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  1. doomaddict82

    New Kama Sutra demos

    Ksutra map11 uv max in 3:52 After days and weeks of trying I am very happy to have a sub 4 :))) Source port : Glboom complevel 2 ks11-352.zip
  2. doomaddict82

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    I dunno if this is the right thread to post this, but I cant find any classic episode demo thread.. So.. iwad : doom complevel 3 Class_ep.wad e2m9 uv max in 5:30 15 sec faster than the former record source port : Glboom cl29-530.zip
  3. doomaddict82

    DOOM II UV-Speed in 18:33

  4. doomaddict82

    ZDaemon 1.10.07 released

    Source code..? .. Haha just kidding ;) sorry lame. Now I dont know how to delete my post..
  5. Plutonia 2 map 23 uv max in 9:56 Using glboom -complevel 4 I used tatsurd's route, and was 10 sec faster @tatsurd-cacocaco p223-956.zip
  6. doomaddict82

    Plutonia Revisited demos [-complevel 4]

    Prcp map10 uv max in 2:56 Yay, finaly that sub 3 :)) still improvable tho, pv10-256.zip
  7. doomaddict82

    Plutonia Revisited demos [-complevel 4]

    Prcp map10 uv max in 3:00 a 14 sec improvement over my former time, still aiming for that sub 3 ofcourse d:) pv10-300.zip
  8. doomaddict82

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    Lol .. Going to download right away. Cheers man!
  9. doomaddict82

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    Yeah , that would be super! @fabian
  10. doomaddict82

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    Excuse me but is there Any chance to see a build with the monster secret stats anytime soon? Or is it of the table. I am checking daily.. @fabian
  11. doomaddict82

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    @fabian automap stats in-game sounds good to me. would be great if u could add that feature!
  12. doomaddict82

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    I rather play on crispy but I am more of a max guy, and if u do uv-max and want to check ur kill stats u have to press the auto-map, wich is not very convinient when u are recording( a advanced Hub ala prboom+ what looper suggested would be great Also, would it even be possible to add more lights to crispy in stead of gamma correction which makes it a little to grey(ish) something that prboom does whith glboom sector lightning?
  13. doomaddict82

    Plutonia Revisited demos [-complevel 4]

    Oops. My bad.. First time I uploaded a file, I will remember it for the next time! :) @kraflab (all fixed)
  14. doomaddict82

    Plutonia Revisited demos [-complevel 4]

    Yay, my first uploaded demo! but still room for improvement to sub 3:00 I think. I used Zahid's route.. Plutonia revisited community project Prcp map10 uv max 3:14 complevel 4 skill 4 source port : glboom pv10-314.zip
  15. doomaddict82

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    I was a little dissapointed its not going to be limit removing like his tech gone bad, I hear him ( Romero) talking about dropping the wad on the gzdoom.exe so its probably going to be for advanche doom engine and not vanilla compatible, also viewing the video of teaser looks like its for gzdoom, I hope I'm wrong. Btw..did u notice the play in the teaser vid? Lol.. I am wondering is that Romero playing? Also that music.. ( thinks parameters -nomusic) Argh after couple of sec, luckely it doesent come for free with the megawad haha.. If it is limit removing I am exited to play it, great birthday present ( 19 feb my birthday) so cheers for that Mr.Romero Pff.. My birthday was yesterday.. No sigil., thanks for nothing.. I hate this we have a launch date feb but gets pushed back to april.. Arghh!!