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  1. Dark Pulse

    Map11: Circle of Death, or 'O' of Destruction?

    Circle 'O' of Death-Destruction!
  2. Dark Pulse

    Laptop Shopping - Need Help!

    The power of an NVMe SSD is nothing to sniff at, sir. 1200-2500 MB/sec writes is nothing to sniff at. :) That's partly why I'm so excited for my new system. Since it can take advantage of PCIe 4.0, it's promising up to 5000 MB writes, and 7000 MB reads...
  3. Dark Pulse

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Notably, TNT was permitted though.
  4. Dark Pulse

    Zmapinfo Question

    @Bloodbath Giraffe Precisely this, you forgot to close it and accidentally left the closing bracket for it doubled up under MAP03's entry.
  5. Dark Pulse

    English is the stupidest language ever, bar none

    I've always heard it's possible in German to construct a single word roughly translating to "Please don't spit on the floor." Whether that's true or not, I have no idea. Alas, the only German I know, and it's probably grammatically incorrect German, is "Vergessen Sie nicht, bitte, mein Ohr in der Plastiktasche zu bringen." HOW I know that is a story for another time.
  6. Dark Pulse

    Post a picture...that you took

    Frost on one of my windowpanes. December 16, 2013.
  7. Dark Pulse

    GZDoom just crashed when I was playing TNT

    Before any of this is really done: See if it keeps happening reliably. If it doesn't, then it was just a fluke one-off crash.
  8. Dark Pulse

    Post Removed.

    I frankly don't see how this could have been "requested" to be removed by anyone. Ikea isn't gonna give a shit about your lamp once you bought it, and hacking Doom onto, well, anything is pretty much a time-honored tradition. Thankfully the article and repository got preserved at least. So now the bigger question is "Who requested the removal, and why?"
  9. Dark Pulse

    Why Did Unreal Tournament 3 Fail?

    That is correct.
  10. Dark Pulse

    Post a picture...that you took

    4th of July, 2014.
  11. Dark Pulse

    Why Did Unreal Tournament 3 Fail?

    Reasons it failed: Midway desperately pushed it out about 6-9 months before it was ready because they were tanking hard, as confirmed by the devs. "Loading: Main Menu". Required a BIG leap up in hardware to run well on PC (I upgraded to a dual-core system for the first time thanks to it, and got one of the best GPUs on the market at the time). Gamespy, fucking GAMESPY, necessary for online play. Early on, no dedicated servers. For those who liked the 2kx style, a return to something more grounded and UT99-like in movement (i.e; no more crazy wallkick flipjump crap) meant they were no longer pro. For those who liked the 2kx style, the fact you could no longer dominate with just a Shock Rifle and Lightning Gun since Rockets and Flak were actually viable again meant they were no longer pro. If you hated vehicular game modes, surprise, even DM or CTF maps could have those now. Personally though, I'd place the blame more on the first four. Five stung for a short while but was corrected a few months in. The last three is just a case of UT going back to its roots, while those who liked 2kx didn't know what those roots were. I still had a blast playing it, personally. Not the all-time classic UT99 was, but UT3 did deserve a better fate than it got. I also soundly reject your assertion it was a "step backwards" to UT2004, mostly because UT2003/UT2004 was a step sideways away from the entire Unreal/UT game style. UT3 was a more successful blend of the originals' faster ground-based action, while still retaining some of the good things (more movement options without being stupidly floaty, vehicular combat) while dumping some of the dumber shit (adrenaline, adrenaline-based powerups, Shield Gun).
  12. It's not bigger, it's smaller. The CD image for Beta 3 is 422 MB (BIN+CUE) when decompressed. The EBOOT is roughly about 390 MB when uncompressed. Stick with the EBOOT version if you're going to play it on a PSP. Play the CD version if you're going to use a PS1 emulator, or if you're going to play it on an actual PS1.
  13. Dark Pulse

    Laptop Shopping - Need Help!

    Thanks :) The first few parts actually arrive tomorrow, but it's just the cooler, USB stick, and the monitor. The rest will slowly trickle in over the next two weeks - currently it looks like the case will be the last thing to arrive, sometime between June 30th and July 6th. Unless the M.2 really does take until July 11th to arrive, but the window on that is so wide (June 25th-July 11th) that I'm betting it almost certainly won't be on the later end of that.
  14. Dark Pulse

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Got her nose out of the book for once.
  15. Dark Pulse

    Post Your Computer's Mouse - If It's Interesting!

    My tried-and-true Logitech G500 is still going strong.
  16. Dark Pulse

    Laptop Shopping - Need Help!

