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  1. eharper256

    Best Memories of Classic Doom

    I had a thing where I would play E1M1 to E1M3 before going to school for a while, pretty much every morning. Used to piss my mother off all the time to hear Hangar's music again at 7am. XD After realising I loved this game alot, my mother bought Doom2 for me, and also entered into a competition in a games magazine for me to win several shovelware discs. It required you to come up with a slogan for 'I like playing Doom because...' and my entry was 'its the best thing since Sliced Head' (I was a morbid child) XD. I won the competition! I discovered extra maps and mods for Doom early on (mostly through said shovelware discs) and it awoke my general love for modding all sorts of games. At one point, my copy of doom had a whole bunch of ridiculous sound effects and the Imps were replaced with Barney. Though I attempted mapping at that point, I was still 7, and Doom editors just confused me, so the best I could manage was creating a 64 vertex room and shuffling all the vertexes around to make a pseudo maze and then filling it with guns and monsters and torch actors, with an ending involving Romeo's Head as I couldn't understand linedefs and switches. Eventually I went on to make Unreal Tournament Levels that were considerably better when I was older and wiser. Later on, I got a serious telling off because my Doom directory on our computer was using 40 MEGABYTES of our 386's 120 Mb drive! I came up with a stupid song called 'give 'em the taste of a chainsaw'. Like I said... Morbid Child... its amazing I turned out as well-balanced as I did.
  2. eharper256

    No experience playing mods - little help needed

    What you would have to do is attempt a few different packages that mimic, but do not perfectly copy, the Brutal Doom package. The best option is to use Universalgibs, which mostly works with everything, with Golden Souls, and crank all its settings up to maximum. Its not quite the same level of dismemberment, but its certainly just as bloody. Brutal Doom Monsters Only could be tried as well, but probably wouln't work, as Golden Souls replaces several enemies. Personally, I'd place all your files in a seperate mods directory off the GZDoom directory, and then trigger them by altering your .ini file (adding entries under globalload), something like this: [Global.Autoload] Path=$PROGDIR/Mods/UniversalGibs.zip Path=$PROGDIR/Mods/SpriteShadow v1.6.pk3 Path=$PROGDIR/Mods/simpleuiaddons.pk3 Path=$PROGDIR/Mods/goldensouls.pk3 Path=$PROGDIR/Mods/Champions[2.2].pk3 Path=$PROGDIR/Mods/MyMUSIC.wad Keeping everything sorted is important if you don't want your base directory to turn into a clusterfuck.
  3. eharper256

    Do you guys know any good gun mods

    I'd second Trailblazer and Guncaster, and add my personal favourite, Argent (D2016 weapons in Doom Classic), as well as La Tailor Girl.
  4. eharper256


    Shades of Doom
  5. Nice, feels like its rare to see a Trailblazer run... Out of interest, though, why do several weapons have different costs to upgrade in your version? It's 110 for Chrome Justice, and 50ish for the HMG in my version, and the Nutcracker and Bitchmaker are almost certainly more too; did you tweak them? I should get around to finishing this, still only done up to Map03. XD
  6. eharper256

    Your favorite weapon mods.

    Argent, Trailblazer, Baron: Heart of Demons, La Tailor Girl, Guncaster. Pretty much in that order for the top 5.
  7. I have never seen Garfield look so healthy.

    1. eharper256


      Starting a citrus lasagne trend, of course.

  8. eharper256

    Twice the demons?

    10 Revenant Palette Swaps Confirmed. That said, at the moment, I'm fairly trusting they can pull something good out of this, since D2016 was pretty good overall.
  9. I checked the pk3, and they are indeed png's, so this is quite possible.
  10. eharper256

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    Looks fantastic, though I almost missed it. Someone should move it to the WADs forum. I especially love the Dis-like hell fortress, Magenta getting the proper hell treatement it deserves (purple is always the most evil colour, and the colour of hellfire, right?), and the Ancient Greek Parthenon.
  11. eharper256

    ProjectBrutality or BrutalDoom?

    I'd recommend using this fork to the unofficial '20c' version. Fixes all the 20b bugs, since a fair few people disliked v21, myself included, due to the feature creep. Occasionally its good to bring out Brutal Doom. Maligned as it is here, it did bring alot of people back into the community. Myself included; I'd forgotten about doom ports for a good while after finding Doomsday rather meh, way way back, even though Doom was a big part of my childhood.
  12. I was also coming in to recommend Legacy of Heroes, which is one of my favourite wads, but the creator beat me to it. XD Also, yes, it works fine with mods. I've played it with Heretical and Argent myself.
  13. eharper256

    Ethics of announcements/releases

    Do keep in mind that this is the internet and vast majority of people stay lurkers. You can have thousands of views but two dozen comments, I know from experience with my isekai webnovel and my RPG, where this has happened. But yes, releases are staggered in the game market because sales are involved. Heck, Steam used to negotiate with indies to determine a good release date for their titles as well until it became too much for them to bother. If you want to optimise total instant impact, choosing a downtime is a good plan, but in a community like Doom's people will gradually play your content in the end.
  14. Sure, I'll check it out this evening. Uh... wasn't this supposed to be akin to CGA lighting mode? Looks a bit better on Doom Renderer rather than Standard... So I'm guessing it either doesn't work on OpenGL modes... or you used texture replacments for the effect and the high-rez texture pack of mine is usurping it. Well, besides the lack of the effects it was supposed to have, it was a decent enough level. Early on is very starved for ammo, especially if you go wandering around and triggering all the encounters as I am want to do, but it evens out after some mental early times. The only fight that frustrated me was the Mancubus appearing behind me suddenly whilst I was fighting a Caco, but otherwise it was reasonble difficulty. I like the idea of 'teleporting' the switches so they become platformstairs on the section in the screenshot. That was more enjoyable and interesting than a regular switch-hunt. The only thing is... nothing changed in the entry room after pressing the hitlerswitch in that room, and I accidently triggered the end of the level by wallhumping. This might be due to me not seeing the visual effects though.
  15. eharper256

    Doom wads that are actually fun to play.

    This thread in general has actually pointed out more things I can add to my list to check out, so this has been one of the most helpful necro's I've seen in a while. Also, this image from earlier in the thread really makes laugh. I'm totally at Normal Pleb, verging on Outsider level myself, as the maps here are definately those I enjoy the most. (I happily consider Going Down to be moderately, but enjoyably difficult, and Valiant on HNTR is doable, but AA is too hard for me) XD As for actual recommendations of enjoyable easier-moderately hard levels not yet mentioned, I would add: Whispers of Satan Chainworm Commando Legacy of Heroes