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  1. eharper256

    Walpurgis- 0.95 (For Doom, Heretic, Hexen) [0.95 OUT!!]

    Just another quick video of me testing OBSIDIAN, the automatic procedural Doom map-generator, which has come along quite far since its early days (when it was called OBLIGE and OBADDON, which this one is forked from)! It now makes some quite interesting maps, especially when you make short bundles or single episodes and set its linearity setting to 100%, so its worth a look if you're on the prowl for more maps to play. Check it out here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=71457 If some bizarre reason you want this generated wad specifically, I also uploaded that to here: https://mega.nz/file/wctERZyY#VcIcwYJQBZiDqLQ4NyKDXw-MkIVsoBBsvsnE5y8D8NM Hope you're all enjoying the 0.95 release!!
  2. eharper256

    Misc. Classic Style Wad

    Well, I played this in my fortnightly look for things with no replies. In a nutshell, very short, very simple, very 1994. It plays like your first experiments with a map editor, so in that sense, you very much channel 'classic'. I was entertained by how super-short these levels were (I completed the lot in about 20 mins) since I much prefer super-short to epic length maps, though I rolled my eyes at the finale of a stealth-cyberdemon in a small box. It also mysteriously ends up with the finale text of E1M8 on my Wadsmoosh after that cyberdemon and then GZDoom can't find the next level and kicks to the titlescreen. You're not going to win any awards for this for sure, but its not the worst thing I've ever played.
  3. eharper256

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    New video celebrating the 0.95 release of Walpurgis!
  4. eharper256

    Walpurgis- 0.95 (For Doom, Heretic, Hexen) [0.95 OUT!!]

    New video: This is one of my favourite levels from one of my favourite Megawads, Birthday Bash by Milkman. It's got a fine ability for taking standard Doom Tropes and turning them on their head and having fascinating gimmicks. You can see the topic for this here: Not sure if he ever got around to fixing the issue with the IDgames upload, but I can't find it there on a search myself. -------------------- Also, in case you're wondering, 0.96 will return to sorting out the rest of the upgrades and the Crusader's Slot-2 extra weapon. 0.95 was a needed and interesting diversion to help speed up cranking out the elites, fix some issues with that system and introduce the new randomiser mode, Dimensional Instability, because the monster alterations were a little lacking up until this point and pushing out two or so per patch felt both distracting and rather 'filler-ish' content. DI mode and Doomed Souls Modes together should seriously help up the ante for players looking for more challenging content with Walpurgis, and as someone who loves randomisers in general for freshening up older games you love (especially Fire Emblem and Zelda randomisers, which I really enjoy), I wanted to get DI mode sorted. I'm not sure if there's honestly demand for it (probably not, lol), but if there is, I might consider splitting off DI mode into its own mod in the future. Finally, in other news, I released an update for my aging 'HD Smooth Fluids' mod. You can check that out here. It was becoming rather broken with newer GZDooms, but I've fixed all its issues and also made it WadSmoosh friendly.
  5. Unironically an entertaining read. My maps of 94 had two sectors and a door, and I didn't know how to make exits so every level had Romero's head on it. Admittedly, I was a little younger at the time (9, lol) and actually making decent maps started more in the Duke 3D and UT99 era of things. Though the Doom and Duke3d ones never escaped my friend circle and a handful of floppies I can no longer use, I'm pretty sure I put those UT99 levels up somewhere, so perhaps I should go look for them to dig up my past like yourself, along with that cringeworthy pokemon fanfiction and geocities website I made (haha).
  6. eharper256

    Walpurgis- 0.95 (For Doom, Heretic, Hexen) [0.95 OUT!!]

