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  1. NeptunesTyrant

    Polyobjects and Sound Sequences

    Thanks, that did it.
  2. NeptunesTyrant

    Polyobjects and Sound Sequences

    Trying to experiment with Polyobjects (Sliding Doors etc.). I've got the door working fine, but I can't get sound on it no matter what i try. I've got the sounds defined in SNDINFO and the basic SNDSEQ set up: I've got it attached to the PolyObjectStartLine as Sound Number 1, but nothing plays when I test the map. Did I miss something?
  3. NeptunesTyrant

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    First time experimenting with Fog and Transparency.
  4. NeptunesTyrant

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Finally got around to downloading this, only to find that my computer straight up refuses to run the bundled GZDooM version. Damn...
  5. NeptunesTyrant

    [WIP] Elementalism - an ambitious new 32-map megawad

    Holy Crap does Antediluvian's Wall look amazing. How did you do those trees and rocks, are they 3d Models?
  6. NeptunesTyrant

    The Howling Void

    Just want to say thanks for everyone's positive feedback. It feels like I achieved my initial "design statement" so-to-say, which was "If I can't make it look like Art, at least make it Fun." Oh, and I found a <!> missing thing on E2M6. Gonna fix that.
  7. NeptunesTyrant

    The Howling Void

    Hadn't heard of them, the name was actually an obscure Doctor Who reference. @wintertowns, It seems like Boom is too limiting for what I want to do mapping-wise.
  8. NeptunesTyrant

    The Howling Void

    Because I honestly don't know what Boom is.
  9. NeptunesTyrant

    The Howling Void

    Give it a sec, had to double edit the post to reset the upload allowance.
  10. NeptunesTyrant

    The Howling Void

    whipped up a quick credits.txt and reuploaded. No, Doom II is the intended IWAD, the maps are simply named in the eXmY format for the DooM1 feel.
  11. NeptunesTyrant

    The Howling Void

    Ah. Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping to capture the style of DooM 1 since I played each episode as a sort of research to note the textures, layouts and general colour schemes used by ID, since I know I neither have the patience nor the skill to try craft the giant beautiful worlds of some other mods and megawads.
  12. NeptunesTyrant

    The Howling Void

    Whoops, my bad. Added to OP
  13. NeptunesTyrant

    The Howling Void

    An Ultimate DooM themed Map Pack. (Fixed a few missing Thing errors) Updated Link: THV.zip Specs: IWAD: DooM II Runs in Zandronum No. of Maps: 36 Designed for Continuous play on Hurt Me Plenty. Screenshots:
  14. NeptunesTyrant

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Dude. Chill, be aware of potential Time Zone differences. That said, This looks like it'll be a blast to play.
  15. NeptunesTyrant

    Which all tracks from the soundtrack is your favourite?

    No-one's mentioned my favorite yet, Titan's Realm.