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  1. Gremlin

    Okay... (DW's downtime)

    I was thinking, "Wow, is Doomworld getting DDOSed? Because it's sooo political here."
  2. Gremlin

    Insert Touch Pun Here

    Hello all, I believe this app is well worth the money. The controls take some getting used to, but once your thumbs are up to speed it's death to demons time!
  3. Gremlin

    Rest in peace Esa Repo

    Sad to hear about that. Gives me even more incentive to donate to cancer research. I hate that cancer crap. Recently lost my wife and father to it. Bad stuff. RIP Espi!
  4. Gremlin


    Hey, thanks for all the input! I've been using keyboard/mouse for newer games, and I seem to adjust pretty well to that combo. I first played classic Doom with a joystick, so I suppose it's what I'm used to. I'll give keyboard/mouse a try. Thanks, Grem
  5. Gremlin


    Hello All, I haven't played in months, and I miss Doom. I was playing using a MS sidewinder. It broke, and I cant find another. Can anyone recommend a simple joystick for Doom play? Grem
  6. Gremlin

    Reticle on target.

    Thank you sir may I have another!;^) Thanks for the replies. All good points. I suppose I was comparing it to other games, Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Outcast specifically, where the reticle lights up when you're over the target. Thats a different game entirely though with lots of open spaces and good visibility. It makes sense that in D3 when the vis is restricted your aim would be degraded. Of course the bad guys see just fine in the dark. I wonder if the smoke degrades their aim? (I know. I know. Shut up and play) ;^) Gremlin
  7. Gremlin

    My Dads vision on DooM3

    I dunno...I kinda thought it was about saving the earth and all those beautiful long legged women from being demon raped. But I was gonna do that even without Doom3. ;^)
  8. Gremlin

    Reticle on target.

    The behavior of the reticle seems dicked up. It seems that it only turns red while firing the weapon when you're on target. I would think it should turn red when the reticle is over the target regardless of whether or not the weapon is being fired. Its a pain in the ass trying to do the job in dark and imp smoke. Of course...I could be whacked. Gremlin
  9. Gremlin

    Double click D3 Icon and game doesn't start?

    I get this also. It always starts for me after a couple of tries so I haven't looked for a solution.
  10. Gremlin

    Error trying to create server.

    Well...after some fiddling...It appears that I have to set the dedicated server option to "yes" and everything is just fragadelic! Yeah baby Yeah!
  11. Gremlin

    For those who want the flashlight AND a weapon...

    Gun mounted is the way to go!
  12. Gremlin

    Can you make monsters fight each other?

    I had one yesterday where an imp fireballed a hell knight and the HN toasted the imp. Would have made a great screenie but I missed it! I want one of those security bots for my house...It'd be great for clearing out parties....uuuhh...'cept for the mess. ;^)
  13. Gremlin

    Flashlight in Hell ?

    I thought.."Great..I'm in hell without a flashlight!"
  14. Gremlin

    Im stuck in delta labs 4

    Two words... "Free Stuff" They can be whacked without the "Free Stuff" but you'll get your armor all sweatty. You will enjoy what follows!
  15. Gremlin

    Quick Advice [run out of ammo in hell]

    I didn't find one either...I thought, Real F'n nice...I'm in hell without a flashlight!! Heh heh! Thats off topic..Sorry. It seems the seekers arent damaged by plasma...or it could be my aim. ;^) Gremlin