    0.95 is out!! !!~GET IT HERE~!! (Version 0.95) on MEGA ~or~ Googledrive Mirror Changelog [0.95] 'Creature Feature' -------------------- 04/12/2021 +New: Dimensional Instability Mode: A randomiser spanning three games! ==> DOOM ELITES ADDED <== +New: Osseomancer is the Elite for Doom's Cacodemon and Pain Elemental. It is able to spit out grusome decapitated heads, which bounce around for a short while before settling in place. If you come close to a head, it will explode in a shower of corrupted blood. The 'mine-heads' last a while and often attempt to fling themselves around as well, seriously restricting where you can safely step in a fight, making this floating menace a priority target before it controls the battlefield. +New!: Hell Chevalier is the Elite for Doom's Hell Knight; he is faster with more HP and more RED. He flings three Green Fireballs in quick succession each of which are mildly more damaging than standard Baronballs. +New!: Ufetubus is the Elite for Doom's Mancubus. Sporting a black and purple theme, he fires two purple missiles that explode into deadly purple gas clouds that linger for a few seconds. Several of them together can provide some quite terrible area denial. +New!: Hellion is the Elite for Doom's Demon/Pinky. Also sporting a fetching red colour scheme, his main feature is his relentless short-range lunging. Unlike regular pinkies which you can often dance around even up close, if you let this variant get the jump on you he can be quite dangerous. +New!: Pyre-Master is the Elite for Doom's Archvile. Also in blazing red, his Fire Attack requires you to keep moving (or find cover as usual) as all areas affected by the initial flame in their vicinity will soon erupt into a MIRV-like cloud of death. He can also still resurrect like a normal Archvile. He has slightly less HP to compensate for his attack, and if used smartly, he's easy to goad into setting fire to his allies with it due to its AOE nature, like a Cyberdemon. +New!: Magicaco is the Elite for Doom's Lost Soul. This Cacodemon has much less HP and no ability to fire projectiles, but instead gains a mastery of illusion. He can create static Cacodemon Illusions, reduce his own appearance to just a mouth, and teleport around to charge at you from lots of annoying angles. And his bites are painful! +New!: Special Forces Zombie is the Elite for Doom's Sergeant Zombie. He can strafe, and often crouches when firing (reducing his hit-box). Also, if you remain close to him, he will repeatedly fire at you. Also has a spiffing Level 3 helmet. Which makes absolutely no difference to you, since you're not using guns anyway (lol). +New!: Cybercommando is the Elite for Doom's Chaingunner Zombie. He's upgraded his chaingun for a Heavy Laser Cannon, of course. Though slightly slower moving than the normal version, his suppression fire has little equal. +New!: Pistol Zombie is the new standard version of the Basic Zombie in Doom. The old Rifle zombie that was previously the default is now the Elite version, and has slightly more HP. Pistol Zombie only fires a single shot rather than a triple burst. ==> HERETIC ELITES ADDED <== +New!: Black Drakahn is the Elite for Heretic's Weredragon. He's tougher and fires three fireballs in quick succession. Walks slightly slower, but the already dangerous Weredragon shots are made far worse by this guy. +New!: Gorgon is the Elite for Heretic's Ophidian. I edited the standard sprites that are typically used by this to be darker and scaled. Its most notable feature is it supporting other monsters by using a monster version of the Hebiko-Sceptre's Charm Beam. If it gets you, are briefly paralysed and frozen in place, halting your movement (but not attacks) entirely. +New!: Stygian Imp is the Elite for Heretic's Flying Imps. He is extremely evasive, and hard to get a bead on. He fires blue magic missiles and uses his agility to harass you, though he's still not super dangerous. NOTE: Also see New Monsters below; as some Heretic Spawns now include them. ==> HEXEN ELITES ADDED <== +New!: Magma Serpent is the Elite for Hexen's Green Serpent; he can shoot small meteors from afar, and up close will breath flames, making him a dangerous ranged support monster. +New!: Ash Serpent is the Elite for Hexen's Brown Serpent; he's a support creature that will vomit up extremely annoying ash clouds that will inhibit player vision for quite some time, covering his group from attacks. In the rare case you do get hit by him directly, the shot can also cause some nasty damage, though. +New!: Fetid Geist is the Elite for Hexen's Wraith; he moves quicker and spits out balls of venomous power. A direct hit will do some severe damage. +New!: Wyvern Whelp is the Elite for Hexen's Afrit. As you might imagine, its a small version of the Wyvern boss, with a recoloured sprite, and acts like a more powerful Afrit, firing a salvo of four firedarts and having more HP and mobility. NOTE: For Centaurs and Ettins, see new monsters below. ==> BRAND NEW MONSTERS <== +New!: New Monster: The Jaegar, added. This is a resprited and recoloured version of the Hexen II Undead Archer. He will spawn in place of Heretic Ghostly Nitrogolems, and sometimes in the place of Hexen Slaughtaurs, to give more variety to the cast of these games. His normal green shots are fast and powerful, and his blood-red shots have erratic but sometimes unnerring homing properties. Be careful of them suddenly hitting you from behind! +New!: New Monster: The Blackguard, added. This skeleton knight will spawn in the place of Heretic Ghostly Skeleton Knights and sometimes in the place of Hexen Centaurs. He has a good melee attack, and can also fire vorpal slashes similar to the Myrmidon, but in sinister red. +New!: New Monster: The Lizard Warrior, added. He can spawn in the place of the Hexen Stalker Serpents. He can submerge and stay low profile in water, before leaping out to attack you (sometimes onto land as well). +New!: New Monster: The Necromancer Cultist, added. He can spawn in the place of Wraiths