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  1. Mikolah

    six-word reviews (you can join)

    KDIDKIZD: how the fuck does this work
  2. Mikolah


  3. Blind run, got to map08, had a very sloppy fight which brought my HP down to 9, and died to a stray shot later. mik_xmaschill_ironman.zip
  4. Mikolah

    Vanilla visuals ≠ Bad visuals.

    Yeah, what is this? A status bar for ants?
  5. Mikolah

    Xerxesia - Derailed in 3 Posts

    @spacelion88 What version of GZDoom are you using? This wad uses MBF21, support for which was added very recently and was/is still experimental. Try upgrading to the latest version, hopefully it'll work. If it doesn't, post the exact errors you're getting. It'll be useful in pin-pointing the source of the issue to help us solve the problems you're having.
  6. Biotech2 MAP01 UV-Max in 1:30.57 biotech2-01m130.zip
  7. Mikolah

    Enslavement [-complevel 2]

    MAP11 UV-Speed in 0:19.94 enslave11p019.zip
  8. Enslavement MAP09 UV-Speed in 0:27.14 enslave09p027.zip
  9. Mikolah

    Project Space demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP01 UV-Max in 3:40.34 psp01m340.zip
  10. Mikolah

    Project Space demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP05 Pacifist in 1:47.17 psp05p147.zip
  11. Mikolah

    Project Space demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP03 Pacifist in 0:52.80 psp03p052.zip
  12. Mikolah

    Project Space demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP02 Pacifist in 0:38.34 psp02p038.zip