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  1. I'll tell you what, playing through the beta on nightmare difficulty will put some hair on your chest and I'm already one hairy bastard haha.
  2. That map looks great @Dark Pulse, I can't wait to try it out! I think that because the PSX limitations, you are forced to get creative with how you approach porting the maps. That's probably why I like the exclusive playstation maps so much.
  3. Yeah, playing nightmare difficulty on the ps1 was no joke. I got slaughtered pretty easily haha. It would definitely be fun for multiplayer though.
  4. Speaking of cheats, I remember a while back messing with the main menu of psx doom in cheat engine. I set the difficulty to levels beyond what is normally allowed and during the game, the monsters had the same behavior that they would have on nightmare difficulty minus the respawn. I think that the nightmare difficulty was originally going to be used in psx doom but, for whatever reason, they didn't use it. Can anyone confirm this? If so, is there anyway to enable it for the master edition?
  5. I'm loving how the NRFTL maps are turning out so far. They fit quite well on the PlayStation even if they look like nightmares to port.
  6. Epsxe has that feature also. Though when i overclocked it, the music and sound effects we're also sped up. I dont know if it's just an issue with epsxe since I didnt notice the speed up in those videos.
  7. I'm aware that the playstation uses a different music format, I was just curious. I asked because i remember seeing some youtube videos a few posts back some sort of player for the music.
  8. I'm curious, will there be custom music in this project? The music in the original games were repeated in some maps and there are a lot of maps in this project. I worry that the music will start to sound repetitive.
  9. I'm not as familiar with NRFTL but, would it be better to port these maps to psxdoom or psxfinaldoom or will there be a custom exe specifically for NRFTL? I know final doom is the superior version but doesn't NRFTL use doom II assets.
  10. Looks good my friend! I've been waiting for this school semester to end before taking on another map but, at this rate there won't be anything left for me to work on haha.
  11. I wouldn't worry too much. From what I've played so far, everyone is doing a great job desptite the few bugs.
  12. OK, so I updated the map. I made a couple of tweaks to the lighting and moved the activator to make that secret room more easily accessible in the computer room. I also, thanks to @Erick194 's updated tools, was able to fix all those pesky remaining texture issues. It's late and i'm tired so ill send the updated map later.
  13. Yeah I can see what you mean about the complexity and this is one of the most heavily modified rooms in the map. My goal was to get good framerates without straying too far from the map's original progression while trying to avoid having the room look empty or bland.
  14. I haven't seen many comments on this map so if I understood this post correctly, I assume everythings good except there's not enough colored lights right?
  15. I remember having problems with the controller when I first started. I think I fixed it by changing the controller to digital. Im using a PS3 sixaxis controller with drivers that tricks windows into thinking its an xbox 360 controller. Here is a screenshot of my settings. To answer your second question, I was able to input cheats without any problems.