rarely in Hexen, and in the place of Beasts rarely in Heretic. He can endlessly summon skeleton minions like a Doom Pain Elemental, and can also raise dead enemies like a Doom Archvile, making him a scary supporter. Fortunately, he's not too fast nor tough, and will avoid summons in favour of shooting you with weak shots if you're too close. +New!: New Monster: The Skeleton Minion, added. He is normally only summoned by the Cultist, but Dimensional Instability mode can occasionally throw him out as a fodder unit. He only has a slow melee attack and doesn't move too fast, but has above-average HP and if you're not careful, alot of allies marching with him! +New!: New Monsters: The Satyr Warrior & Satyr Gladiator. These guys are made to give some more variety to Hexen's usual rank and file: the Ettin, and will appear in the place of them half of the time, with the Satyr Gladiator appearing in place of the Ettin Sergeant when an elite spawn occurs. In general, they have slightly less HP than their counterparts, but move and attack somewhat faster in compensation. ==> OTHER MONSTER RELATED CHANGES <== +New!: Burning to Death Animations added for all standard monsters from Doom, Heretic, and Hexen. Some elites don't have them yet, will come soon. +New!: {The Great Monster Projectile Revision} In all cases, I've tried to keep a similar feel with the new projectiles! >> Cyberdemon gets new rockets and effects. They're mildly more dangerous than before since they also blast you away like a big rocket should! It also has a new remixed sound-effect that mixes the classic Doom one with a more modern one. >> Skeleton Knight's Axes get a makeover with better directional frames of animation and sparklies. >> Iron Lich gets new sprites for all of his attacks to make sure they look up to standard with other projectiles we have now. The column of flame is especially impressive, IMHO. :D >> D'Sparil Disciple's (Floating Wizards) purple ring shots get updated, along with a new shooting noise. >> Weredragon (Beast) gets a new Fireball, with very impressive trail that still evokes its old smokyness but now makes it awesome. >> Revenant Rocket gets a new sprite. It already had new effects, but these are now attached to a rocket rather than a mystic 8-ball. >> Arachnotron Plasma and Hexen Bishop Plasma now use a new, shared and updated sprite. >> Hexen Slaughtaur gets to re-use a blue bolt sprite also made for the New Stygian Imp in Heretic. >> Hexen Afrit and Brown Chaos Serpent shots get slight revisions. +Tweak: Heretic Mummy gets new sprites that look more like a Mummy, less yellow. +Tweak: Doom Shotgun Zombie now has a animation for cocking his shotgun. +Tweak: Doom Chaingun Zombie now has a rev-up animation for his chaingun. ==> NON-MONSTER NEW STUFF <== +Tweak: All Doom, Doom II, Plutonia, and TNT intermission and ending text has been re-written from the perspective of your Walpurgis character, who at this point is assumed to have cleared at least Hexen and hence achieved demi-godhood with the Chaos Sphere. This joins the earlier text already added for Heretic and Hexen. +Tweak: Footstep sounds for {ALL} OTEX Flats added. Since its being used in a fair few levels now. I might get around to CC4 and others later. +Tweak: Keeping up with the Joneses, I created a brand new sexier base set of sprites for Fulgurs lightning, so it looks better than ever. Also slightly improved the primary's tracking once again; you should now always be able to move forwards at full speed whilst zapping enemies without bolts dissappearing. Though going all Leroy Jenkins with the Magister is generally still ill-advised anyway. :D +Tweak: Firestorm Font's Secondary got some new flaming burst graphics so it'll look less spiky and more like I always wanted it to look. This also affects some other flames like Aestus' Meteor and Hammer's Shockwave. +Tweak: Terrain splash definitions added for all Doom, Heretic, Hexen, OTEX flats. +Tweak: A bunch of new GLDefs/Dynamic Lights for projectiles were added. +Tweak: Updated Split Status bars with new sprites to improve their looks. +Tweak: New Animated Menu Logo. +Fixed: Blood colours for Walp monsters set so that gore mods paint the correct gib colours (i.e. Green Baron blood, Blue Caco blood). +Fixed: Sounds that were previously .wav have been remuxed to .ogg to reduce their filesize. This has resulted in a 20~ish Megabyte saving, though this has then been eaten back up with lots of new content (lol). +Fixed: Tradactus' double burst fire had the wrong explosion animation. It wasn't too noticeable in that frenetic fight so I didn't see it in test. Fixed. Also tweaked his ability to summon Wraiths, which should now be more reliable rather than failing about 80% of the time. +Fixed: Kraters of Might would sometimes show their old sprite. Fixed. +Fixed: Removed the 'Zap' sound produced on Electric Pain. Its not very noticable and if a monster was in an Electric Pain state and then died to another type of damage (usually from infighting), that noise would persist in a rather annoying fashion after death. +Fixed: The Elite spawning system broke the A_BOSSDEATH action used by iwad levels to lower and raise floors. A workaround has been put into place to prevent this issue, so these levels will work properly again! (along with any pwads that also use this feature) +Balance: Primary Fire of Druid's Dagon Cane cost increased by +1 Aether Mana. It does a similar amount of damage to the Lightbringer, but was 33% cheaper before, so this puts it on a similar balance. +Balance: Gas clouds from Druid's Hebiko Staff Tertiary and Flechette made around 15% less powerful as they were super-strong for the cost. +Balance: Tertiary Fire of Aestus for Magister (Whip) cost reduced to 10, and made the animation another 2 frames faster. +Balance: Thrown Baselard Hitbox tweaked slightly to be closer to its sprite. +Balance: If you don't like the change to Revenant Missile Homing in Walp, you can now always spawn classic revenant shots with the Menu Option.
  7. eharper256

