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  1. LordXel

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just finished Half Life 2 and it was a great game a pure masterpiece, I felt the ending was a bit weak, but everything else was fantastic.
  2. LordXel

    Terry Davis has Died.

    Well shit, rip that fascinating nut-job
  3. LordXel

    Most recent movie you saw

    I saw Skyscraper in theaters, and I watched half of Ghost in the Shell, GITS was amazing, Skyscraper was meh
  4. LordXel

    So, how old are you ?

    21 the age where it's legal to be an alcoholic
  5. LordXel

    Doom lost popularity?

    Honestly I would agree with everyone else (I have nothing to add) Since I am on the newer spectrum of Doom fans since I didn't get hardcore into Doom till 2017, community seems fine to me
  6. LordXel

    Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    I think JRPG wise I've been having fun with FFVII (Playing it for the first time), and I am not big on western RPGs, never suited my fancy or fantasies.
  7. LordXel

    I hate DooM 2's level design.

    Not a big Doom 2 guy level design wise, it's not terrible by any means design, but it's my least favorite in terms of id games
  8. LordXel

    What is your favourite flavour of Ice Cream?

    Me depends on the mood, if I want just ice cream I'll go with Mint Chocolate, or Vanilla, or if I want something with some extra things to it, Rocky Road is a favorite.
  9. LordXel

    Dumb/Interesting/Weird Doom Wad Easter Eggs

    Yeah basically, sorry if I didn't word it well enough
  10. So I was working on some pixel art, and was thinking of easter eggs/references people put into their games, was wondering what ones you guys have come across over the years? Could be pictures of the easter egg or not, up to you. I don't have any I am kinda boring
  11. LordXel

    Do you need background noise when you work?

    I've noticed since I've stopped listening to music while grocery shopping I either constantly talk to myself or hum songs I am thinking about. Today I ended up humming Zombies by Cranberries
  12. I need music when I work, keeps my A.D.D from messing with me. Even when I sleep I need noise, but I remedy that with a fan. Winter sucks though since I'm not turning a fan on in a cold room.
  13. Sailor Moon R on the Super Famicom, but I am biased since I speedrun it. For a game I don't speedrun, I think Brief Karate Foolish is my favorite fighting game, yeah it's a silly meme game, but I think it's very well made, and polished. Even got an update recently to fix bugs.
  14. LordXel

    What are your thoughts on Retsupurae?

    Have been a fan for years, kinda stopped watching about 3 years ago since they focused on not doing commentaries on bad LPs. Which you know each to their own as long as they have fun, pretty meh on all their other series on the channel. I mostly watch slowbeef when he does some ripping on DSP