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  1. eharper256


    Even the demons appreciate the need for a good disco. They had to make do with a gothic marble one, though.
  2. Wasn't UniversalGibs the Ketchup successor? I guess alot of people are still using the original though... and UG still has stuttering problems with slaughtermaps for sure, so I'll certainly check it out. EDIT: Sadly, it doesn't adapt blood colours for enemies with non-red blood it seems (as one can find in, say, Shades of Doom).
  3. eharper256

    How important are complex room shapes?

    Some very impressive things can be created with just cuboid objects. I've seen a few map packs exemplify that. But Doom Maps go through phases in the same way as artistic movements, and the main current movement is extremely huge, very detailed geometry with custom textures and really high difficulty. Personally I prefer short and snappy with untaxing difficulty, like Scythe 1 (up to 25), WoS, and Coffee Break style; as well as DWidD things, so I can understand your idea. On the other hand, I'm not sure using Doom 3 as an example is neccessarily a great plan; its the only doom I never finished, and never really enjoyed. Though I guess its certainly got its followers.
  4. eharper256

    Doom: THE MEME SOUNDTRACK! (Part 1 released!)

    Loading this up in SLADE I'm mostly confused. Maybe I'm just not up to date with the memes. I mostly just heard rap.
  5. eharper256


    So the Astral Plane, then? Going by D&D lore, you need to make it all grey now. XD Nice to see this ticking along though. I like the Pink theme myself.
  6. eharper256

    miku doom 2 yes thats right

    But the big question: are there any Rin Kagamine songs? (Yup I'm a Rin-chan fan)
  7. eharper256

    Wads like Hell on Earth Starter Pack

    Yep, in that case then, Echelon and Chainworm Commando on that list still apply, as well as Legacy of Heroes, UAC Ultra, Doom Eternal, Going Down, and Verse Hopper.
  8. eharper256

    Wads like Hell on Earth Starter Pack

    What aspect are you looking for specifically? Retellings of the Doom 2 Story? For that, I'd recommend Echelon or perhaps Coffee Break. There's probably others I can't recall right now as well. Maps ideal to be used with Gameplay wads? There's quite a few; but my favourites that work all the time are Whispers of Satan, Chainworm Commando, and 2048 Unleashed.
  9. Okay, sure. Doomworld Handle: eharper256 Skill level: A commoner. Sunlust on I'm too Young to Die is way too hard for me. Preferred difficulty level(s): HMP Maximum number of maps in a set: Any number, but if a huge megawad, give me a couple of days to finish it. Minimum number of maps in a set: N/A Preferred genres: Levels trying out new texture sets, concepts and mapping ideas. Maps that are short and punchy, scythe 1 style. Genres you don't like: Slaughterwads and Terrywads. Preferred source ports: GZDoom Source ports refused: Nothing as such. Demos or written comments: I'm happy to give you detailed written reviews with comments. I can also provide a recorded .flv if wanted, but I've never got my head around making FDA's. Notes: I've played doom since a kid in 93, but I'm still not great at it, I'm naturally a strategy gamer TBH, but this allows me to give you a common joe perspective of lower difficulty levels. Also, by default, I play with a laundry list of mods. If requesting, please specify if you want vanilla testing, or else I will default to Trailblazer, Tomtefar Brutal, Weapons of Saturn, or Argent.
  10. eharper256

    The Oasis - A single ZDoom map (RELEASED)

    Looks pretty sweet, was looking for a new map to play this evening. EDIT: Ok, forget that, I died in the starting area. Way too much starting heat for me.
  11. 90s: Fireblu 00s: Fireblu 10s: Fireblu
  12. eharper256

    Whispers of Satan

    Probably my favourite Megawad. I was surprised when people talked about symmetry here. I don't see it at all, but then I'm the kind of guy who can't see the difference between 4k and 1080p either, so take that with a pinch of salt. Most notably, though, its good for those of us who want reasonable quantities of monsters. May be a detriment to those that love slaughter, but I don't. My actual only beef with it is how it loves keys sitting on raised pillars. It literally does lead you from pillar to post on some levels.
  13. SLADE says there are. Weird datestamp is weird.
  14. Do I have the latest version if the 'Last Modified' Date is 11-04-2015!?!? If so... some windows trickery is going on here, lol. Nevertheless, downloaded to look at, I like the computer puns in the titles. XD