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  1. Yeah, it's basically a renderer flaw. You'll see it in pretty much every map if you look carefully enough at any texture like that. Essentially, without a rewritten renderer, nothing can really be done about it.
  2. He looks like he wants to kill it with hellfire.
  3. ...This is Jim Flynn we're talking about. In short: Good luck - because you'll need it.
  4. Both of those would be an absolute nightmare with how huge and high it is. The renderer's stretching issue would have to be fixed before it could even be remotely done justice on the PSX, I think. Maybe a Doom 64 version - if one of those comes to fruition.
  5. They've got to be put in at a fairly steady and consistent rhythm.
  6. Dark Pulse

    If i buy doom on steam. Will i have the .wad file?

  7. Dark Pulse

    Not even sure what to call this derail

    I suggest calling the thread "How not to be seen," because once it's seen, it explodes.
  8. Dark Pulse

    You know what would be awful?

    I've played it. It works like this. You spawn in E1M1/MAP01. The Spider Mastermind/Icon of Sin dies in E3M8/MAP30. Roll credits!
  9. Dark Pulse

    You know what would be awful?

    It'd be worst of all if it were Chuck Norris.
  10. Dark Pulse

    What is 'The Void'?

    Even though those people are all wrong and should be shot, since in Wolf made it clear: id, as in the id, ego, and superego.
  11. Dark Pulse

    AV MAP 20

    There is no resolution to it. Different WADs (added or missing) mean an incompatible save file.
  12. Stuff like this is why I hope we get some custom music tools, and soon. I'd still like a crack at unleashing the sonic horrors.
  13. Dark Pulse

    What is 'The Void'?

    Why, it's MAP31 of Doom 64, of course.
  14. AFAIK, Erick has said he's completely decompiled and reversed the game. That'd presumably include the mouse code. First is probably harder, but it'd mean that the original engine still gets use. That said, there's also relatively little reason to use the original engine except for authenticity's sake, considering that the differences between it and Final are negligible except for Sidedef limits (and I think a Sector/Subsector bump?), so Final is actually the superior engine. Erick does seem determined to stick to the original engine for the original sets of maps, for what it's worth.
  15. Technically, normal Doom levels could be put into the PSX Final Doom engine, yes. I think Erick has reasons for not doing that specifically though - perhaps to preserve the "feel" of the menus and whatnot. That said, this will only affect a small subset of levels - the originals, Doom II, the couple of bonus maps Romero did, and maybe NRFTL/SIGIL. Master Levels, TNT, and Plutonia are all under the Final Doom engine in the hack. I know I asked him if he wanted me to do Tech Gone Bad under PSX Doom or PSX Final Doom limits, and he told me to do it under the original's, which does mean I'll need to cut down several thousand more sidedefs in comparison. (The original map blows past both games' limits, but I'd only need to cut down maybe a thousand in PSX Final Doom versus at least 3000 for PSX Doom.) As for the mouse compatability - don't know. Haven't heard anything on it in awhile. If you guys feel you'd rather have things just all done under the Final Doom engine though, then now's the time to speak up. Converting the maps over is pretty simple, but once maps are built with the original game's lower limits in mind, doing a version for the higher limits effectively means redoing the map. Nope. Master Edition strictly has the cut levels (and anything that's come out since), and none of the original maps are present in the game.
  16. https://kotaku.com/guy-gets-doom-running-on-a-mcdonalds-cash-register-1838680691 Pretty much goes to show how much technology is getting into even the most mundane facets of our lives.
  17. Dark Pulse

    Would you like a side of death with that?

    Oooh, it looks like Christmas!
  18. Dark Pulse

    Would you like a side of death with that?

