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  1. Immorpher

    Doom 64 Inspired Album (for modders if wanted)

    Indeed! I was inspired when I seen similar music posted on YouTube by DeXiaZ and DUDEMAN321 using Hodges' soundfont. I wondered if I could do custom sounds in a similar style in homage to Aubrey Hodges (also Akira Yamaoka too to be fair). If you need more I have a previous album as well: I have a Facebook page which I try to keep everything updated: https://www.facebook.com/immorpher/
  2. Immorpher

    Doom lost popularity?

    As far as Doom fans go, I think I am even more in a niche than most of them as I am mostly a Doom 64 fan. I am surprised to see fans still talking about it when ID posts about Doom Eternal. I think people around my age (mid-30s) have nostalgia for Doom and will keep going back to it in cycles, especially when ID keeps putting them out. Now when we start dying off, I wonder if people will still keep it going?
  3. Immorpher

    The Quake Awards

    Someone's gotta do it for the rest of us! Ranger is the ultimate wingman!
  4. Personally I love watching demons kill each other and fight, but I really don't have good Doom skills anyway lol.
  5. Immorpher

    New game 'Amid Evil' announced by New Bloods

    I know I am resurrecting an old topic, send me to hell or Cronos if you wish, but I want to tell you that I am loving every bit of this game. It kind of feel this is what Hexen 2 should have been. I remember when I bought Hexen 2 when it came out, the first level was fun, but after that the puzzles were so convoluted it really dragged the game down. I have gone through about 75% of what's currently finished in the game and the levels are so fun. They are very open, have a lot of verticality, beautiful in a dark way, and surprisingly I never get lost in them. I loved being able to shoot earth to splatter an enemy, and their dead bodies are persistent! Ok I am done going crazy about this game, but it was well worth the $20.
  6. Immorpher

    Final boss?

    Yog Sothoth, and it will be a preview of a Quake reboot where Shub Niggurath portals in mutations and disease for revenge. ;) ;)
  7. I love the art work in Frank Miller's original Robocop. It has some awesome biomechanical gore and destruction. It is unfortunate that they switch artists for the rest. I think the movie could benefit if it took some of the grittier elements from the comic book.
  8. Immorpher

    Share a random fact about yourself

    This is great! I bet the legalization wait was frustrating. I am going to share two random facts. First, I used to be a backyard wrestler and I still have fond memories of it. Second, I just recently graduated with a PhD in Physics.
  9. Immorpher

    Multiplayer speculation

    I bet they will export it again because they don't want to deal with it. It probably will be still with loadouts and such so I am not interested. They know that the single player campaign is enough to make a good profit. There is a chance they might change their tune because the multiplayer gave Doom bad press before it came out. But now that people know the single player and multiplayer were and probably will still be basically two separate games in one package they are probably not to worried about doing it again.
  10. Immorpher

    Doom 64 Inspired Album (for modders if wanted)

    Thanks a ton! I also have videos to go with some of the tracks for those who like to zone out!
  11. Immorpher

    Sprites and textures extracted from id mobile games

    I always wanted to play the Doom RPG games but I never had the mobile device to do it. I will look into your projects!
  12. Immorpher

    The Quake Awards

    A related question, are there any active Quake forums? I took a look into Quakeone.com and it didn't look to be in a good state. I would like to get into contributing to Quake 1 modding, just need to get connected to the right people.
  13. Immorpher

    The Quake Awards

    Although I like the design of Quake 1 more than 2 and subsequent, but maybe the "Stroggies"? And have a golden variant of a Strogg enemy? Nice they are doing it though as Quake seems to get less attention and I enjoyed Quake just as much as Doom.
  14. Immorpher

    Doom 64 Inspired Album (for modders if wanted)

    Oh ya, Hodges is awesome with incorporating disturbed sound effects! It was especially creepy as well when he used that crying baby. Since I programmed my synthesizer myself I don't have it set up yet to add pre-recorded audio to it. But I have been invited to do a remix project, which will require that, so I will program audio importing eventually! Glad you are enjoying it.
  15. Immorpher

    Flaws in Doom 16'

    I have felt that the platforming in the Doom games has been the least appealing aspect to me. Doom 2016 actually improves it. But part of the improvement is the double jump which I feel is contrived. I am glad they didn't introduce mid-air dash (which seems like a requirement for every indy game). But the games are so fun that I guess platforming is only minor in comparison.