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  1. fant0m999

    Gore Nests are in the game

    Yeah I expected them to be in the game, it would be surprising for them to remove Gore Nests entirely. I did hear some stuff about how there are supposedly less "Gore Nest arenas" and more actual open to explore levels with enemies already walking around.
  2. fant0m999

    The new GUI...

    I mean, i don't wanna just bitch on small things for no good reason, but the GUI is just... I don't know how to explain it, over the top? Just look at the font they're using it's so over the top and spicy it kinda hurts. Or just even compare the GUI shown in the gameplay back from last year's Quakecon to the one we have today. Imo Quakecon's GUI is way more pleasant to look at. There's just something about the new GUI that I'm not a fan of, I just don't know what it is exactly, maybe it's the glow that's applied to everything? I dunno. I get that they're trying to make the game more badass and cool, but this change isn't really giving off that vibe to me. Also now just looking back at the old gameplay from Quakecon I kinda... like it more than the new gameplay? This is just an opinion tho, I'll probably have to wait for the full release of the game to see how it feels for myself.
  3. fant0m999

    Very, VERY worried about the final product.

    I dunno Hugo's smile and excitement for Doom sold me 6 months ago, I'm buying it anyways. I can't right now say if DE will be a good or great game, but it surely won't be a bad one.
  4. fant0m999

    PC specs? (speculation)

    dam now I'm kinda worried about my i5 3470 3.2GHz
  5. fant0m999

    The Slayer's Arch enemy and the Marauder

    This combined with the fact that there is a BFG1000 similiar to the big gun in Q2 and a Quake logo in the concept art for the Arachnotron seems to be pointing to the fact that Doom Eternal will be heavily connected to Quake.
  6. fant0m999

    Ballista vs Gauss Cannon

    I like the Ballista more because it looks better. They work basically the same.
  7. fant0m999

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    I'm a little bit dissapointed, but the SP is gonna be amazing anyways so I don't really care.
  8. fant0m999

    Which all tracks from the soundtrack is your favourite?

    These two hit me hard enough to stop midway through the game just to listen to it. I play DOOM for the gameplay and I don't really care what type of metal it is or any of that shit. If it sounds good to me then I'm fine. And these definitely sound good to me.
  9. fant0m999

    New Multiplayer Modes in Eternal.

    Hey, I'm not a dev ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. fant0m999

    New Multiplayer Modes in Eternal.

    Just like normal Team Deathmatch, but one team is Marines and the other is Demons. And there are more different Demons, not only the Prowler.
  11. fant0m999

    New interview(s)

    It was made of a bone-like material and had a stull on it. The new one is made of metal and has the symbol of the slayer.
  12. fant0m999

    About "Demonic Corruption".

    I think that the Demonic Corruption thing will be like the Kills at the end of each map in Doom1. You'll probably get an achievement for beating the game killing all the demons.
  13. fant0m999

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    To me it got boring, because the levels got linear.
  14. fant0m999

    The story behind your custom avatar

    I was doing youtube for 3 months. I did an avatar for it. I stopped doing youtube. I still use the avatar everywhere.