gif.
  5. CaptainResident

    Anyone in the Generation Z who like Classic Doom games?

    December 20th, 2002 and I am a HUGE fan. Even making a bunch of mods for it. The Doom series as a whole is my favorite game franchise of all time. I like a bunch of stuff that started in the past several decades.
  6. CaptainResident

    Secret levels

    Secret levels are great. For Doom they're just additions to the episodes. Doom 2 they're from another game. Doom 2016 they're from the older games. In terms of modding, I personally like to see them as a departure from work. For example,in TE3D (project of mine, shameless plug) they are specifically tailored so they don't work as base maps so I have something to go to when being sick of the tedium of working within the limits of the already-set requirements for levels. I can do insane shit with those secret levels if I wanted.
  7. CaptainResident

    If Doom was more popular in the 90's than it was in the real world

    If I am not mistaken, TNT was originally announced as a free addon and the announcement telling people that it was paid was out the day before it was actually released. Thus pissing people off because they had it flipped last minute.
  8. CaptainResident

    Just for fun: Subtitles for hypothetical pwad sequels

    Plutonia 3: Now We Get To Make Another Pun In MAP32 To Tell You How Many Times You'll Be Fucked Grezzo 3: We "Borrowed" More Assets Too Many Super Shotguns 2: At This Particular Moment In Time I Don't Believe I Have A Healthier Or More Deeply Felt Respect For Any Object In The Universe Than This Here Shotgun Reelism 2: Twice As Many Snarky Comments Hideous Destructor 2: Just Move To ARMA 3 Already Dipshit
  9. CaptainResident

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    Brutal Doom 64 or any other Doom 64 TC.
  10. CaptainResident

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    Those one fucking green faces that have red eyes and the smirk. Always creeped me out when I was young. Not so much anymore, but the memories remain. I remember trying to get away from one inside a room in MAP12 of Doom 2, only for the door to lower and the texture was three of them. Gave me a spook as a young'n.
  11. CaptainResident

    Good Things About the Doom Movie

    First person bit. They at least used one monster from Doom (Pinky, which was the one from Doom 3, but they get points for effort). There was a chainsaw, I guess. A quote from Dwayne Johnson: "I'm not supposed to DIE!" as he disappears into the wall. The rifles they had seemingly were meant to resemble the ones the Zombiemen and Doomguy sprites hold. Gives us a common punching bag to laugh at, and possibly birthed another one that already looks to be laughable.
  12. CaptainResident

    Doomguy in the Quake universe

    I've always loved the notion of Lovecraftian hellscapes, and Doomguy would fit in one nicely. It's just that it wouldn't feel like Quake anymore by that point, since there would be no hint of fear (I've always theorized that the music in levels of both games are playing back in the protagonists' heads, so scarier music = scared of whatever the hell you're in) and the gameplay would be a lot faster. And I would think it would be best to keep the Quake arsenal, as it all seems to be a lot more useful (i.e. firing much faster) than the Doom weapons. As for if the Ranger were in Doom... Well, you have PSX Doom. Or Doom 64. That's pretty much a similar thing to what it would be like.
  13. CaptainResident

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Map 32 of Plutonia (and its sequel) are easy if you know what the hell you're doing.
  14. CaptainResident

    Made any DooM OCs?

    Well, since they count... I've got plenty. Every project I have has a character with their own little story behind them you play as. Since I plan on expanding then outside of their mods, and because I lack sprites, I even decided to make some little "silhouette" pictures of them. Two examples are: And There are also a couple more I'm developing at the moment that aren't being put in spotlight with full mods just yet; a Spec Ops soldier that ends up in a similar situation as the Ranger from Quake (thrown into a dark horror-based place, riddled with amnesia in his mind) and an AI-based weapons-testing bot that hasn't been taught to know that much of how to operate the weapons besides shooting them. That plays into the weapons' mechanics in the mod. There's a bit more to these characters that tie-in with a "company" I have called Mein Studios but that's another several paragraphs I'll save for when they're needed. (I do a metric fuckton of story-writing for things I make, trust me. The only things I make that aren't stuffed with (a reasonable amount of) storytelling are Doom mods since I have yet to do that kind of stuff and I'm happy as I am now with just gameplay.)
  15. CaptainResident

    Share Your Sprites!

    I'll let you know when a nice, shiny demo of the mod it's part of is ready.