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  1. The download has been hotfixed to fix a rare missing texture on Frostwave, redownload if you wish! :)
  2. Ethereal Breakdown has been updated to version 1.2! The links at the original post now download the latest version. Changes for Version 1.2 - Press kit added to help with video thumbnails - General sprite updates with alpha and defringing - Blood Temple - Blood pool switch update - Consumitur Insania - Gameplay rebalanced, maze and alert softlock fix - Death Gate - Graphical updates and fixes - Deja Vu - Special effects and missing spawns update - Diverged Fates - Intermission screens updated - Frostwave - Intermission screens updated on remaster - Fragmented Memories - Music update - Haunted Eye - Missing texture fixed - Hollywood Holocaust - Thing alert and remaster mirror update - Mephitic Aqueduct - Damaging floor fix and music loop update - Putrid Palace - Exit fixed - Residence of Evil - Secret skip for remaster fixed - Rubic Chaos! - Stuck enemies reduced for EX fixed heights - Waterlogged Castillo - Pillar & soul sphere softlock and secret fixed
  3. Immorpher

    [Doom CE] Doom 64 CE Reworked (v1. 1, now on moddb)

    Looks like the ModDB link is broken. What are the goals of the project? A general asset uplift and gameplay rebalancing?
  4. Interesting! It seems something else needs to be done with the 'deck.
  5. @taufan99 you got it! I am going to DM you with the GOG code!
  6. Right region, wrong product :D
  7. Courtesy of a D64 discord member, the first one to answer this Ethereal Breakdown trivia wins Fallout New Vegas on GOG! What brand of Finnish food appears on Ethereal Breakdown?
  8. Here's the strategy I have started to employ... 1) A short but informative title "Maximum Destruction for Doom 2 (4 levels out now!)" or "Maximum Destruction for Doom 2 (4 levels, 1.1 update)" 2) A short paragraph (2-4 sentences) describing the style and story, followed immediately by the download link. Make it easy and upfront for players to download it, you want the least amount of hassle on that part. 3) A collage of 4 to 6 screenshots put into one image collage. You dont want the paragraph above to be too long as it will bump this collage, but you do want the download link above this collage. It seems to me that having screen shots is the most important in getting people to notice it. You can write as much as you want and make a cool ass logo, but from my experience the only thing that matters most is screen shots. 4) After the collage use a spoilers section to include extra information and credits. Most players don't want to read this info right away anyway. The spoilers section is automatically collapsed making it easy for players to immediately get to the comments and leave their own. But in the spoiler section, if you use any textures, inspirations, music from other doomworld members liberally use the @ tag, so they know you used their stuff. People like seeing their own work being used and might leave a comment. 5) Now let it sit for a while, give people a chance to play it. If people leave feedback or bugs respond to them positively, unless its unhelpful criticism and just ignore those comments altogether (dont feed the trolls, and let them yell into a void). But being engaging and being somewhat positive, signifies that you are good to interact with and encourages people to bump up the topic more. 6) If no activity has happened on the topic for over a day, that's when you can consider bumping it by replying to the post. But you can only do this if you have something of value to add. Such things are: a new update which fixes bugs, new levels added (with screenshots), progress on an upcoming level (screenshots again), or a play through on youtube that you or someone else has done. I never will bump a topic more than once a day with the above things (unless its a hotfix), otherwise you are burning through your future opportunities to bump it with valuable content. Also if you bump it too often, people will see that its only you replying and get suspicious. 7) Get to know the Doom community youtubers, streamers, and content creators. It's a big community out there and there's plenty of people who will give your work a chance. Once you get to know these people by interacting with them, you can start recommending your own WADs to play for feedback. They will either stream it or make a video for youtube. You get honest feedback and free advertisement at the same time! Then they will be more likely to reply to your topic, or you can take the initiative and share their videos on your topic to support them! In communities you only get out what you put in, so support content creators. Even the best WADs sometimes dont get noticed with steps 1-5 (even though they are a required must). 6 gives it another chance to be organically noticed. But if you have tried 7 and still no luck, maybe its a WAD that the community isn't interested in yet. It doesnt necessarily mean its bad, but its something more to your own tastes than others. When I started making dark ambient music, I made it purely for myself as I wanted more of that kind of music, so anyone else who liked it is a lucky bonus (although not required). But as you get more experience in building and playing WADs, you will get a better idea of what parts of the community like, and can get noticed more often.
