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  1. Archanhell

    What are you listening to?

    One of the more recent tracks that I constany listen to along this one:
  2. Not limiting myself to DooM/Doom, I can talk about how many, many games out there can feel repetitive, yet their mods and user-made content makes the game feel fresh again over and over, giving the players unlimited choices to enjoy the game they wish to without getting bored. This is very notorious with sandbox games like Minecraft and Terraria, which despite being sandbox and all (Exploit your creativity and do whatever you want), they end up getting boring after a while and you must get mods or stuff to keep having fun. DooM is the same, at least the classic games, when you finish the campaign and all, unless you give yourself fun challenges like "I will play without saving and healing throughout all first episode" or "The only method for fighting will be having friendly demons", then you will end up getting bored after completing the main game and all. But that's where the community comes in, kicking the door and throwing a big pile of gold on the floor, for us. That is, mods, Total Conversions, new campaigns, pseudo-TCs, gameplay mods and other kind of WADs (Like reskins, but I guess that would count as a pseudo-TC), which is one of the reasons Doom as a whole has been thriving for so, so many years, because every day there is a new chance of replayability, new experiences and fun moments to have, because there is SO MUCH community content out there made with love, and every day there is ALSO someone who wakes up and says "Today I will break the limits of this engine" just to allow us playing Total Chaos on a fridge or something, you know, that's the beauty and marvel of this game. So that's why DooM is not really repetitive, not since the day we got to enjoy what others offer to us with a smile.
  3. Archanhell

    Last Concert You Were At??

    what's a concert <-- has never been to a single music concert in the entire life (so far)
  4. Hello and good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are. I have searched around for some Texture Packs (Namely, Ghostbusters, OTEX, Duke Nukem 3D?, Redneck Rampage, Max Payne and I think Counter Strike textures) which has an urban or modern theme mainly, because I want to see if I can aim for a Liminal Space map as a personal project. However, I wanted to come here to ask if anyone knew more packs aside of the ones I mentioned which can fit with the aesthetics all of us know about. I will post a few images here belonging to what I am searching for especifically. If anyone has a good idea about a pack (Not loose textures), I will be very happy to know, this is all I need before making a single map based on this aesthetic alone, the rest of things have been planned out kind of.
  5. Hello, sorry for my late answer, I have been busy and not checked DoomWorld too much- Yup! I checked it, it seems a bit complicated to set up, but I still downloaded it just in case, I sadly have not had time to continue my map much, so I have not had the chance to do it.
  6. yes, i also like cheese
  7. Archanhell

    How would you make a Doom Superweapon?

    I would have answered this differently if the question was aimed as something more 'general' and not just for Vainilla DooM, so this makes it a bit harder but also fun to answer. So like, we have many examples of 'cool' superweapons across the series: Beta BFG, The Unmaker, The Soul Cube, the Crucible and that one weapon which could summon portals or something like that, no idea what its name was but looked hellish. I can't go around and say "Oh yeah, I want a massive 10-barrel Super Shotgun-chaingun which shoots explosive shells which also explodes on BFG balls" because what I would love to see is something more fitting to the DooM universe and that either Hell or UAC WOULD actually make for logical reasons. On that case, if we went for UAC Route (100% completed all endings), a weapon which absorbed the energy on its surroundings, charging up like the BFG but NOT shooting until you release the trigger to shoot a projectile depending on the energy it absorbed would be cool. This would mean that whether you absorb thermal energy, demon's (Like what Hell Knights, Barons of Hell, Arachnotrons, etc shoot), plasma, and the like, it would shoot a different kind of projectile (Beams, balls, many lasers like some kind of chaingun, and more...), which would be fun to see. How it would work on Vainilla Doom? It simply would not- It's complicated but it still sounds cool and fitting, hypothetically, maybe when there are many Imps shooting theri you would hold left click, absorbing all its fireballs and charging some kind of gauge, when it's full, you release the trigger and shoot it all. You would not be able to absorb other kind of energy until the one you are using is depleted. For a Hell-based weapon, maybe one which looks like a skeletical version of the Unmaker on its first phase, and let me explain this. This weapon would only be usable if you are around many demonic corpses (Or probably also dead props), holding left click would raise the bodies and, through demonic energy, "chain" itself to all the corpses, pulling them towards the weapon and using their flesh to assemble the weapon itself, gaining enough mass, then it can start to shoot Hellblood, a special kind of ammo which manifests itself as a darker tone of blood, the weapon slowly losing mass until it goes back to its skeletical phase.
  8. This is the first time I hear of an Arknights fan on the DoomWorld community, that overjoys me to meet a fellow Doctor lol! Yes, I will be sure to find time to play! I do not have Boom so I would go for GZDoom when the moment comes, as well, I'll see if it's possible to record a playthrough, otherwise I will just give feedback!
  9. I was working on a WAD/pseudo-mod with this theme, until my PC got formatted and lost the progress I had, it was called Entering The Impending Chaos or ETIC. Besides that, I was also working on a pseudo-TC called The Chaotic Tides of Agrazoth or TCTOA, but it's on an undefinite hiatus. I don't know horror WADs per se though, sadly. Unloved is a great one, along City of the Damned.
  10. Archanhell

