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  1. Immorpher

    Doom Members' Website Links

    https://physics.iupui.edu/~jkinnun/index.htm Since I graduated, I no longer have the ability to update my website. Eventually I would like to get back into it because there are a few things I still want to accomplish with it... 1. No student in physics should be required to buy price-gouged textbooks. So I want to write a series of articles discussing concepts in physics with some exercises and eventually one day replace textbooks. Luckily for now there are other online physics text book projects out there. But none of them talk about maximum entropy yet and how elegant and fundamental it is. 2. It is rare that any scientist receives education on the philosophy of science and the fundamentals of the scientific method. The method was able to avoid any problems philosophy had with defining truth and knowledge by instead focusing on empiricism and consensus. For this reason many scientists sometimes talk about science in terms of truth and empirical science in terms of proofs, which should not be the case in my opinion. 3. There is somewhat of a crisis in quantum physics in what constitutes a measurement. This has lead to mystics saying that the mind is special and is what causes this quantum mechanical measurement process, which most physicists despise. But despite this most physicists aren't trying to solve this issue. David Bohm solved it by doing a forced marriage between particles and waves which gets rid of the need to do a measurement and he may be right. But I want to try out getting rid of the particle side altogether (which gets rid of the need for measurement) and introduce a measuring potential which in some cases forces waves into a near-particle like confinement. But I really can't complain about other interpretations until I demonstrate my ideas mathematically. This could all be quackery but what is a quack without a website?
  2. Immorpher

    Which program do you use to make custom MIDIs?

    I have to boot it up again, but I thought it gave me an option to change the semitone range much higher. But the other criticisms are valid. I talked to the author a bit about efficiency of changing velocity issue I was having, but there didn't seem to be much motivation to add such a feature. I think it is open source so it can be done, but I am not that good of a programmer myself unfortunately.
  3. Immorpher

    Which program do you use to make custom MIDIs?

    I am a former Anvil Studio user but I found Aria Maestosa having everything Anvil Studio does MIDI wise but with a better interface: http://ariamaestosa.sourceforge.net I only wish it had a better note velocity editor like FL Studio. If you try it and get stuck trying to do something let me know. PS. Did you get far enough in FL Studio to see if it would transfer volume and pitch bend envelopes into midi format? That's one thing I think FL Studio wasn't able to do (but Aria Maestosa does) but I wasn't able to verify that.
  4. Immorpher

    Doom board game anyone?

    I seen it at a convention and was going to buy it after I checked out other booths, since I always go with a budget. But when I got back it was gone. Sounds like a fun game though.
  5. Immorpher

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Interesting bit of history!
  6. Glad you like it! Unfortunately I have taken a bit of a hiatus from metal since my newer guitar isn't producing the tone I want. But a few friends suggested the pick ups could be improved and gave me some suggestions. Once I get some extra money I will try them out and hopefully get back into it!
  7. This sounds really cool and it's great they are compensating artists. From what I have seen of Mick, he wouldn't have it any other way. Unfortunately for me, I am more of an amatuer growler rather than a screamer...
  8. Immorpher

    Hexen Neural Upscale [08.01.2018]

    From what I remember you were using a different upscaler than Nvidia's, right?
  9. Immorpher

    got hit by a car.

    Glad to hear there is progress! Sometimes lights and anything bright can set off headaches and weird sensations with head injuries. It doesn't work for everyone but it might help to dim screens and to turn off lights.
  10. Immorpher

    PS1 DooM music converted to MIDI grab here.

    I will listen to this soon! I have some possibly unfounded comments. With the Doom 64 soundtrack I noticed it seemed all of the samples and outputs were at 22.05 kHz (at least it sounded like this to me). But the PS1 soundtrack sounded like it was at 44.1 kHz. If this is the case this soundfont you provided may be a better one to work with than the Doom 64 one in many cases.
  11. For me, it's harder to sit back and relax with a keyboard and WASD cramps my wrist. Eventually I started playing with a mouse (with a lap board) and key-mapped D-pad side of a controller. Now I found a FPS controller and a mouse. It kind of brings the best of both worlds. It's not easy to infinitely circle strafe as you can with a controller, but upping my mouse sensitivity got it good enough. I suspect for those who have gaming as their primary passion, it is mouse and keyboard till death. But after coming home late for work, I want the experience to be very relaxing so I understand and enjoy a controller as well.
  12. Immorpher

    How DOOM fire was done (PSX)

    As others have said, this is very cool. I would like to get into generating video effects like this eventually! Just need to find the right programming language to generate graphics and render video simply. I'll read more what Fabien does.
  13. Immorpher

    What's your taste for the graphics/art style?

    Dark, gritty, and sinister. The more of that the better for me. Well not pitch black dark...
  14. Nice work! Must have been fun to make. I temporarily got out of metal due to not being able to dial in my guitar tone, but this makes me want to give it another shot. Oh and I got a Jackson 7 string that I like, but no stomp box.
  15. Immorpher

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    Indeed that seems to be what the rom hacking community has made a consensus on. Works great for Super Metroid and Goldeneye hacks.