    Walpurgis- 0.95 (For Doom, Heretic, Hexen) [0.95 OUT!!]

    Here's another new video showcasing Hexen's extra cast variety (with no DI mode on): Since I already had to expand the elite spawner system to account for DI mode, I've also taken this opportunity to add in simultaneous random spawns for the Heretic and Hexen cast to increase their variety. You might have seen some of these guys already in yesterday's video, and they were showing up there in Doom due to the DI Randomiser. The Satyrs/Goats now spawn 50/50 with Ettins, usually being slightly faster but slightly less HP (with the Chainmail Satyr appearing as the elite, like the Chainmail Ettin, and having vorpal slashes). Centaurs and Slaughtaurs sometimes become Death Knights and Archers, and these two will also appear instead of Ghost Mummies/Ghost Knights in Heretic, since the Ghost effect has no meaning in Walpurgis. You can also see further proof of "The Great Monster Projectile Touch-Up Project" that this patch has been host to. :) This is a map from the second hub of "4 Weeks of Pain" by Ryath, which is among the best Hexen Megawads (though there aren't many!). You can get it here: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/hexen/0-9/4weeks
  8. eharper256

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Dimensional Instability Mode for Walpurgis is ready to show to everyone! I don't know what's going on, but it seems entertaining. XD As you can tell, this mode results in quite alot of crazy combinations, and if you really want to go mad with the challenge, you can switch off the tier-list as well, and see any monster spawn at any time without regards to difficulty.
  9. eharper256

    Walpurgis- 0.95 (For Doom, Heretic, Hexen) [0.95 OUT!!]

