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  1. Heh, maybe I should not have talked about the tooth-witch (or how it is named in English language, anyway) here on the forums a few days before. Just yesterday (whilst enjoying an endless slide presentation in my graphic design class) I found a little tooth chip in my chewing gum, that had become off where I have a filling. Aaargh. Fear. Well, I visited the dentist today, very early in the morning (it was dark and terrible cold outside), and the good craftsman was able to fix it painless and in a decent manner.

    But, boys... the girl who held the exhausting hose and sucked the liquid out of my mouth... (that´s bad English and a disturbing image, I know) ... I only saw her eyes, since the rest of her face was covered by a white mask, but she had *very* big brown eyes (yes, I truly mean those "eyes" that are for looking), brownish teint, dark brownish, almost black hair and I think would have looked like Bambie if I had the chance to see the rest of her face ^_^


    1. Fredrik
    2. MaTT [TiK]

      MaTT [TiK]

      My dentist's helper is about 60 - eww!