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  1. Immorpher

    My ideas for a Duke Nukem fangame

    I guess I wouldn't want Duke Nukem anymore if Ion Maiden turns out to be good. I should give their demo a try. My petite wife did her Duke Nukem voice for Jon St. John and he immediately said he was surprised she could pull it off as well as she good since her voice was so different naturally.
  2. Immorpher

    "Favourite Horror Movie?"

    People have beat me to it; it would either be Alien or The Thing (1982 version). When I was about 8 I was surfing cable channels and came cross The Thing which I found very interesting. My dad took us to blockbuster to get some movies on VHS (does this age me?), so I thought I would try to find that movie because I wanted to watch it again. I tried to explain the best I could at that age about some "thing" titled film that I wanted to see, but they (and my dad) had no clue what I was talking about. Many people probably don't believe it now, but the thing was apparently a very hidden gem of a movie (since it was overshadowed by ET and film critics found it too gross in theaters) back in the day. So it is likely that blockbuster never ever carried it. Luckily I re-found it as a teenager and got it on DVD (another film I re-found later on was THX 1138). I recently found "The Thing" board game, which takes a bit of effort to learn but fun to play with 4+ people; and I recently bought "The Thing" video game on the Xbox. As a honorable mention, I also really enjoy Hellraiser 2! Not to say Hellraiser 1 isn't good, it's great (its book, Hellbound Heart, may be my favorite book), but Hellraiser 2 is more dark and disgusting in my opinion.
  3. Immorpher

    Thoughts on Blood

    "I live again!!" to die in DOSBox... Yeah that is my issue too so I haven't got far in it. It seems like something I would enjoy though!
  4. Immorpher

    Is this an og 3.5 copy? I never seen this box before

    Nice! I would have happily grabbed that in the wild! I only have this cheapo version for the PC: https://www.amazon.com/Doom-Collectors-Ultimate-Trilogy/dp/B00OQYCA1I
  5. Immorpher

    Playstation Doom on PS2

    Final Doom for the PS1 is one I don't own! I am kind of old school and like hunting around used game shops instead of ordering online. I am looking for that and Alien Resurrection for PS1 as well. It has been a couple years casually looking; I easily found Doom and Alien Trilogy though.
  6. Immorpher

    Favorite Doom music track?

    There's a lot I could choose, but for today it is:
  7. Immorpher

    The main aspects and features of 3D shooters.

    Will do! I never considered any of the Dooms or early Quakes as an "3D Arena Shooter" as the single player maps aren't really arenas. Maybe Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament are Arena Shooters? Maybe you're talking more about the multiplayer as opposed to single player?
  8. Immorpher

    How do people lose the source code to their own game?

    Although not the same as programming code, I lost the code to my first website (which is no longer online). I backed it up on a CD and moved a couple times. Now I have no idea where that CD is and I haven't seen it for over a decade. Luckily I only had some bad photoshopped images and pro-wrestling midis I attempted to make. So I don't really miss it. P.S. For anyone that is curious, one of them was Chyna's "Don't treat me like a woman" theme as I noticed it was basically the same as one of Chris Benoit's WCW themes just with some minor edits. It was bad I tell ya.
  9. Immorpher

    Playstation Doom on PS2

    Indeed the RAM booster is only good for higher-resolution sprites/textures mostly and Doom 64 didn't implement those. But even if they had them it likely would tax the graphics processing and actually reduce the frame rate of the game (this was a problem for many games that used the RAM expansion). I never knew though that the PS2 had smoothing options, apparently PS3 has them too for PS1 emulation. I will try them out! But with that said, Doom 64 is my favorite out of all the versions you mentioned, just turn the brightness to max within the in-game settings.
  10. Immorpher

    Doom 2016 Soundtrack on Vinyl

    Technically on vinyl since it is analog the "etching" can be finer that the 44.1 kHz, 16 bit limitation of CD audio, the quality can be better. However it depends on how the music was produced. A lot of digital audio workstations tend to recommend staying at CD quality and can become unpredictable at higher qualities (so Mick Gordon's original audio could be at this rate). But when recording live audio like guitar it is recommended to work at 96 kHz, 24 bit, which is much higher quality than CD, and Mick Gordon did a ton of this (also with his analog synths in the "Doom matrix") so his final output may be much better than CD. Random aside: I always wondered if they could have made the laserdisc analog video format into audio, so you could get the "potential" finer detail of analog but without the damage over time the needle does on vinyl records.
  11. Immorpher

    Doom 64 Inspired Album (for modders if wanted)

    For those who are interested I have released another album, ,Vestigial Processes more on the Quake 64 style. It is free to use (just let me know) and download as always! Hope you enjoy. You can also download on: https://immorpher.bandcamp.com/album/vestigial-processes https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC63VIPOgIiAsAk7MSyN1eJQ
  12. Immorpher

    Doom 2016 Soundtrack on Vinyl

    By the time I had the cash to pre-order it the CD and slipmat version was sold out. But I wanted the vinyls mostly anyway and I agree it sounds great!
  13. Immorpher

    Dumb Stuff You Believed When You Were a Kid

    I believed girls got pregnant through the butt because the only porno I seen at the time had a butt scene. lol
  14. Immorpher

    Doom 2016 Soundtrack on Vinyl

    I just checked to see who made Borderlands's music and it actually wasn't Mick Gordon, my mistake! Some of the songs were actually Sonic Mayhem (Quake 2) and somehow I got it confused in my head! http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Soundtrack
  15. Immorpher

    The Doom universe? Anyone else interested?

    Ha possibly. I do enjoy Quake too. Being a physicist, it's naturally my tendency to lean towards sci-fi stuff. I think there can be a bit of both worlds. That it is indeed simultaneously a real hell and another dimension. It could be that abducted ancient folk would describe it as a place so fantastical that it must be the after life, especially once they witness the demon/alien abilities to resurrect corpses and meld them with technology. Now it would be a hard for me to suspend disbelief that there are immortal souls and spirits and this is a place they go after death.