  9. Hmm I need to learn more about this! Also to see if the "-file" command loading method works alright on the steam deck with Doom 64 remaster mods. I wonder if anyone in the '64 community owns one.
  10. We found some more smaller bugs to fix, so I think we'll include @thexgiddoomerx's update for 1.2. :)
  11. Ethereal Breakdown has been updated to version 1.1! The links at the original post now download the latest version. Changes for Version 1.1 - Artifacts have partial transparency - Blood Temple - Gameplay and music update - Death Gate - Graphics fixes - Diverged Fates - Secret updated and music looping fixed for EX - Escape the Castle - Secret updated - Hollywood Holocaust - Rare bridge bug fixed - Living Walls - Missing gun fix - Mephitic Aqueduct - Bridge fixed for Remaster - Override - Engine room barrels and enemy progression fixed - Putrid Palace - Fixes for EX gameplay - Residence of Evil - Some crashes and camera bug fixed - Waterlogged Castillo - Secret, ammo, and texture fix
  12. Ya we realized it might be tricky to get all the maps progression balanced in a sequence, so we took some inspiration from the Quake modding jams! After each level there is a little intermission zone which checks the artifacts you have, then death exits you to a different hub which gives you back the keys you lost after the death exit. So if you save at the hub, after finding artifacts you will see its a different level number. :)
  13. Happy 25th Anniversary Doom 64! On behalf of @AtomicFrog may I present to you Doom 64 Reloaded; now available for the official Doom 64 remaster for the first time! Doom 64 Reloaded is an enhancement of Doom 64 that has been over two years in the making. It takes the Doom 64 engine to its limit to expand upon the already creepy atmosphere of the game. Each level has additional detail, graphics, and the number of levels has been expanded to 48 (with 7 additional deathmatch maps). Also the soundtrack has been overhauled where it has increased from 24 tracks to 52; no level repeats a track. New secrets to find, new mysteries to uncover, and new secret levels too! This is not how Doom 64 actually is, but how many might have remembered the game being like in 1997. That is dark, mysterious, and haunting... Download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s5v3zjq012u4nd3/atomic_frog-doom_64_reloaded.zip?dl=1 For most, simply opening "#RUN.bat" will install the custom graphics and run Doom 64 Reloaded. Then running "#UNINSTALL.bat" will remove the custom graphics. You can also run the WADs independently without the menu graphics. Be sure to look over the included "README.txt" for additional story and credits. Here is the Doom 64 EX version and the original topic: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/117991/ Additional work by @Immorpher, @Neigh Winny, @Jetx_121, @SteelPH, @sector666, @Dexiaz, @Impboy4, @Mike_C, @agony ZENITH, and many more (see the README)! We hope you enjoy!
  14. For those who have had bugged out text on the Doom 64 Remaster, hopefully this update fixes it. Now there is a separate loader for the Spanish translation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s5v3zjq012u4nd3/atomic_frog-doom_64_reloaded.zip?dl=1
  15. Also as a little teaser, here is the intro video that @Jetx_121 and I worked on! In this I have a conversion of a midi made by @CoTeCiO!
  16. This bug is coming from when we added the spanish translation support. We may need to drop that since it is causing more bugs than people using it unfortunately.
  17. Here's a Doom 64 EX+ version of Ethereal Breakdown: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6gb3kkxvjdx3lzz/(multiple)-ethereal_breakdown.zip?dl=1 For those who don't know, EX+ is a modern update to Doom 64 EX by Gibbon. It runs great on modern systems (including Linux and Mac!), more accurate than original Doom 64 EX, and more moddable too! It runs off the remaster IWAD and you can get it here: https://www.sourceforge.net/projects/doom64ex-plus/
  18. I may have been the public face in some cases, but @agony ZENITH, @Jetx_121, @Neigh Winny, and @United VirusX did the hard work in getting it going, tested, and bug fixed! I was surprised on how much the Doom 64 engine was capable of from the maps!
  19. If anyone needs help getting this running, I am here! :)
  20. To honor the 25th anniversary of Doom 64, we have released a demo of the Doom 64 25th Anniversary Map Jam with 7 brand new maps compatible with the official Doom 64 Release AND Doom 64 EX! The eventual final release will more than double the number of maps. The full Ethereal Breakdown is now released, get it here: The old demo for Remaster: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vg4kmqn52yi0rmu/(multiple)-25th-anniversary_demo.zip?dl=1 The old demo for EX: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xps1y8wiq0m90j5/(multiple)-25th-anniversary-demo.zip?dl=1 Full Details Here!
  21. This map jam, now titled "Ethereal Breakdown" is fully released with 33 maps! Go get it here: This demo wont be updated nor bug fixed, as the bug fixed maps are in the full release above. :)
  22. Immorpher

    Doom 64: Ethereal Breakdown Discussion Thread

    Alright due to popular demand Ethereal Breakdown is released! Go get it and talk about it here:
  23. Immorpher

    Doom 64: Ethereal Breakdown Discussion Thread

    Will do! :D