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  1. JustCallMeKaito

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Being anywhere near water terrifies me. Also, vortexes are god damn terrifying.
  2. JustCallMeKaito

    How NRFTL or Sigil would be treated without....

    This is ridiculous. The bottom line is that this WAD does nothing new and has no memorable moments. Alright, you want memorable moments, so let's talk about boss levels. The most stand out moments in games. The Bruiser Brothers emerging from those pillars. The roar of an unseen cyberdemon circling the Tower of Babel. The massive arena in the center of the hellish city of Dis inhabited by the spider mastermind. The wooden fort guarded by the last spider demon with demons watching the fight from the stands? E5 ends with a spider and a cyber in a dark, bland hallway.
  3. JustCallMeKaito

    How NRFTL or Sigil would be treated without....

    Every Zelda game ever made. Exit signs and a pretty shot to end on are preferable to this. Nobody likes that shit. There's a reason narrow levels are hated, especially shit like "The Chasm". That's called bad design. I'll give you a point for this. That is pretty much Romero's signature design right there. An idea that would work better in other games. In DOOM, the idea works on paper, but in-game? Nope. The Minotaur bit is new and interesting, yes. However, maze full of nope has been done before. See Plutonia Map11. Despite mentioning Plutonia, you really haven't played Final Doom, have you? There's straight up a map in Plutonia called "Caged". It's a giant effing cage that, bonus points, isn't a pain in the ass maze. Plutonia: Map05. Plutonia: Map29. Doom II: Map13. Doom II: Map15. Doom 2: Map16. Doom 2: Map17. To add to this, the map I feel you're talking about is the worst in the entire pack. Funny thing is that WADS continued to get more innovative as time went on. Plutonia is very memorable, yes. Since you seem to be inviting us to challenge this opinion, a brief list of some of my favorite WADS that were quite innovative are: Plutonia 2 Action Doom Action Doom 2 Golden Souls Golden Souls 2 Valiant Doom: The Way ID Did Doom: The Way ID Did 2 Knee-Deep In Zdoom Sunlust Sunder 50 Monsters 10 Sectors The list goes on, but I think that gets the point across. Sigil ultimately comes off as clumsy and far too experimental and suffers vastly as a result. One word. Just. One. Daikatana
  4. JustCallMeKaito

    Doom map tropes you love & hate

    Tropes I Enjoy: Damaging floors being present in fights. Fake exits, especially if you can actually make it convincing. Invisibility sphere right before a hitscanner orgy. Ambushes that have both arachnotrons and mancubi. Making the hell knight a common enemy as a mapset progresses. Allowing the player to collect keys in whatever order they want. Crushers and barrels placed to help take out enemies. Respriting Nazis and making them the new zombie on the block. Fake traps to screw with the player. Tropes I Hate: Platforming, especially if it requires jump / crouch. Jumping feels worse than it does in a handful of NES games. Inescapable damage pits. Burn in Hell, foul trope. Switch hunts with no bloody indication of where to go or what to do. Secrets with no indicators that can only be found by getting giggity with every wall you come across. Having multiple corridors that are less than 128 units wide and filled with enemies. Crate mazes. It's just one texture spammed everywhere in a series of obnoxiously tight spaces. Long range hitscanners. Just why? Refusing to give the player the SSG when up against mid-tier monsters. Any map that is so stiff that it makes you aware that everything you are looking at is bound to a grid.
  5. JustCallMeKaito

    Hell Revealed

    A very hyped up megawad that I've seen some praise like its the messiah of all mapsets. Despite the hype, it does not by any means live up to the praise. When it's good, it's good. When it's bad, it's a chore to get through. When it's ugly, it's downright hideous, with Map07 being one of the ugliest maps I've seen, not to mention the weakest Dead Simple clone I've had to play. Honestly only about 5 maps out of the 32 are good.
  6. JustCallMeKaito

    Castlevania Fans?

    My favorite would either have to be Aria of Sorrow or Order of Ecclesia, I really can't decide which. The soul mechanic of Aria gives a truckload of replay value to the game, not forgetting that the characters are probably the best in the series. However, I love how Order of Ecclesia puts a new spin on simply attacking enemies, as well as having the best soundtrack in the series. As for the worst? Castlevania: The Adventure. That's not an opinion. It's a fact that the game is a broken, unplayable dumpster fire.
  7. JustCallMeKaito

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    Simple. Doomguy is 56 units tall, or 6 foot according to Q3, which means the 110 unit tall goat is 141.4 inches. Your average home has ceilings about 8 - 9 feet apart from the floor. The solution? Run around and watch him smack his head on everything. Enough head trauma later and you'll have a dead goatborg.
  8. JustCallMeKaito

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

  9. E2M9, Fortress of Mystery. Why? So we can all be disappointed and confused at what the hell the mystery is.
  10. JustCallMeKaito

    The Modest Mapping Challenge

    I don't see the need for such a pessimistic attitude towards the project like some of you are displaying, especially the repeat offenders. The limits that this challenge provides are very much possible to work with. 40 sectors can be done with some proper planning, and 4 monster types can also work when paired with a good layout that utilizes them properly. Give Jark a chance with the project.
  11. JustCallMeKaito

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    Map Name: Toxic Asteroid Midi: "Easel" by James Paddock Par: 1:30 Credits: ID Software for the original game, ZeMystic for extra textures, and James Paddock for the midi.
  12. JustCallMeKaito

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    That is a very specific scenario you have there. You wouldn't happen to be referencing Neurosphere from Plutonia, would you? Besides, if everyone worried about major "what-ifs" such as this, vanilla / chocolate mapping would be long dead. There are ways to work around such problems that arise, and that's part of the charm of vanilla / chocolate mapping, is it not? The project feels like it is quickly losing what made it unique. By whittling away a couple things at a time, we've gone from vanilla techbase maps set in space to the typical early nukebase levels that we can go crazy with.
  13. JustCallMeKaito

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    Since Map01 is open, sign me up.
  14. JustCallMeKaito

    Reliving the End (/idgames release!)

    The map was a blast for the most part, especially the room with the raising / lowering marble, but there are some points I need to bring up. The crusher above the spider mastermind seems a bit like overkill. Everything in the general area is capable of slaying the spider, plus there's enough ammo to assist with clean up duty I kept hearing chaingunners firing around the lava near the secret plasma gun, but never saw or got hit by them. The final fight is just obnoxious. The archviles actually threw me clear out of the room towards the beginning of the map on my first attempt, wasting the invulnerability. My second attempt was what it must feel like to be a tennis ball. There are a couple of sequence breaks around the area with the megasphere. They can both be prevented by trimming down the ledges a bit.