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  1. With the Steam version of Quake Champions at least while it does require making a Bethesda.net account, you only need to put in this info on the first start-up in the actual game and the launcher itself isn't used.
  2. DOOM 2016's Steam page didn't pop up until about 6 months before the game's release. I think it's too early to tell if this is an indicator of it not being on Steam. Also, Bethesda said in an interview that they haven't decided if games after Fallout 76 (including DOOM Eternal) will require the Bethesda.net launcher and as of right now FO76 is a special case.
  3. chemo

    Release date reveal on Doom's 25th birthday?

    Maybe a trailer but I highly doubt that we'll get a release date. It probably won't be until next year's E3 at the earliest because they probably want time for RAGE 2 to shine for one thing.
  4. I think a horde mode would be even more cool if the "Invasion" mechanics from the campaign were to be implemented in some manner.
  5. I remember several times playing classic DOOM where I had to take cover to avoid Zombieman gunfire and Arch-Vile flames and it made the game less fun to me. It made me wish that there were more times where I was just out in the open dancing around projectiles. Yeah, the Zombiemen don't have much health but that doesn't take away from the fact that they are still very likely to hit you if you're not taking cover or have extremely quick reflexes, plus you can be absolutely fucked if you're low on health and a Chaingunner is just around the corner. I'm honestly glad that DOOM 2016 and by extension (seemingly) DOOM Eternal moved away from that.
  6. chemo

    The Doom universe? Anyone else interested?

    I'm probably most excited for the new locations that we'll be visiting. Not just for the lore but also because environmental variety has never been a strong point for the DOOM series, and DOOM Eternal is already the best in that department even though only 4 distinct areas have been revealed so far (Earth, Phobos, Hell, and that unknown castle place).
  7. chemo

    Is id done with lockdowns?

    I did notice in one part in the first Hell on Earth gameplay video that some of the teleporters required to proceed didn't activate until some of the enemies in the area were killed, but even so that's the only time I noticed such a thing. TBH if they're keeping the arenas but making them a lot less noticeable/used then I don't really mind.
  8. chemo

    When do you think we might see more info on DE?

    I'm thinking that maybe at the very least we'll get a new trailer at The Game Awards 2018, since that event takes place just 4 days before DOOM's 25th anniversary. Though Id might also be holding some things off until E3 2019, since I bet that they don't want too much attention drawn away from RAGE 2.
  9. chemo

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Or, another good comparison would be the Summoner, since they are pretty much the DOOM 3 Arch-Viles under a different name + a teleporting ability. I like the Summoners because they are very credible threats without being downright frustrating.
  10. chemo

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Just because its attributes are "unique" doesn't mean that it's fun. I just don't find having to get completely out of an enemy's sight so I don't take massive damage in a game like DOOM fun. It makes the game's pace come to a halt, and it's a problem that I have not only with the classic Arch-Vile, but also with the classic zombiemen trio albeit to a much less severe degree. However, if the new Arch-Vile's attacks are similar to its DOOM 3 cousin, then I'd be very welcome with its return.
  11. chemo

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    The DLC multiplayer Hell levels though I think have some of the best art direction for Hell in the entire series. Boneyard in particular is fucking awesome.
  12. That "you'll fight across dimensions" quote to me implies that the game will have more locations than just Earth and Hell, which would be an exciting prospect because having all these different locations that can have whatever the hell (no pun intended) they want could really bring new life and variety to the game's environments which the previous DOOM games lacked. Perhaps that's what the "Eternal" in the name stands for since it could allude to the amount of dimensions being practically infinite. I don't know if it's going to be some sort of mega-crossover between all the DOOM continuities/timelines/universes, however.
  13. chemo

    id tech 7 confirmed?

    I do have to wonder though what kind of advancements Id Tech 7 will have over its predecessor to justify numerical leap. In this video, Id's CTO Robert Duffy says that the new engine technology will be "far more parallel" compared to Id Tech 6 and will use up as much CPU grunt as possible (at least when it comes to Ryzen since that's what the video is promoting). However, that info is pretty vague as to what the engine entails. Every time a new Id Tech iteration pops up, there's some rather noticeable upgrades and differences compared to the preceding engine. Will Id Tech 7 have more emphasis on Vulkan? Will it have further optimizations? Ray tracing? Proper, extensive and officially supported modding capabilities? I guess we'll find out in about a month. EDIT: Hell, Wolf II had some pretty noticeable changes and upgrades over DOOM such as a full-body first-person view, advanced water effects and shaders, Havok physics, and IIRC the lack of megatextures, yet that's still considered to be an Id Tech 6 game.
  14. chemo

    I want Doomslayer in Mortal Kombat 11

    Oh god it would be awesome to see Doomguy not only fight characters like Scorpion or Raiden, but MK's other guest characters like the Predator. also doomguy for smash pls
  15. chemo

    id tech 7 confirmed?

    I think Id Tech 7 not being all that far off is plausible. I mean, DOOM Eternal could be coming out 2 years from now for all we know, but most of the work on Id Tech 6 started after John Carmack left in late 2013.