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  1. Here's the 0.91 Release!! Get it from MEGA HERE Or from GoogleDrive here Most recent changelog
  2. eharper256

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    The revised Ichival bow for Walpurgis 0.91!
  3. Here's a new video! One of the parts of 0.9 I wasn't terribly happy about when I released it was how the Ichival, the Druid's Ultimate Weapon, turned out at the time... it wasn't terribly 'ultimate', as a few people pointed out (and I agreed). After now having had time to review it and upgrade it to my heart's content with less time pressure of wanting to throw out the first Druid release, its had a huge overhaul- the old Secondary and Tertiary Fires are completely gone, with new replacements: The Artillery Arrow, and the Bouncing Blazer. Each mode now has unique additions to its sprite. The Primary Fire also now also zooms in and slows down time to help you snipe when you hold it, and gained more power and a cheaper cost too. This demo shows a quick run of Doom's E4M1 and the start of E4M2 to test it out, as well as a full fire-mode tester in the latter part of the video to compare its new capabilities. As a bonus side effect, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can see the various new projectiles Doom Monsters have, as well as the new Armour Bundles! Barring major problems, I expect to get 0.91 out this weekend or maybe next.
  4. Me failing miserably as the Walpurgis Druid at the most recent DBP megawad (DBP29), which involves gloomy autumnal environs. Besides displaying my incompetence with modern wad difficulties, this serves as a showcase for some of the new effects that are being added to the Doom Bestiary when you play with Walpurgis on: Zombies are no longer hitscanners, Imps and Barons have awesome looking projectiles, and so on. The eyecandy is getting a fair bit of extra treatment for the 0.91 version! Get DBP29 here:
  5. What about airships and spaceships? Are they boats in this context? I probably won't have time to contribute, sadly, but its still a tempting idea.
  6. Here's the final one of the three Deathkings; Archbishop Tradactus; who is now a more fancy Bishop with blue and white robes. Like his subordinates, he flies, and main attack is a more deadly double-version of their streaming fire. But the main problem here is him poking in and out of his little warrens, speeding around, and freely summoning more wraiths and bishops to try and dogpile you. You can also see some other changes for 0.91 in this video. Notably; the Crux Calicus primary fire has been given a big touch-up in graphical and audio department; as well as a slight damage boost. Secondly, a long requested feature: the Torch item is active here and it now works using proper flickering yellow dynamic lights! Let me know what you all think!
  7. eharper256

    What is most annoying doom mappers do?

    Agreed; I want my HMP to be HMP, not (UV -2 barons).
  8. Here's the preliminary version of Zedek; the leader of the Legion. In many ways the opposite of how Menelkir behaves (all of Menelkir's attacks make you back away and shift around), Zedek is constantly up in your face, trying to remodel it with his Hammer of Retribution. XD I think I need to tone down his 'raaghs' a bit, but he's looking pretty good so far. As you can tell, he finishes me with a sparta-kick off the top for style points (lol). In other news; I've been starting on customising other parts of the bestiary; already we have some new fireball sprites (for Imps and Chaos Serpents), and I finally got around to removing the hitscan from Doom Zombies in favour of Tracer based attacks. I've also been re-balancing and re-jigging a few weapons based on people's (and my own) feedback. Among other things, the Crux Calicus primary fire is now souped up, and the Quietus Torpedo charges much quicker and no longer explodes in your face.
  9. Here's another video of Menelkir in a more revised form, and being fought in his natural habitat (Hexen Map 27) rather than my test map. The close confines of his boss chamber are what makes his original fight tough (assuming you don't spam him to death with Wraithverge or Bloodscourge, which is the typical strat lol); and its no exception in his revised form. His old fireworks attack with the invincibility frames has now changed to considerably more deadly shockwaves which are downright nasty in the small space if they corner you (handily enough, you can leap over the worst of the damage, lending this fight into a frenzied move rush). He may still get extra sprite work and slight tweaks; but he's looking quite decent now.
  10. So here's a quick; but VERY important question for everyone that will determine some of the future focus of the mod: ------------------------------------------------------------------- For Monsters... Would you A) Prefer that Walpurgis offers its entire own bestiary. B) Prefer that Walpurgis stays open to other custom monster mods. ------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Poll's closed, with Option A the victor! ------------------------------------------------------------------- At the moment, other monster mods work fine if loaded after Walpurgis, and all you lose in the deal is some of the unique death and pain methods. However, the more unique bosses and monsters I add, the more you lose in that deal. Regardless of what happens, I will include a CVAR toggle eventually to flat out revert to the Vanilla bestiary. So if we go with option A, this will be the main way in the future to use custom monster mods, switch mine off and use whatever you like instead. If we go with B, I will only make a handful of uniques, and instead make it so everyone's suggested monster mods intergrate perfectly, so they get unique deaths and other effects from this mod, and even become extended to cover Heretic and Hexen, rather than disabling them. In the latter option, Colorful Hell, Brutal Doom Monsters Only and VDP Monster Randomiser are the most likely suspects to made fully compatible. Shades of Doom could also be an option, though its meant to be vanilla. If you use something else, mention it. And yes, you can only pick one. Sorry.
  11. One of the main features I'm working on for the 0.91 release is making the bosses of Doom, Hexen, and Heretic less squishy to the class ultimate weapons and to have more interesting mechanics! To that end, here's the first look at that: a revision of Menelkir, the Mage Lord boss in Hexen. He's now styled to be a lightning master! This is the first revision, so it still needs some tweaking (I wasn't expecting him to die so quick to Firestorms lol), but its a nice start.
  12. eharper256

    Beta 2 release - "f&*% You, Escher!"

    This seems like as good a time as ever to repeat the glory of Lego Escher:
  13. eharper256

    Getting almost no reviews at all... what do I do?

    The most important thing that alot of people miss is often simple awareness. Building up anticipation before the fact, constantly harping on about it, and boasting about your creation may seem tiresome and prideful, bordering on obnoxious, but if you have nothing to lose, why not be that guy handing out flyers to everyone on the street? Even if only 1 in 100 doesn't dismiss you outright, suddenly thats 1 who cares, and who may relate their experience to another. Keep at until you spit blood, and eventually determination pulls through. Speaking of which; can I interest you in my wonderful mod; Walpurgis? :D
  14. Golden Souls 2? Well, mario platforming isn't really puzzling as such I suppose. Doomguy doing Hexen levels probably counts as well. The Inquisitor II and Wrath of Chronos sort of count, though they're more Hexen focused. DoomRL Arsenal sort of works too, as that partly brings the RPG elements of the Doom Roguelike over to the actual game.
  15. eharper256

    Any Top Picks for the best WADS/MODS of 2020?

    If I'm allowed to toot my own horn: Works fine with all Doom, Heretic, and Hexen maps. Obviously personal bias, disclaimer etc.