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  1. You'll go to bed when I tell you to, young man. Respect your elders.
  2. Some of them are even dead (Dr. Sleep, Jim Flynn, Ty Halderman (who also ran idgames for years), etc.), so it stands as really all that's left of their work.
  3. Dark Pulse

    An Evening with Nirvana [Ep 31 - Doomkid]

    He's just some hippie with a beard, don't mind him.
  4. That would explain it then. Glad to hear it works!
  5. Sounds like a potential bug with ReARMed. Check the PC's PCSX Reloaded core and see if it fails there, too? If so, that's potentially a core bug with that. If not, it's potentially something specifically with ReARMed.
  6. Hmm... ReARMed would be for ARM devices, and that might introduce extra complications. Without getting too technical, it's a fork of PCSX Reloaded, which is... okay, but not ideal for accuracy. I do think Duckstation is available for Android. You could use that, at the cost of it not being part of RetroArch. (The RA devs and the dev of Duckstation had a bit of a falling out - there used to be a core based on it called SwanStation, but AFAIK it got wiped out due to that.)
  7. That sounds like a pretty bad one. Paging @Erick194. In the meanwhile, what core are you using on RetroArch? BeetlePSX would probably be the preferred one. EDIT: False alarm, turned out it was a corrupted SD Card. PlayStation is not capable of widescreen. The PlayStation is capable of the following resolutions: Width: 256, 320, 384, 512 or 640. Height: 240 or 480, progressive or interlaced. In Doom's case, it's 256x240 (which then gets stretched to 320x240 via rasterization). It simply does not have the VRAM for any kind of widescreen, so for that, you'd need to play it via PsyDoom. Expanding the resolution is unlikely because the PS1 has a very strict amount of VRAM - and more screen resolution consumes more VRAM, which would force issues with sprites, textures, or both. Memory Card functionality is theoretically possible, but that'd probably be a massive code addition. Also a question for Erick, but right now I'd say the odds are on "don't hold your breath."
  8. Not currently possible. This project is for the cut levels only, and the improvements done to the engine are not going to be reflected in the original games. Also, ePSXe is an inaccurate emulator, and I'd advise you to no longer use it - it's almost 20 years old. Use DuckStation or RetroArch's BeetlePSX core instead, they're way more modern and accurate.
  9. Dark Pulse

    Helion - C# ( 01/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    True enough, I guess. I suppose I'm just used to calling those chips the FX series without remembering that they had the Athlon name public-facing. Though at that point, it's no longer Athlon 64, but I digress.
  10. Dark Pulse

    Helion - C# ( 01/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    I thought those were Athlon II? The ones alongside Phenom II, but before the FX series, right?
  11. Dark Pulse

