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  1. CaptainResident

    Post your Doom textures!

    Thanks a million! I'll share a screenshot when I get around to slapping on the new sprite and putting it somewhere.
  2. CaptainResident

    Post your Doom textures!

    Do you have a version without the rocket launcher, by chance? I'd love to use it somewhere, but the sprite wouldn't match up with the ones I'm using in a mod of mine. I'd edit it out, but I don't want to mess up the details on it.
  3. CaptainResident

    Post your Doom textures!

    Here's an animated wall I made for a mod of mine, which is a screen that displays the logo of the mod's antagonists, the F.A.F. That's all it does. It's kind of like a fancy banner. ...Yes, I'm aware that their logo resembles an Iron Cross. It was meant to be a fancy crosshair and I'll probably tweak it a bunch soon...
  4. CaptainResident

    Damp Shithole (Vanilla)

    It looks pretty good to me, but may I suggest a different name like "Overrun Lab" or something of the sort?
  5. CaptainResident

    What are some odd mapping quirks you love to see?

    Bit of a niche one, but sense of progression. For example, level sets that go through a faux day-night cycle throughout the maps (I believe the Hell on Earth Starter Pack/Extermination Day does this in its Earth maps), seamless location transitions, and environmental change (e.g. a base progressively becoming more hellish and twisted as you get closer to, say, a portal.) It makes things feel more dynamic, even if it's just all set in place. I also like the aforementioned environmental storytelling and levels that aren't centered around the player.
  6. CaptainResident

    Share Your Sprites!

    Back from the dead to present the mugshots I made for the protagonist of a mod I'm making. His name is Thomas. I made the variations for all of the different health values (y'know, where he gets more damaged), but I kept it to his "clean" state for the sake of keeping it simple.
  7. CaptainResident

    Sigil redone art help

    Do you mean you want the bottom eyelids to be entirely pink-ish orange? From the glowing of the eyes?
  8. CaptainResident

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    I loved the atmosphere to Unhinged a lot, but... That whole face thing was just a little too goofy for me. Which is kind of a shame, there's some pretty good code work at play with some monsters. But yeah, the opening of it was tense and wonderful.
  9. CaptainResident

    Share Your Sprites!

    Anyone remember the old "rifle with mag that falls out" thing I posted last year? Well, not long ago, I went back and redid the sprites based on that Mike12 rifle we all know and love, since I've greatly improved in spriteworking. The little targeting screen even aims around now! So, without further ado, I present... The Unreliable Rifle MK2! [Also, the framerate on the gif is lower than it should be, everything moves a bit faster in-game.]
  10. CaptainResident

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    Majority of it was from Freedoom too, yeah. I can understand the revamp for the map itself and such, but the tone shift in hell for that pack took away most of the horror factor. I still like it, the newer hell in it is neat, but I sometimes miss the really spooky atmosphere.
  11. CaptainResident

    throwing the ball around. a community......experiment

    Wonderful, thank you for clarification! I'll probably have one that messes with lighting colors and whatnot for other uses then. I'll probably get to making my own pretty soon.
  12. CaptainResident

    throwing the ball around. a community......experiment

    Question before I jump into this: are there any limits on what I can utilize in the map? (Ex. No dynamic lights, colored sectors, etc.) Or is it entirely free? I read you're using Crispy Doom and so I'm wondering if it'll make any problems.
  13. CaptainResident

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    Doomguy is part of the atmosphere. He's what makes it a horror game for the demons.
  14. CaptainResident

    Dumb ass mods

    The Loot Box Mod It Only Gets Worse Turbocharged Arcade (both of them) Doomguy's Warzone The last one isn't exactly what I'd call quality but the first three are fun.
  15. Was the Golden Souls 2 brought up at all?