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  1. chemo

    Doom Year Zero

    This list is from July 2020, so they've probably had another DOOM game planned for a while.
  2. Also "ADHD Gameplay" like wtf is that supposed to mean? To be absolutely clear, I don't have a problem with someone preferring the classic games; they're different enough from the modern titles (and vice-versa) so one is not objectively better than the other. That's not the same as the insane purist mentality that I've seen on this forum and elsewhere.
  3. "old doom good; new doom bad" discourse in a nutshell:
  4. God, where do I even begin to explain how much this post misrepresents DOOM Eternal? First of all, to say that the game's meta is all about cooldowns is like, just plain wrong lmao. Skills including (but not limited to) target prioritization, aiming, weapon swapping, and movement like other shooters are still absolutely essential in playing Eternal well, probably even moreso than many other games in its genre. Look at gameplay videos from people like Zero Master and I dare you to tell me with a straight face that it resembles an MMO more than it does an action game. Second, using the strategy of just using whatever ability or weapon you have a charge/ammo for is very impractical. Like yeah, go ahead, waste the ice bomb on a singular Imp instead of a group of high-tier enemies you might have trouble with seconds later. See if you get more armor from flame-belching a full-health Cyberdemon/Tyrant rather than a group of fodder demons. If you don't use shit indiscriminately you won't even be thinking about the cooldowns. Lastly, don't games like classic DOOM have their own sets of rules and restrictions as well? You've already claimed that the older games have "resource management decisions" so doesn't that imply that those games have limits on what the player can use and carry? What about the lack of jumping and other movement options that makes it more difficult to maneuver in certain circumstances? Those games aren't worse because of the rules in place, so why is Eternal different? What make something like the arena lock-downs insufferable in comparison? What truly matters is how the decision-making works within the confines of the restrictions in place, and Eternal is much more diverse in its options than you're making out to be. Sure, I could blow the arm-cannons off a Mancubus, but I could also pelt it with a barrage of rockets. I could use my single charge of chainsaw fuel to kill a fodder demon, or I can save up on fuel to use on a heavy demon later on (the ammo caps and pickups available make this more than possible, shut up about how you only have "two seconds worth of resources"). Oh, and I can use my movement options like the double jump, dash, and meathook to get past a horde of demons in order to prioritize an enemy farther back; can you do that in classic DOOM? By the way, DOOM Eternal and Vanquish hardly play anything alike. Sure, both can be considered "character action shooters" but they're different takes on the same concept. Devil May Cry and Bayonetta aren't completely interchangeable just because both are character action hack and slash games (and even those have a lot more in common than DOOM Eternal and Vanquish do). I think it's entirely possible that Eternal took some degree of influence from Vanquish, but what the fuck is wrong with that?
  5. Besides, how is the "kill enemies for health/ammo/armor" method more restrictive than the traditional pickups in prior games? If anything, you actually have more "freedom" in Eternal because 1: since enemies are always around, resources are practically unlimited and thus you're much less at the mercy of a level's item placement and 2: there's still environmental pickups in the levels that complement the standard gameplay loop.
  6. I strongly disagree that the combat is rigid/disallows creativity. There's plenty of ways to complete combat encounters, it's just that it's impractical to use one weapon all the time like you could in its predecessor. Anyway, I fucking love it personally. It's like a character action title in FPS form.
  7. chemo

    John Carmack resigns from Meta

    Honestly, I can't say that I'd be enthusiastic about the idea of Carmack returning to id Software. He's a programming guy first and foremost and yet the decisions he made with id Tech 5 were questionable to say the least. Plus, id Tech 6 and especially 7 show that the company's engine team is still more than capable without him.
  8. chemo

    Quake Remastered

    The timing of this and today's Quake Champions update couldn't have been more immaculate considering the disaster that happened yesterday lmao
  9. Come to think of it, what will happen if/when Epic stops caring about Fortnite? Not only does that game not have offline modes, but the money people spent on microtransactions would completely go to waste after a shutdown.
  10. Yeah, that's how it is right now. I want to see how the situation develops before jumping to conclusions. Like other posts above have stated, it's probably in Bethesda's best interest to keep counter-evidence under wraps until they can present it in a more appropriate setting, such as in court. Of course it's possible that they're bullshitting (I'm not so keen on their recent tweet, myself), but I don't consider that 100% conclusive.
  11. I'm not equating the lack of professionalism with malice. I think he should've handled the situation better, but that doesn't prove an intent to harm. Admittedly I realize how some of my wording might've made you think my opinion is something different, but that's not what I was trying to convey. I do think it is most appropriate to approach such a situation with greater courtesy, even under such mistreatment. By doing so, you retain credibility, third-parties have a harder time weaponizing your statements for unsavory means, and the other side will have a more difficult time using your statements against you. I don't think it's unreasonable to express skepticism against those who neglect such an approach, as it can be interpreted as a lack of honesty, but the claims made shouldn't be dismissed, either. And just to clarify, I was specifically talking about Mick's comments made before Marty released his Reddit post. Like what? Is having a neutral viewpoint on this subject just not possible like what I'm trying to do? Come on, man.
  12. I think it's possible that he just didn't know any better at the time. I'm not accusing him of malicious intent, I was explaining why someone may think he had.
  13. Was Mick deliberately inciting a witch hunt? I don't think that can be said with certainty. After all, he was answering questions given to him and was likely overwhelmed by the negative reception directed towards the quality of the soundtrack. However, I can see why someone may come up with this interpretation; his comments were extremely vague and cryptic and he made no attempt to quell the hate mob that ensued. So, what I will say is that he didn't handle the situation in public very professionally, nor was Marty's Reddit post completely unsolicited (even if its authenticity is up in the air).
  14. There's this one recent Twitter thread from a former id Software employee, and when it comes to his own experiences with Marty he has nothing but positive things to say: Now, if Cantero is being truthful, does this remove Marty of all possible guilt? Absolutely not, but I think it goes to show that there still might be more crucial info and context that we don't know of.