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  1. chemo

    I called it.

  2. chemo

    I called it.

    Imagine getting this upset about a company doing something as small and inconsequential (let alone justified) as changing the crosses on medkits from red to green.
  3. chemo

    Favorite map theme?

    Man, it's hard for me to pick. I love all of the map themes. If I had to choose, it would be the Earth stuff. Id did a fantastic job at giving the "Hell on Earth" concept the depiction it deserved. The environments within this theme are beautiful and have great world-building. I even like how relatively modern most of it looks - from the buildings to the vehicles, but there's still some mild sci-fi flourishes so it doesn't look out of place in the year the game takes place in. Hell would be a close follow-up. They nailed the look of a dark, heavy-metal infernal realm and it's quite possibly my favorite depiction of Hell in the entire series. This would probably be my rank, from least-favorite (but still good) to favorite: Immora -> Sentinel -> Cultist/UAC (rough tie) -> Maykr -> Hell -> Earth
  4. chemo

    Original atmosphere is lost?

    Sweet gothic architecture, fleshy growths, and the squirming husks of unfortunate souls look like something from an "overstuffed disneyland ride"? lol ok
  5. Alright, so I went back to fight the Dark Lord again after my initial playthrough, and I think he was much more enjoyable to fight against after I've gotten used to his behavior and mechanics. He's much less of a slog once you shape up your reflexes.
  6. chemo

    Original atmosphere is lost?

    Is this satire?
  7. All Prowlers make rather distinct Predator-esque clicking sounds whenever they're present. The Cursed Prowler's sounds also seem to be a bit deeper/echoey than the standard variant, but I'm not sure.
  8. chemo

    Original atmosphere is lost?

    You know, can you explain why you think 2016's Hell maps look better? I never understood this viewpoint. DOOM 2016's Hell is almost all just drab rocky terrains and caves with the occasional neat decoration (such as the Icon of Sin's remains in the Necropolis). DOOM Eternal's Hell, on the other hand, has sweet gothic architecture, fleshy growths, and the squirming husks of unfortunate souls. It's pretty much everything a modern interpretation of DOOM's Hell should be if you ask me.
  9. I don't think the Cursed Prowler is that bad TBH. Yeah, I think maybe they should be reworked so Blood Punch isn't required to kill them in a "cursed" state, but they're not too much of a pain as long as you keep moving and are aware of your surroundings. If you can get your sights on them before they hit you, you can easily meathook into them and take them out with a single SSG blast.
  10. Except that DOOM 2016 didn't get review-bombed because of a misguided attempt to implement anti-cheat. In addition, Steam doesn't represent every PC player like DOOM 2016, since the game is also available on Bethesda.net (which is where nearly every retail and third-party key is redeemed at) and Xbox Game Pass/Microsoft Store. Beyond that, if you look at Metacritic, the user scores for Eternal are 8.7 on PS4 and 8.8 on Xbone, which is higher than 2016's 8.4 and 8.5, respectively. Switch user scores for the two games are the same, so that leaves PC as the only platform where Eternal's user score is (slightly) lower, at a 8.4 compared to a 8.5. Not only is that difference negligible and subject to a margin of error, but I remember Eternal's PC user score being lower at some point during launch, about 7.something. So if anything, public reception to Eternal is improving instead of the opposite like what you're suggesting.
  11. chemo

    Doom Eternal honestly deserved better

    I'm convinced that people who think that DOOM Eternal only allows players to play in a "very specific way" either take the tutorials too seriously, are upset that their favorite weapon+rune combo is no longer overpowered (you know the one I'm talking about), and/or just flat-out suck at the game (and yeah I know, "git gud" har har har, but I don't see why it can't be a valid response to criticism. If it weren't, then by that logic DarkSydePhil's complaints towards the games he plays are valid). The game allows players to be creative, it's just that those who accuse it of the contrary aren't creative themselves.
  12. chemo

    DE makes me so unreasonably mad [rant]

  13. I don't know, man. You seem really determined to defend your stance on such a non-issue. Except DOOM Eternal can't really be compared to classic DOOM. We've already gone over this. The approach worked for the older games, but wouldn't so much for the newer ones.
  14. I didn't say that the cutscenes are the only driving factor, but I think they help. They help the game feel more like a journey instead of a series of arenas. I also didn't say that what they've come up with is absolutely perfect, but it's nowhere near the cardinal sin that you're being so dramatic about. So, you admit that an approach similar to the classics is flawed, then?
  15. The cutscenes help give off the impression that the player is working towards something and has actual goals to achieve. Even if you don't care about the narrative, it assists in making the levels more connected and cohesive and creates buildup. Changes in levels and objectives could've felt jarring if it wasn't explained why you're doing this or that or why you're here or there. By the way, doesn't your comment about the intro cutscene contradict what you said earlier? About how DOOM should only have intermission text screens at most? EDIT: And DUSK only has a 24.9% completion rate on Steam; even less than the stats for the games provided in that article. A game merely being story-driven or not is irrelevant to player investment. Oh I don't know, like how socially awkward yet to the point he is? Did you see how he had no hesitation to smash the argent filters in DOOM 2016? Or how he just grabs a keycard hanging by some dude's neck during the intro of the Mars Core level?