    Dimensional Instability Mode is now ready for me to show to everyone! Check it out! I don't know what's going on, but it seems entertaining. XD As you can tell, this mode results in quite alot of crazy combinations, and if you really want to go mad with the challenge, you can switch off the tier-list as well, and see any monster spawn at any time without regards to difficulty. You'll also be able to see a fair few of the new elites and monsters that are making their way into this version (25 of them!), as well as some other changes like several revised sprites for projectiles with new Lightning and Fire sprites I've put together as well as many new monster projectiles that have been re-drawn by me for consitent quality across the board. If you still have any opinions regarding the above tier-list, please let me know.
  10. eharper256

    Walpurgis- 0.95 (For Doom, Heretic, Hexen) [0.95 OUT!!]

    I WOULD LIKE YOUR HELP EVERYONE! How would rank the cast of all three games on a tier-basis?? This tier list will affect the upcoming new Dimensional Instability mode. How DI mode works is that for any given monster, a replacement will be randomly selected from its list (from ANY of three games Walp supports, so Doom, Heretic, and Hexen Monsters will be interchangeable between games!). This will also include all of the available Elite Variants (of which there are alot of new ones this version!), but first I want to make sure the list of the main cast is settled in place. So, how does this look to you at the moment? Do I need to move anything up or down? Introduce a whole new tier? Let me know your thoughts! Bosses are also excluded as they won't be replaced, and Monsters that start as flyers will only change to other flyers of course. There will also be other settings in place to mess with the lists further too!
  11. eharper256

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Thanks! The current 0.94A version still has a good chunk of the stuff shown above; but the new Cyberdemon effects, new statusbar changes, new epilogue/intermission text, and a wad of other things, like Dimensional Instability Mode, should be out next weekend, in all likelihood. Here's the mod trailer in case you missed it:
  12. eharper256

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Remake of a really old video of Walpurgis with lots of changes since then! New 0.95 version of Walpurgis should be out soon (start of December timeframe).
  13. eharper256

    Walpurgis- 0.95 (For Doom, Heretic, Hexen) [0.95 OUT!!]

    Time for another really old video to be updated! This time, the last version of this one was so long ago that it didn't even include Agnus Abyssus and the Druid, so it was in dire need of re-take! That's right, its time to troll Cybie once more! We get to see his new rockets again, and another thing I've added in 0.95, revised intermission and epilogue text from the perspective of your Walpurgis character, whom, when playing in Doom, is assumed to have finished the Hexen campaign and jaunting between worlds with their Chaos Sphere to smite more evil. Fun times!
  14. eharper256

    Classic Doom Reforged. Would like some feedback.

    Mmm, well your issue in this case is that you're treading used ground. There are alot of mods that do what your mod does already in this case. Somebody might well look at your topic and go: "Isn't this a Smooth/Beautiful Doom with a few extra bits? Why do I need this?" People will evaluate it on these terms. Even if people do play it, the general rule of internet content is that only 1-3% of people will comment on your work. Is it frustrating? Fo'sho. I had to do ALOT of footwork and add ALOT of content over the last couple of years to get Walpurgis recognised as much as it currently is (and its still relatively unknown here at Doomworld, though moderately popular at ZDoom forums). I put out videos and add new content constantly, and I've put hundreds of man hours into it. You'll find the same for any of the big mods over there. You need that minimum level of commitment to get recognition. And even then, at the end of the day, you need to do this because you love it, not because you're looking for internet fame. Because there is always something bigger and better than what you can do.
  15. eharper256

    The 10x10 Project (Part One) [BOOM]

    (shrug) Your dialogue there implies you took some extra time to balance it. But I guess I took it out of context as a whole. One of those funny things about reading things on the internet. Personally, I'm of the opinion that DW is too skilled for its own good and many maps in the 2010s onwards are getting a bit out of hand towards micro-slaughter for those of us that aren't very good at FPS to begin with, lol (I never play on UV except for on the Vanilla iwad levels, for example). But I'm not opening that can of worms on your topic, we're not here for that, haha. Looking forwards to that FIREBLU level!