    Sorry bud, fresh outta those. Can I interest you in a packet of Szechuan Sauce instead?
  19. Frankly, you're looking for the wrong thing, @MaxRideWizardLord. It's not an instrumental similarity, or a sound similarity. It's in the chord progression.
  20. Damn it. And I worked so hard to get those eliminated. I'll get that fixed. Aesthetic change. The mainly dark sky and the low amount of flames able to come up would've made the Imps on top almost impossible to see if I'd kept it at its original level since the brightness was set to 0, plus the sector (for some reason) was tagged with Effect 8 (Sector Glow), even though it would've never glowed since Sector Glow requires a lower light level next to it to glow "down to" and oscillates between its higher set level, and its lowest neighbor sector's brightness level Presumably, Sverre thought that it would oscillate up from 0 to 200 and back down to 0, but it doesn't. And since the neighboring sector to the pillar is 200, I was only so limited in what I could set it to and keep the oscillation. The second set of stairs is actually in the original map. The first set is because in order to try to get rid of the crushers being floating ceilings as seen from the outside, I needed to sink the room down - without a sunken room you can see all four of the crushers floating easily if you run a loop outside the keep. The original version has the floor at 128; I needed to sink it down to -40 to get rid of the floating crusher ceilings. While I could've used a lift, there's already tons of lifts in this room. I decided to go for something a bit more aesthetic. This last third of the map (from here until the end) is really what consumed most of my time besides figuring out what monsters/decorations to cull, because in the original map these areas were heights of 300-500+ units. A lot of shrinking and compromise work had to be done here. With me sinking the room down as much as I did, stairs or a lift is pretty much inevitable. I could possibly reduce the number of stairs a bit, but then they would be very big and chunky steps, and even then, savings is borderline negligible (Two 24s = 48 units; Three 16s = 48 units), so in the end you're really only shaving off two or three stairs in most staircases. I really try not to go higher than a step height of 16 when possible; I know the step limit is 24 (see the room just before then when I use those - itself needed in order to sink this room down without being ridiculous), but it's much harder to make something that looks aesthetically good with that step height. So since I'd like to avoid the crushers becoming floating ceilings, it's going to come at the cost of steps, or yet another lift in an area that's already got ten of them, plus four crushing ceilings. Pick your poison. Stairs already got reduced in half from the original map in the library, and like other stairs, need to look aesthetically good as well. Same challenge as any large set of stairs that's bringing together two significantly different sets of heights - you need to have a consistent step height, it needs to look aesthetically pleasing, and, of course, still function identically (so you can't reduce them too much). It's probably about the best balance I can get there, though I did spot an extra vertex I can delete amongst them thanks to this report. As for bookcases, while I could reduce them, it's not actually going to make much of a difference. What's really going to slow this room down isn't this area so much - it's that if you turn in the opposite direction, the game will be forced to render the sky and all the stuff on the outside of the map, basically. Looking the way you are in this shot, performance shouldn't be too bad. Same place as in the original. The Mancubus is no longer there to trigger the secret for memory reasons, but I added a tripwire to the area where it was that will lower the walls of the area you'd claim it at. If you run in far enough to grab the rocket launcher and its ammo, it will activate and lower the walls. By being a big ol' chickenshit doo-doo head who doesn't want to fight the big, scary demons. :P Good catch regardless; I'll submit a fix for that to Erick. I'm kind of on the fence here. On one hand, it is supposed to be challenging to get in there. On the other hand, I don't want to make it a cakewalk to get in there, either. I might lower the floor a bit more to give a little more leeway, but I'd like some other opinions from people as to whether I really should make this markedly easy, or keep it a challenge to get to. Stairs aren't really the problem; draw distance basically is. Once you round that corner, you're rendering several further rooms away, since Neurosphere is a rather open map. That will make framerate take a hit. Neurosphere is hit fairly hard with it in some parts (especially the area with the Plasma Rifle pickup, for example) because there's a lot of rooms being drawn and a lot of stuff you can see at a given time. I can bet you that if I reduce those steps by half, it won't actually speed things up all that much at all. I generally tried to keep my "metric of badness" at about 10 FPS. If it was above that, it was tolerable, since that's about the worst that original maps lowered to. Though then again, this is also why I say people who play this, if they're not playing on original hardware, really should play it in an emulator and overclock the emulated CPU, because yeah, WANTING the clunk is a bit silly. :P As for the texturing: I was limited in texture space; I needed a texture to fill the gap since the originals were banners (which got cut for memory reasons); I really didn't want to use a fire sky in yet another map (since it risks being overused) even though it'd give me the space I'd need for the banners; and I wanted to keep it feeling, well, Plutonia-y via a red sky. That forced me to compromise on those alcoves. The torches should be more than enough to tell you they're not doors (since you can't get past them), and the skulls seemed to give it a nice motif. Never encountered that. They could definitely be reduced, if need be; I'd need to have some kind of angle at which to trigger it reliably to make sure though. Is that the angle you've got in your screenshot, or some other one? (It'd be really good if the builder could get updated to figure out if these overflows could happen, and under what conditions if so) Already found, fixed, and submitted to Erick (but if there needs to be a fix for the point overflow stuff that'd require submitting another newly fixed version).
  21. Dark Pulse

    Doom on Switch, official and otherwise

    That is one of the main draws of it. Of course, so is being able to dump your savegames onto an SD card. You know, the thing Nintendo charges you $20 a year to do and will gladly wipe your saves once you stop ponying up money. There is also, of course, the extensive game modding/translating scene. There's already a mod for Super Mario Odyssey that's trying to recreate Super Mario 64 within it, for example. Hit up YouTube, you'll find some videos. Me, I'm hoping the Switch becomes the first system powerful enough to be portable but also emulate PS2. I know it can do everything up to Dreamcast just fine, but there are some classics on PS2 I'd love to revisit, and it's a bit more disappointing that I still have to stick to a PC to do those. Anyway, I think in time the community will figure out how to foil Nintendo's telemetry to an extent, and even if they don't, online play isn't really what I bought my Switch for so I don't lose too much personally.
  22. Dark Pulse