    What's your way of making maps?

    "i want to make a map" gets a theme "i need music" gets music "lines go brr" and map's done, nothing complicated, although finding music is the only hard part. that and when i stop working on them out of nowhere, but then i return to them, although i have not continued my experimental maps yet.
  11. It's funny how the name of this WAD reminds me 100% to Arknights's main concept, a disease called Oripathy, but I guess that is a mere coincidence. If it is not, that is awesome, but regardless, the maps seem very nice and, while I have not had time to play much DooM as of lately, if I get some time, I will give it a look, that is, if I remember because I am extremely forgetful.
  12. I think I am a relatively recent player, having started around 2012 when I met DooM through Newgrounds, although I am sure I knew about it before, I loved it so so much that I instantly got ZDaemon and it was a biiiig part of my life, with the LA Space Station servers where I was rather popular and a good player, Deathmatch, Teh_Base.wad, Invasions, etc. I recently got Zandronum like, around 2018 or 2019 maybe, but before that ZDaemon was deader than dead. But I am here and used to have an account on ZDoom Forums (But I hate the reactivation thing so I stick around here), playing mods and with friends. Thanks for coming to my DW Talk.
  13. Archanhell

    Meddy's Pixel Art Gallery

    Oh! Yeah then, in that case, that was much harder for me.
  14. Archanhell

    Meddy's Pixel Art Gallery

    Oh yeah! I tried to do figure drawing back when I had more time to study, but cubes were not my thing haha, it was fun though.
  15. Archanhell

    Meddy's Pixel Art Gallery

    Yep! I have been trying to get better at my art as of lately, I should also study what is traditional + several other aspects but have not found much time, actually, I think I have just made like four new works since the last one you see on Pixiv.
  16. Archanhell

    Meddy's Pixel Art Gallery

    I have a Pixiv account whose name is VermillionKreuz, however, it's outdated and does not have some of the most recent artworks I have made!
  17. Archanhell

    Meddy's Pixel Art Gallery

    As a pixel artist myself, it's always awesome to see other fellow pixel artists around, your work is truly incredible and nice to look at!
  18. Archanhell

    Ideal WAD Length? - Poll

    Having both a balanced amount of maps and a playtime within the WAD is always the best choice to go for, playing a long slaughtermaps which takes many hours to complete but not feeling satisfactory, compared to an episodic WAD that lasts probably three hours to complete as a whole would be the best to go for. That is, I'd prefer to play a 6-map, probably 16-32, that does not take me days to finish, but that I can still play at a steady pace without feeling bored or feeling like what I am playing is just full of filler or is being dragged on. You can even make a single massive map which is handled by portals and sublevels, meaning you would have a big hub with smaller sections that can count as maps.
  19. Archanhell