    Helion - C# ( 01/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    The GPU is six generations old (we're up to the 4000s now) and were made in 2013, so a full decade ago, and the CPU is even older - the last Athlon X2s were made in 2006 and could be as old as 2005. (Theoretically, the GPU could be bottlenecked by the CPU in this system, that's how old the CPU is - which is honestly pretty embarrassing since it's a 740.) This is, quite literally, a retrocomputer at this point. Also, your wording is confusing. You say that it won't run on a Win7 SP1 system, but then say that should become the minimum requirement. Did you mean it should be bumped up from Base Win7 to Win7 SP1, or that it should be Win8.1, or...?
  12. There is going to be no rewritten version. He was musing moving it to another language, but he's going to keep it in Java. That only applies to the editor itself, though - still a ways to go for full custom content on the game ROM, but the changes added in here are the first step towards this. The ROM will be reorganized and expanded to allow for more content. One of the things he didn't mention, for example, is that there no longer are level palettes shared between some levels - every level can have its own palette now (128 bytes per level).
  13. They were also of the mindset that newer PCs would have faster processors, and just a year or two later, GPUs started being a proper "thing." GLQuake existed, after all, and singlehandedly drove the adoption of early 3DFX Voodoo cards. Technology was changing fast, and at this point, you just could assume that in a few years everything will be faster, better, and able to run the higher framerate. So you coded your game to generally try to run in whatever setups you think might exist over the next 5-ish years. Which multiple people have said, and you don't seem to grasp. But again, you are also neglecting to remember that it's still a game from 1995. It's not going to know about SSE, for example - that came out only with the Pentium III, by which time we were onto Quake III, not original Quake. So the reason it's running slower even on modern hardware is simple: It's literally just straight-up floating point x87 instructions, which nowadays are considered HIGHLY legacy. Not even MMX - that came out in 1997, and even then, only as part of the Pentium Pro. (The first real mainstream CPU to have them, if memory serves, was the Pentium II.) Modern processors are tuned for instruction sets like SSE at a minimum (you may hear terms like "686-compatible processor" - this refers to the OG Pentium Pro, which introduced stuff like parallel execution), so oftentimes these legacy modes are retained for compatibility but never really tuned. And the fact the legacy is so old becomes both floor AND ceiling - there's only a certain amount of capability you have in order to remain in spec, and sooner or later, the limit is hit no matter how fast the processor is, and vagaries of the setup (x87 registers acted like a stack rather than being directly addressable, for example) also contribute to the speed of it being slow. It was faster than what was out there at the time, but it scaled very poorly, and newer instruction sets were designed specifically to deal with such shortcomings. This is why modern source ports compile with support for newer instruction sets. This is why those ports have no problems running Quake at insanely high resolutions; thanks to the widths of registers on modern CPUs, they can often do things in one instruction (and at a much faster cycle time) than something the original code might've needed multiple instructions to do, also with a slower CPU cycle time on top of that. This is also why the original Quake will struggle to run at those same resolutions - its engine, literally, is not aware of most of the processing power that exists now, thirty years later almost.
  14. Old versions of Quake were also optimized for 1995 PCs, not 2023 PCs. This is like complaining "Why does a car made in 1910 runs slower than a car made in 2023? They both got four wheels, a gasoline engine, and a steering wheel," while you completely ignore that the engine technology has absolutely changed under the hood, and the addition of modern features. Like taillights. And windshield wipers. And heating/cooling. And a key, or increasingly, electronic starter; not a crank. The reason those newer engines can run Quake at higher resolutions better than the older ones is precisely because engine developers are taking advantage of things like multithreading, faster clock rates, and higher-level CPU instruction sets that can do 3D math faster. John Carmack may be a super-genius alien-in-person-suit, an experimental artificial intelligence gone rogue, a sentient galaxy brain, and have a keen insight into where gaming would be a few years later, but even Carmack can't peer nearly thirty years into the future.* *Yes, I know he's also a time-traveling interdimensional overgenius space wizard and actual rocket scientist. Shaddap.
  15. Dark Pulse

    Should I get steam?

  16. Dark Pulse

    Slade 3 Non-Secure

    Man, don't listen to any of these guys. Just scan this QR Code. As a bonus, that's the line and Thing layout for my next Doom map.
  17. I wasn't kidding, by the way. I tried adding the Delinquent to my Epic 7 friends list, but I can't because his own friends list is full. Impossible for me to let him otherwise add me, and enjoy my cadre of high-powered ML5s. (He will know what this term means.)


    I need to probe him further. I must find out WHICH Cermia he thirsts for. (He will also know what I mean by this.)

  18. Man, don't tell the OP about the original release of Crysis. His brain will fucking melt.
  19. Dark Pulse

    How to run Doom and Final doom on ePSXe

    This. For anyone else who reads this topic, while the general recommendation would still by PsyDoom, for those who really want the authentic experience (framerate and all), please use DuckStation, or RetroArch's BeetlePSX core (and/or whatever they call their DuckStation core). ePSXe was a good emulator back in the day, but it's simply outclassed by either of those options in emulation accuracy, reduced complications due to not being plugin-based emulators (is the bug in the emulator, or the plugin?), and a whole bunch of other technical shit that I'd be happy to bore you with if you wanted to ask me about it. Trust me on this. I've seen a lot of emulators come and go in twenty years. Just because it was widespread and popular does not mean it will always be so - otherwise, we'd still be using NESticle, Gens, and UltraHLE. And if those all sound like Greek to you, you should DEFINITELY be taking my advice.
  20. Dark Pulse

    Final Doom TNT Evilution: cut map entries

    It was simply recorded with the PSX music and sound effects loaded. You can tell based on the very beginning of the video.
  21. Dark Pulse

    ACE Engine - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    While it's impossible to be sure without more testing, considering you've only found a single system where it hasn't worked and nobody else has mentioned such a problematic system before, I'd bet that it's more the former than the latter.