    Help! Gun is consuming more ammo tan it is told to

    Not 100% sure, but I think since you're calling A_FireBullets twice, it's using the ammo twice there. Try giving one of them the FBF_UseAmmo flag, and not the other.
  23. On the contrary - I fully respect the mapper's work; I know I'd want mine respected. But at the same time, there are a bunch of people who might be playing PSX Doom for the first time who will get terribly thrown off by Level 1 of the Doom episode being E3M1, Level 2 being E3M2, Level 3 being E3M8... etc. There's a very specific reason why I said that this is more of an optional thing, because obviously, reinserting the original levels is technically beyond the scope of this project. But it's also something that's very achieveable, reasonable, and I'd argue more fun for those who never experienced the original games. We who are part of this project played the PSX versions of Doom and Final Doom a lot. We don't need those extra levels, but not everyone will have played it. I think for those people it's important to give them a "full fat" experience, as if the levels had never been cut in the first place. But of course, it's not the main project. It's more of a superset. Well yeah, I'd argue it should have a different name myself (especially since we already saw the confusion between Master Edition for PC vs. PSX here), and I'd agree that different versions should be named differently for precisely that reason. Maybe "Uncut Edition" or something, I dunno. It's hard to think of a name that both gets across the fact that it would "complete" the gaps in levels by reinserting the versions we worked, while at the same time, trying not to make the Master Edition sound like some sort of reduced version. I said myself we should finish this project before really going full-swing into a Doom 64 version, yes. That said, I do also believe that at the very least, proof of concept stuff should be starting to happen somewhat soonish. Kinks need to be worked out, an updated GZDoom Builder for Doom 64 needs to get made up, etc. Erick's been at work on the map and texture compression (decompression is known and documented, (re)compression is not), and he's gotten it fairly close, but all lumps are still 1.05% bigger compared to the originals. Essentially, as maps needed for this project start winding down (and they are definitely beginning to reach that point now), getting the tools prepped for Doom 64 should probably begin to ramp up. Actual releases should wait until this version is considered done, though. Yes, Master Edition should have a different level balance because it has, well, different levels. That said, I do still maintain that it needs to be carefully balanced as much as possible. Putting Bloodsea Keep as like the third level or so in the Master Levels set, for example, would actually be hell, because I made that level *HARD* on Ultra-Violence. (It's a bit gentler on easier difficulties.) As I said, name the superset something else. Don't name it Master Edition - Master Edition should be JUST the cut levels/other stuff, nothing more. None of the original PSX Doom/Final Doom maps should ever make an appearance in Master Edition. I do think you're vastly overblowing what I wanted to try, and definitely made some assumptions. I do feel there should be a version that has the original levels (and level order) preserved. I do not feel it should share the Master Edition name, even though it will, nominally, have all the levels that are included in the Master Edition. Clarity is very important, and I'd not want to sow confusion by calling it anything similar to Master Edition. I do believe I've stated my stance enough on this point. The superset with original PSX levels reinserted shouldn't be called Master Edition, it should be called something else. What that something else is, I don't know, but it shouldn't be Master Edition, because Master Edition is for the "only cut maps" project, basically (and a few extras for good measure). Obviously we'd not use the same identifier... but at this point you're being really nitpicky about technical minutiae that 99% of people who ever play either hack will never really know. Giving it SLUS-66601 is basically an easter egg. Though I'd actually argue we should use the last two digits to denote patch level (meaning the current should actually be something like SLUS-66630), but I digress. Never a problem. Ultimate Doom is 36, Doom/TNT/Plutonia is 32, Master Levels is 21, and everything else doesn't even get higher than 10 or so. I liked your earlier post where rather than mouse to a specific option, we preserve space by just having one option that can flip between multiple level sets. We will need to do something like this, inevitably, once an original set of maps is produced, SIGIL/NRFTL/whatever become their own "things," etc. The only other alternative would be to shrink down the Doom/Final Doom logos to fit more text in, and that's kind of lousy IMO. Sounding like a broken drum, but I do believe you jumped the gun a bit in assuming I'd want to also call such a thing "Master Edition." You probably could've saved yourself some grief by clarifying my position a bit more, honestly. Although I suppose it couldn't have hurt to mention that either, but I needed to get a little more sleep before the second half of my workday. Didn't have time. I'd agree. Honestly, I don't think even the PC Master Edition should be named such, since it actually currently includes more than just PSX Doom (it has Doom 64 as well), and the thing has already been confused. Obviously that will be easy enough to do on Doom 64, but right now there's definitely a lack of clarity, and if it were up to me, I'd rename one of the projects so as to prevent the confusion. But well, that's up to GEC in the end.
  24. Midway published both; Williams developed both. That's actually a pretty neat concept as well. I like that. I can dig it. The other epitome of awesomeness would be if we can get it running on the new Switch version, but we'll have to see how far that differs from the original, and it'd be (sadly) limited to jailbroken Switches unless custom PWADs that can mod even the game logic are allowed (unless we do a special "no extra monsters" version or whatever for it).