    Welp, I just finished my own computer purchase. Order Summary Items (8): $2,902.00 Shipping & handling: $0.00 Lightning Deal: -$77.01 Lightning Deal: -$71.98 Total before tax: $2,753.01 Estimated tax to be collected:* $240.89 Order total: $2,993.90 Quite a bit... and I overshot my target (I was aiming for $2000-2500). But to be fair, I built an entirely new system, AND added in a bit of extra things to support it. About the only thing that's making the jump from my current system to that one is the HDs/SATA SSD/Optical Drive/Internal card reader, the GPU (a GeForce 1080 - I'll get something newer when the prices climb down from their ridiculous highs), and the PSU (which I replaced last year when my nine year-old PSU bit the dust). Everything else? 100% new. Even the monitor. As for what I got for the price? Well... CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X Motherboard: ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero RAM: 64 GB (32GB x2) Crucial Ballistix 3600 MHz, CL16 M.2: Samsung 980 Pro, 2 TB CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 chromax.Black Case: Fractal Design Define 7 XL Monitor: Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz I could've shaved off several hundred if I really wanted to, though... - A Ryzen 5800X was about half the price, but I'd have lost 4 cores/8 threads, and I want this to be fairly futureproof as more and more games are going to start expecting 8 cores as they get ported from PS5/XBX to PC. Of course, if even that starts chugging up, eventually a 5950X might be cheap enough to upgrade to. And while it's not guaranteed, there's still murmurs AMD might put out one more generation of Ryzen CPUs on this socket before leaving it. - Originally the plan was 32 GB of RAM, but that was $190 and doubling up was $375, so I figured why not. Probably won't need to worry about anything RAM-related for a long, long time. Hell, the motherboard only supports 128 GB. - I threw in a 1 TB SanDisk USB 3.2 stick for about $135 (and it's normally closer to $200), since I'll need something to throw Windows 10's installer on, and even the 256 GB model was like $60. If I'm gonna pay that much for it, might as well double it to get quadruple the space. Also useful if I need to shuffle stuff around or whatever, naturally. - And of course, if I didn't need that monitor, I would've saved over $400 straight-up, but my current one is... well, old (it came out in 2008), an oddball rez (2048x1152, so I was doing over 1080p gaming when a lot of people were still on 720p), and most pressingly, isn't even true 24-bit color (it's actually 18-bit color dithered up to 24-bit). There will probably never be another monitor quite like the Samsung 2343BWX. But in today's variable-refresh world, 1440p gaming, and deeper color support (the Acer is actually able to do 30-bit color... albeit dithered up from 24-bit), it's more than past its prime. And as a bonus, it didn't break the bank - Prime Day meant I got it for about $420, which is amazing when a few years ago it (or its Asus competitor I was looking at) was more like $800-900. Once 4k gaming becomes trivial to do on GPUs, and the monitors stop being stupidly expensive, I may change it out. Anyway, it all comes over the next two weeks. And with that, my little 2011 Sandy Bridge that could will have finally earned its retirement. You had a good run, buddy, and were probably overall the best CPU I ever had in terms of longevity. But it's time for System #5 to take the stage.
  17. It's not really a case of having to find the way - fixing it would be a five-minute fix. The catch is basically GEC would need to release a new build, and the tools that were in use by the mappers at that time were rather incomplete and before the reverse-engineering of the engine was finished, so there's more than a few ugly hacks to get it to work - for example, Beta 3 actually uses multiple executables because the original engine would crash if there were more than 64 maps; that's since been figured out and expanded so the next release (whether it's Beta 4 or the final) should be back to one EXE. After they finished reversing the PSX and Final PSX engines, they moved on to reversing Doom 64. With that now done as well, on the PSX front, additions will be made (such as the Arch-Vile), enhancements will be added (the vertical texture stretching fix, two-color wall colors, various sector/line specials that were removed, Icon of Sin reinstated, maps shifted over to the higher-limits Final Doom engine, etc.), and then the mappers will be given new tools to work with, at which point I'm sure the map will be fixed for the next release. That's when a new release would happen. Hopefully soon!
  18. Dark Pulse

    Unreal Vs Quake Vs Turok

    Unreal was the better SP of all of them, but I do like some Quake II. Quake I, could never fully get into it. Unreal II was... okay, just not very Unreal. Never played the Turoks, but I do have the PC versions of Turok 1 and 2. I do remember being intrigued by them when I read about them in EGM2. I should play them sometime.
  19. Dark Pulse

    Could PSX Doom be remastered like Doom 64 was?

    Well, probably the closest thing it's got to a mod/TC is the GEC Master Edition. The one for PSX is reinserting the cut maps and some extras; the one for PC (which will eventually be renamed DZDoom) is basically a port of PSX to the PC as closely as possible within GZDoom. There's also PsyDoom, which aims to be an accurate recreation of the PSX version on PC.
  20. Dark Pulse

    Final Doom on PS3 - controller issues

    Or a jailbroken PS3, then you can find it on some torrent sites. But at that point we're getting into very shady legality.
  21. Dark Pulse

    All Doom games are mine now!

    Lookin' forward to video of that WebTV version.
  22. Dark Pulse

    Essential stuff for fans of Lee Jackson

    Paprika is the answer to everything.
  23. Dark Pulse

    Best software to create Doom/Duke3d type sprites?

    Considering most of those same people made Wolf, Doom, and Quake, they got paid very, very well. :P
  24. Dark Pulse

    Laptop Shopping - Need Help!

    Whenever I see "Tower of Power," my mind immediately thinks of two things. Number One: Number Two:
  25. Dark Pulse

    Essential stuff for fans of Lee Jackson

    Eat your hat, Lee.