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  1. The Froon


    Don't you mean the slot 8 weapon of Strife? Anyway I remember some mod, "Spice ZDoom" I think, that had a "Super Duper Shotgun" that fired 4 shells at once, but was only accessible if you played as the Former Seargant. It had a warmup time similar to the BFG9000 instead of an extended reload time. BTW Has anybody seen a more recent version of Spice or another mod that allows you to play as monsters?
  2. The Froon

    A Ladder

    Wow. That is nice. Though I don't think I'm ready to start scripting just yet, (this is my first map), but thank you for your assistance.
  3. The Froon

    A Ladder

    Yep. I think I'll just have to change my idea. Thanks for your help.
  4. The Froon

    A Ladder

    Hmmm, is that how you did it in LTSD? I think that has the player go up the ladder by running into it, what I'm trying for is a swim up/jump to go up the ladder. Is it possible to set a sector to have fly mode active for that sector?
  5. The Froon

    A Ladder

    I've beed trying to build a map for Skulltag (Hexen Format) and I was wondering if it was possible to make something that worked as a ladder, but I could not get the Zero-Gravity Thing (Thing 5066) to work for me, has it's function been implemented yet, and if so, how does it work. If it doesn't work does anyone know how to make an object that does work like a ladder.
  6. Wow, I never expected a doom editor to ever be this good. Just one small thing, when using editor in Skulltag ( Doom in Hexen Format ) to Edit Thing the Raw Value of Flags is limited to 255, however there should be 2047. Whenever a thing is checked by the user with a raw flag value over 255 ( which is required for a thing in both single player and deathmatch ) the raw value is reduced to 255, and if this is not deleted ( the 255 ) before OK is clicked, it is applied to the thing selected, which will then no longer appear in the map when played ( Flag raw value of 255 does not have single player nor coop nor deathmatch set as true ). I hope that made sense.
  7. The Froon

    Your ST wishlist

    Hmmm... I am just playing with ideas here, but is there any chance of an alternate co-op mode? One where if one player dies they are forced to spectate until all the other players are killed, at which point the level starts from the beginning again. Perhaps also a key will disappear after being collected once and in the event of that player dying, the key needs to be collected from the marines corpse, this could be the same for weapons also. I don't know, but I think this would be a more realistic form of co-op, with a higher emphasis on team work and survival. Of course it is only an idea, and probably contains a fatal flaw in it somewhere (or is just too much work to do), but to me right now it sounds interesting.
  8. The Froon

    Skulltag v0.95f Bug Report Thread

    It happened during wart01.wad, single player. Tried to use the BFG10000 against the cyberdemon at close range during time freeze, I didn't expect the explosion to occur until after time freeze ran out.
  9. The Froon

    Skulltag v0.95f Bug Report Thread

    Um, I'm not sure if this is still in f, but at least in .95e, if you killed yourself during time freeze (say with the BFG10000) when you restart the level you will be stuck, permanently, when you start a new game you will still be stuck, and will remain stuck, even when clipping is turned off, until you quit the entire program and start over.
  10. The Froon

    ZDoom, Hexen and Key Bindings.

    Does anyone know how to bind the command to use a quartz flask to a key in Hexen using the ZDoom port?
  11. The Froon

    Massively important contemporary Doom issue

    Just while you are on this topic, how does a marine actually make a door activate? And how is the key actually used?
  12. The Froon

    plasma rifle

    OK, the BFG. Some observations; both the Direct Hit and the Blast Area will kill any enemy and destroy barrels just as a bullet would. However, only the direct hit can trigger shoot switches (such as the first door of map18 of doom2), which to me suggests that the blast area rays are not physical objects , though the direct hit is. Nukage barrels can be ignited by punching them, a pool of nukage won't burn even when hit by a rocket, therefore the barrels contain a much more volatile substance than the pools do, which is why the BFG does not explode a pool of nukage. The Blast Area is triggered approx. 0.5 sec after the direct hit sphere makes contact, its origin is the marine (or if unlucky then his corpse), it has a spread of 90 degrees with it's centre being the xy vector of the direct hit's travel direction. The blast will occur even if you have switched to another weapon. With all this information can the BFG be explained, and why does it shoot green plasma, and not blue? Alright, how about this, the plasma ball shot by the BFG is normally to heavy to travel thru the air unassisted, so the BFG sets up magnetic fields, since the plasma is ionised it will act as a charged particle moving thru a magnetic field, and hence will experience forces as it travels. These fields are many superimposed over each other maintained by the BFG onboard computer so that when the marine turns the fields are emitted by the BFG are manipulated so that the overall output still remains in the same direction, when the direct hit sphere connects, a radio disturbance occurs within the magnetic field, signalling the BFG to deactivate it's field, when the field was firs set up the BFG needed it created neatly so as not to distort and destroy the direct hit sphere, now it doesn't matter, and so it removes these strong fields instantly, this sudden change in field creates electronic disturbances due to faradays law, which are most strong in the original vector of fire damaging living creatures, and also supplying enough energy to initiate the reaction of the volatile components of a barrel of waste. The green, as opposed to blue, suggests a component was removed (not added as would be guessed, we're working with light, not paint, green + red = yellow etc. ), a purplish component is removed, this energy could have been used to maintain the magnetic field. Hope that made sense, been thinking about it for days.
  13. The Froon

    plasma rifle

    Plasma is simply ionised gas, it does not need to be 10000000 K, it is not necessarily pure electricity (that would be a pure lepton plasma, I'd reckon), there are many forms of plasma, not all need to be contained in a magnetic field (ever wondered what fire is?) Consider this: Each unit of 'cell' consists of pre-ionised gelatinous material, the plasma rifle itself contains rails similar to a rail-gun, however it gives nowhere near the accelaration (rail-gun projectiles reach speeds measured in km/s) however high enough to give the cell a temperature to innitaite reaction, a high temp. exothermic reaction, this substance, at the temp. it's at is forced to an aerodynamic shape, and since the higher the temp. the lighter the substance is the hottest part will be at the back, creating a sort of self propulsion effect. Upon collision the substance sticks like a blob of molten plastic, burning like a very high temperture napalm. This idea can also explain the pre-beta BFG and how people guess how the BFG works. However, some concepts to do with how the BFG is truly observed to work I cannot explain, namely the secondary blast cone originating from you, triggered by the primary sphere making contact, in the direction of the vector of the primary sphere's travel. I'm interested in peoples ideas on how to explain that.
  14. The Froon

    Favorite Port

    Thanking you muchly. (Didn't realise it was DOS.)
  15. The Froon

    Youngest doom fan-artists ever?

    My brother did a nice drawing when he was seven, unfortunately I don't live at home anymore and he has the picture on his wall. I think it had multiple marines attacking a bunch of cacodemon and lost souls, each marine had a different weapon, the chaingun was best. He's pretty fucking good at the game also, hes beaten Doom 2 (Vanilla) on U.V difficulty, saving only at the start of levels, and that does include the secret levels and icon of sin.