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  1. Are there any weapon sound effect mods that make the guns sound beefier and more powerful? All for Vanilla Doom? I've looked a lot and can't find any.
  2. I have 3 sounds I want to use for the shotgun. 1 for firing the gun, and 2 others for pumping it. How do I piece all 3 together to sinc in with the animation for the gun? I'm using Slade.
  3. Seriously, if this doesn't convince any of the more doubtful fans, I don't know what will. This shit looks brutal as FUCK.
  4. ASON-Z-

    What is the best Quake source port?

    Pretty much, as Quake sourceports go.
  5. ASON-Z-

    Lookin' for some Metal/Rock music

    Here are a few fine selections... -Alice In Chains (RIP Layne) -Soul Remnants -Thy Art Is Murder -Impending Doom -Attila -Living Sacrifice -High On Fire -Overkill -Slayer -Lamb of God -Demon Hunter -Cannibal Corpse -Gorgoroth -Becoming The Archetype -Scythelord -Megadeth -Anthrax -Infant Annihilater -Death
  6. ASON-Z-

    Scythe trilogy

    Exactly my thoughts. Scythe 1 and 2 are both equally great in their own right, but I especially loved the different art styles that Scythe 2 would switch up every 5 maps. Such a unique twist for a Mega-Wad if you ask me. And I absolutely adored the brutal difficulty of it. Though X is unfinished, I still included it on my rankings. At its current state its the weakest, but that could change someday hopefully. I'm a big fan of ranking certain types of media just for fun anyways.
  7. I've made my own metal music pack consisting of several musicians' covers. All through the Slade editor. And each level has its own cover that I thought would fit that particular level theme. I wanted to do the same with EP4, but it seems to reuse tracks that I had previously added. I can't simply name a new track D_E4M1-9, so that it would play on any EP4 level. Is their a way I could make this work, or am I just gonna have deal with what I have?
  8. ASON-Z-

    Scythe trilogy

    I agree, I suppose Erik probably has better things to do nowadays. And the vast selection of WADs out there can easily make up for this loss anyway.
  9. ASON-Z-

    Scythe trilogy

    I finally finished all 3 Scythe games for the first time. Easily some of the best Mega-Wads out there. Obviously Scythe X/3 is clearly unfinished, which is a damn shame. I hope Erik return's to finish it someday. And Scythe 2 is easily the best fan-made Mega-Wad I ever played. If I were to rank the 3, it would be... 1.Scythe 2 2.Scythe 1 3.Scythe X (At its current state.) I highly recommend these Wads. But just a heads up, Scythe 1 and 2 have a huge difficulty spike near the end of each other.
  10. ASON-Z-

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I know I know... I'm extremely (not) gorgeous!
  11. ASON-Z-

    Anybody else not date?

    Well there was this one gal who I had been to school with since I was 9. We never dated, but I knew I loved her because I never had feelings like that towards anyone before. We were just friends for all those years. But I never told my true feelings. And when I built up the courage to ask her, she had already moved in with someone outside of my home town right after we graduated High School. Just not my time yet is all.
  12. ASON-Z-

    What is this effect called?

    Thank you
  13. ASON-Z-

    What is this effect called?

    What is this ambient effect called? Hazards such as slime, lava, and water have a glowing effect on the walls around them. I've been trying to find a mod that's exactly like this, but to use with vanilla Doom. Any info would be helpful. I'm using the Enhanced Vanilla Project for example.
  14. ASON-Z-

    Gzdoom dynamic lighting bug?

    Yep, that seemed to be the issue. It was a skin pack I had installed that disabled the lighting effects. I'm just gonna ditch the pack anyways Thanks for helping me out.
  15. ASON-Z-

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Not really sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I hate the smooth texture and sprite options for various Source Ports. And their purpose is to make the game look better, which I will never understand how some people believe. They make games look incredibly ugly, at least for sprite based shooters. I don't mind them all that much in games like Quake though.