    Member Appreciation Thread

    @Archanhell For being very epic and having accomplished not finishing any map on 2 years including TCTOA (Guiness World Record right here bois) @Gaia74 For being even more epic and an awesome friend, he also makes very fun and cool mods, along many more things I'd say but I do not want to do text walls for every user or friend I mention, mostly cus sometimes I lack the words to express X or Y. (sale zdw) @GratefulName For having a very grateful name plus cool friend too, you are awesome mann @Remilia Scarlet Awesome maps, music, fellow eldritch horror/lovecraft fan plus named after an epic Touhou character To my Doomer friend who may not have a Doomworld account or whose forums nicknames I forgot (I am a certified forgetful person, sorry). @Jimmy Epic music and also for Adventures of Square, I remember playing it with many friends and we even tried to play co-op with GZDoom hacky methods (not really hacky, I guess), we had a lot of fun even when we had desync errors due to GZDoom's nature. @TerminusEst13 A lot of fun mods to play, I remember the first mod I played from him was Demonsteele, and the hours of fun I had through different playthroughs on many mapsets, my DoomWorld's banner is even from the game itself, that's how much I loved to play it back then and even now if I had time! I would mention more users but my memory issues render me unable to remember much more people (I am not sure about the "why" for this, but it should not be too worrisome), however, most of the community is awesome in their own way, we have not gotten here just doing nothing, we have thrived for too long through countless things, ignoring the bad side of things, we have people who just want to have fun with their friends or alone playing all the mods out there, sharing their thoughts and love with other members, as well as simply being able to be with their favorite game, this includes not only the players, but also the modders, the music composers, the mappers, everyone.
  20. Archanhell

    Siren TC 0.5

    Hello, it's me again, sorry for the big necroposting but I kind of not want to reactivate my ZDoom account for inactivity, so I decided to instead post here. I have not checked out Siren's updates for a long time, but recently by January was when I found out that there was a new update (0.6), and I played it ASAP, surprised beyond words for EVERYTHING new that was there, mostly because last time I played while a demo, it felt complete, and this version was just outright awesome. The beastiary is great with even the weakest zombies proving a threat and every enemy having its role, although the Demon is still the same, just more fitting with the game's theme (Who knows, maybe the TC had all these monsters before, but back then when I played with the Dark Monsters mod I could not see it?) The second map was equally great and I think Siren was nerfed on a way? Not sure, but I think she was much stronger before and right now is more manageable, well, regardless, after I went down the elevator I swore I'd have to fight the flying cyberdemon again, luckily it was not like that and I experienced a new map taking all my time to explore around. There were not many problems here I feel, except with the final section where it was extremely hard to clean the area with all these eggs and the spider things, I needed to take a different approach so I could do something about them. There was also a gamebreaking? bug where I could not activate 2 of the Containment Chamber's panels (The ones on the left of that section, not the ones in the front), so I was practically forced to use noclip there so I could continue the map. Besides that, I also had problems with exploration because finding some locker codes were hard, some were on logs, others on papers (I got paranoid here and checked every single paper I could find to no avail because just one paper had codes and it was on the morgue), and finding things for the armory, the first map's codes and whatnot were hard, until I found the armory's code a bit before finishing the map I think? I do not remember. There were also many secrets that were not considered as such, so when finding them there was no message of me discovering a secret, the same happened on the first map. I am forgetful so I am not sure if there were more things that I wanted to say, I know for sure that the Rhymes/purple things and Credits were something I did not know what to do with for a loooong time until I found a machine on the second map, sadly I can just upgrade the handgun, but it was nice even if there were unupgradeable things there. I can't wait to see what else awaits us in the future, Siren TC is outright incredible and something more people should know about, the amount of effort, the tense ambience and all of that makes it really great!
  21. Archanhell

    What sort of wads would you like to see?

    More eldritch horror themed WADs, it is never enough, I would also love to see more horror mapsets or such that can fit with slow/scaryish mods, story-based maps are also awesome, like how teh_base was like (An incredible WAD which was on ZDaemon long time ago and was pretty much revolutionary IMO for its time), things like that are something I want to see, instead of the millionth slaughter wad.
  22. Archanhell

    get anything cool for christmas?

    I got gifted really awesome Onikuma Headphones and a rainbow-like Balam Rush gaming mouse, with different CPIs which change the rainbow'ish palette and the like. Both are very very cool, the only problem is the former has an adapter problem so I have to tell the one who gifted it to me about it, but that aside it's all working very nice!
  23. Archanhell

    Walking in the Void: A Short Love Letter

    So, I can get what this void-walking is although my vision of it is kind of different. The voidwalking I have seen and which sadly I do not have examples of at reach right now, it's when there is a full void BUT you can walk on floating pieces of rock/stone and cross to another structure, kind of like cosmic/eldritch stuff which I have REALLY wanted to try but never had the chance. Myself so far have not tried other kind of voidwalking, at most I have done "this map looks normal and then YOU GET TELEPORTED TO AN ELDRITCH REALM OF FLESH", which no idea if others have done. To be honest I can not give my examples of voidwalking like the thread itself shows, at least not right now. The last void thing I remember is a secret boss in Abysm 2