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  1. Dark Pulse

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Whiskas - Be Happy.
  2. Dark Pulse

    PSX Midis / Map Name Editing / Title Screen Editing

    Yeah, you're definitely out of luck for Vanilla, even if you could extract the sounds, there's no way to import "new" samples for music. You'd be limited to the General MIDI set, which won't do the job at all. Both ZDoom and Boom can use MP3 or Ogg, though. Ogg is probably better overall due to gapless playback (i.e; seamlessly loops from end-to-end). Granted, while in ZDoom you can set loop points via Ogg Metadata, I don't know if Boom supports that (which would be necessary for proper looping; most tracks don't loop end-to-end).
  3. Dark Pulse

    PSX Midis / Map Name Editing / Title Screen Editing

    Some music is CD Audio, the rest are basically MIDI-like but more accurately wavetable synth (i.e; more like tracker-based formats). The easier but more space-using way is to have Oggs of the music or whatever and use those, since to use the MIDI-based versions, you'd need to build soundfonts and so on.
  4. Dark Pulse

    I want to make a source port

    Of course, if you're willing to learn a programming language, it might be possible, but unless you know at least C (which is what Doom by and large was programmed in, with the remainder being x86 assembly), you're really not going to be able to do anything.
  5. Dark Pulse

    I want to make a source port

    Then you don't make a source port.
  6. Dark Pulse

    Digital Gentrification

    Simple: Social media blew up, and as a result, the individual little homes began to just homogenize online on the major platforms (i.e; Facebook/Twitter/Instagram). Once everyone is there, the same stuff reaches everyone, and as a result, everyone just repeats the same things.
  7. Dark Pulse

    Can't draw pixels in SLADE?

    Just as a FYI for anyone who stumbles on this topic in the future: This was actually a SLADE bug that got fixed in 3.2.0 Beta 3.
  8. Dark Pulse

    Anime is weird

    Of course he can. Fly up. Directly up.
  9. Dark Pulse

    How Do You Like Your Tacos?

    Up around here, locals will swear by Mighty Taco, and going to a Taco Bell might get you looked at funny. (There's actually not too many of them around here.) Also are quite known for their somewhat surreal advertising. As for me, really all I care for is beef and cheese. No lettuce/tomato/sauce/etc. Lastly... hopefully nobody here goes to Taco Town. Unless you're REALLY hungry.
  10. Dark Pulse

    Chaos at McDonald's

    Especially when they find out the lead creator is female, and so assume that it is absolutely filthy, disgusting, deviant yaoi? "We were just playing tummy swords. Honest!"
  11. Dark Pulse

    Chaos at McDonald's

    Bring her some kimchi and tell her all the BTS members love it. Of course, the idea is that she withholds her gag reflex to eat the same manna as her gods. If she's going to be this phony, you might as well get some schadenfreude value out of it. Please record it for my our enjoyment.
  12. Dark Pulse

    Chaos at McDonald's

    The only real chaos is that people think McDonalds is actually good.
  13. Dark Pulse


    That won't work if it's somehow open. It's not an issue of admin privileges, it's an issue of that something is somehow opening it even when he's closed it, and presumably he's tried task killing it.
  14. Dark Pulse

    Best software to create Doom/Duke3d type sprites?

    That is precisely what they did, yes.
  15. Dark Pulse

    How to Play Mods with cHeretic for DS ?

    Indeed. And we are still working on that. Just waiting on some engine and content updates from GEC. :)