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  1. Is there a mod that gives the demons the sound effects from BD/PB into base Doom? Like the Zombies speaking for example.
  2. aSeriesOfNumbers

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Well I certainly wasn't expecting them to port it to every other platform. Definitely looking forward to how they're going to remove the Nintendo references in every other release besides the Switch.
  3. aSeriesOfNumbers

    Any spooky wad suggestions?

    Since its the season of spook, I've been in the mood for some scary games, movies, etc. I've only played a couple horror wads like "The Mall" and "Unloved". If you know of any really good horror wads, please do share.
  4. aSeriesOfNumbers

    What do you think is next for Doom after Doom Eternal?

    I think it'd be awesome if they were to complete a trilogy once Doom Eternal's been out for quite some time. Though just from how much stuff they have included into Eternal, its hard to imagine how they could surpass it with a 3rd game.
  5. aSeriesOfNumbers

    Doom Eternal Delayed(March 2020)

    Its disappointing for sure, but it will come out an even better game in the end. That will make it even more worth the wait I think.
  6. aSeriesOfNumbers


    The prophesy continues...
  7. aSeriesOfNumbers

    Doom: Annihilation update

    How else would you make a proper Doom movie? I just stated everything that needs to be in a Doom movie. Its possible to make an action movie enjoyable throughout without much dialogue. Also, I didn't mean music playing 24/7. Only when the action shows up. But of course, you have to find something to start an argument with, even if its completely unjustified.
  8. aSeriesOfNumbers

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Fair enough I suppose. Movie still doesn't look too promising. Only time will tell I guess.
  9. aSeriesOfNumbers

    Doom: Annihilation update

    All I want from a Doom movie is: 1.Doomguy killing tons and tons of Demons with a Chainsaw. 2.A lot of blood and gore. 3.Kickass Thrash Metal playing in the background. 4.And barely any dialogue. I know they are trying to include a variety of characters into the story, but we don't want a bunch of random soldiers that don't even look like they belong in anything Doom related. We want the roided up Space Marine we all know and love. Though I was willing to accept the possibility of the movie being halfway descent. But I'm still not too happy on how the lead Actress pretty much disrespected the Doom community by stating in a Tweet: "Who needs a Doomguy" That honestly made me loose all respect and hope for the people working on Annihilation. The fact they let her do that is rather terrible marketing.
  10. aSeriesOfNumbers

    My first ever Doom MegaWad project and Ideas.

    By that I mean I'm writing down and focusing on the concepts for the first 10 maps and a couple secret levels for now. I will have 30 in total. Each 10 maps will have their own theme. Sorry if I mistook you.
  11. aSeriesOfNumbers

    Any good Doom MegaWads?

  12. aSeriesOfNumbers


    1.Shawn's got the Shotgun 2.Message for the Arch-Vile 3.Running from Evil 4.Waiting for Romero to play 5.The Demons Dead
  13. aSeriesOfNumbers

    Any good Doom MegaWads?

    Can anyone suggest any good vanilla Doom MegaWads? Something Like Eternal Doom, Hell Revealed, etc. And yes I have played those.
  14. aSeriesOfNumbers

    What is your favourite episode 3 level?

    I love House of Pain, it feels like its supposed to be some sort of Sacrificial grounds. I especially love that window view of all the crucified and hanging bodies. And it really gives that vibe of "You shouldn't be here". Plus Sign of Evil wraps it up all together very nicely. Its Metal AF.