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  1. random_soldier1337

    Unused Glory Kills Mod

    Probably on account of if you made it for the shotgun then why didn't you make it for the other guns? And if you made it for guns in one game, why didn't you make new ones for all the weird new ones in the new game? If you notice even a lot of the newer animations are similar many times to the older animations. Either they can reuse animations or reuse them with minimum tweaks.
  2. random_soldier1337

    Unused Glory Kills Mod

    Perhaps having unique kills for each gun was too much work? Guns x Enemies= ? I know i was hoping for multi enemy kills in eternal but maybe enemies2 is why it never happened just like above case
  3. random_soldier1337

    Unused Glory Kills Mod

    They don't seem particularly slow but that's just my opinion. At least they aren't God of War slow. I know some people keep going on about the gore in that not realizing how much it slows you down and takes you out of the game.
  4. random_soldier1337

    Do you ever take breaks from Doom?

    Sometimes but I usually play Doom to take breaks from work so I'm not really burnt out all too much.
  5. random_soldier1337

    Your favorite game engine?

    Whatever the latest iteration of unreal enginer is. From my layman understanding, it provides the most modularity, graphical fidelity and computational optimization.
  6. random_soldier1337

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Whoa, teh ebig Dewm Slayer is extremely metal wit his elegtrig guitar! (courtesy of reddit)
  7. random_soldier1337

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Sometimes, esp., if it's about to be morning in a few hours, I like to use the sleeping eyepatches.
  8. Sure, why not? More completely new content is always good. Would be great too if we got something not dumb like the wall texture IoS, or the meat sponge, big damage, cyberdemon/spider mastermind. If nothing else, at least there would be new assets to play with.
  9. random_soldier1337

    What is the hardest official Doom level? Doom/Doom II/Final Doom

    That one with the archviles and the bunny music.
  10. random_soldier1337

    Doom 2: Sequel or Expansion Pak?

    Expansion Pak/DLC according to current standards. Extra maps, few new weapons and enemies aren't a proper sequel. Can't really compare to back then given computers and gaming in general was lot more limited but for nowadays everything would need to be new. New assets altogether, many new enemies and weapons and for those that are from before, they need to be revamped enough to add quintillion levels of 'emergent' gameplay.
  11. random_soldier1337

    Do you get lost in maps?

    No Since I always play with the hellscape navigator mod and set it to reveal everything. Don't really care to hump walls to find secrets. Additionally reveals the map, of course. Not that you don't still have to traverse it even if it is revealed and you don't necessarily know the order of the places you're supposed to go to.
  12. random_soldier1337

    Unused Glory Kills Mod

    I'd actually like to draw attention to the one with the glowing hand and psychic powers. No wonder it got cut out but man it was cool as hell. I wonder if there are a lot of Star Wars fans on the team. No wonder we got a 'demonic' lightsaber in eternal.
  13. random_soldier1337

    How Would You rank the doom games by difficulty?

    I did ignore through the system and I'm not going to bother expanding posts since I do genuinely feel like I was probably troll baiting at that point. I doubt there is any reason to quote to show inflammatory posts unless said person also wants to troll. Equipment, you can't because there is no such system but I think the philosophy of every weapon is best for a specific situation is present in most DOOMs, at least from the discussions I've heard from technical people. If you're talking about the aggressive Devil May Cry style, yeah I think that is a bit too aggressive. I'm not sure it's necessary though. As for your points on target prioritization, being on the move and enemy mobility, I'm not sure how much there is of this in classic since its been a minute since I've played anything beyond The Factory in DOOM 2 but before that, from what I know, you could say that. Though not in some maps of TFC. E4M2, M3 and M9 I definitely think you need to move fast in those maps, especially E4M2. Also wouldn't you call the need to take out hit scanners immediately, especially chaingunners or revenants with their homing missiles, target prioritization? Also said hitscanners and revenants did force you to move unless there was only like one or 2 of them in the room, right? I think Plutonia is pretty notorious for these two. Though again, its been a while so I don't remember all too well. Enemy mobility isn't quite the same but there is a facsimile in the fact of precariously perching ranged enemies on ledges or at some very far off distance so that your attention gets divided between them and those within your immediate vicinity. Not the same but in a similar vein of distracting and hurting you a lot, there are some one way walls I've seen which allow ranged monsters to pelt you. If it's a hitscanner it becomes a lot harder because you can't see where the attacks are coming from. I'd primarily say it's the robust AI, as far as enemies go, that might be the difference between classic and Modern DOOM, though I don't really know how it works on a technical level or if it changes beyond UV.
  14. If anyone is willing to help, problem statement is in topic. And yes it is the only mod in my load order when I'm seeing this issue. Though I'll let you know that I do mess around with massive mod combos of all sorts and I suspect that the .ini(s) with the settings and all other data usually get too many weird values for things to start acting up like this.