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  1. eharper256

    Birthday Bash MegaWAD

    I want to highlight that I playtested this and its really quite excellent. Its a wad that loves to play with your expectations; and has lots of fresh ideas and technical marvels you don't often see in many maps these days, many of which I was pleasantly surprised with. Some mild spoilers if you want (I recommend seeing it all yourself, though): If you haven't already checked it out, I'd highly recommend it.
  2. eharper256

    Still pining for the simpler times

    Its why I personally prefer Scythe 1 over Scythe 2. I'd much rather have a wham-bam-mapset that doesn't get bogged down in switch-hunts, and has tamer but intelligent encounters rather than revenant and archie spam. There are trends for 'bigger is better' which has perculated into modern design as a 'go big or go home' mentality. However, Doom Mapping goes through phases and counterphases in the same way as art movements, though on a lesser scale. I entirely anticipate there will eventually be a shift in reverse, like you are pining for.
  3. eharper256

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Played up to map 20 now. Having completed the Snow minisode by the skin of my teeth with half-a-dozen deaths, I have to say I feel its a tad bit too hard on HNTR from the third map onwards, and map 15 was too long. Made me lose a fair bit of enthusiasm I had from the first two minisodes. The next minisode generally doesn't suffer from this issue as badly; as though it has harder set pieces; they're usually not all bumrushing you at once and are more seperated into bite sizes. Dehydration [Map 19] gives me serious lag in places with GZDoom (presumably due to alerted monster pathing) making it harder than it should be: my system has never been exactly top-market, but its not a slouch either. Also, that level being obscenely long made me kinda weary (it was a whole hour to complete (!) that one considering how defensively and carefully I play~ also had to fly to the exit on that one as with the reservoir type thing just before the exit nothing happens besides you being trapped in... its possible though I sequence broke it through jumping though as I tend to do that when I get the itch to move on). Hilarity ensues with those Astral Cacodemons as I have Shades of Doom on making them randomly turn into flying Commander Keens. They're more needlessly terrifying than they should be because of that. Captains also use Nazi sprites, and die standing up in a half-gibbed state. Very odd, since the Teal-coloured Demon works absolutely fine. I'm aware that's not something you need to fix, by the way, I'm fairly sure I was warned about not using monster mods with it, but thought I'd point out what happens for the amusement of others.
  4. eharper256

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    No worries; I had the same problem as you, corpses blocked my progression in level 2 entirely and rendered it unplayable, so I thought I'd share when I saw this solution. Also, I didn't mention before, but now having played the first two minisodes, it does seem like a very good set. I'm glad that the HNTR difficulty is managable as well; that's the biggest requirement for me, since my skill level is aggressively mediocre when compared to the average of Doomworld. XD
  5. eharper256

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    This is known issue with nashgore and some monster replacement stuff at the moment; you can fix it temporarily by deleting line 305 in NashGoreBloodPlane.zc using SLADE. (see this post: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=62641&hilit=nashgore&start=75#p1082289)
  6. eharper256

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    THREAD= Such salt. Much wow. Dated doge memes aside, I'm also waiting in anticipation. Doom was important in my childhood. And I'll be happy if that is UV footage; and happy if its GZDoom or Limit Removing only. Because my unpopular opinions are unpopular.
  7. eharper256

    Scattered Ashes - 10 short ZDoom levels (RELEASED)

    Uh... I know that's probably intentional, but even so... Personally I'd say its way too hard on HNTR, I got wasted on map 2 (anytime huge swarms + no room to move occurs, its a death sentance for me TBH) but then I say that for alot of maps. I guess the average of doomworld has left me way behind.
  8. eharper256

    MEGAWAD - Eye of Doom

    Right, of course, the secret switches. I should've replayed Grimrock first to remind myself of the concept. XD
  9. eharper256

    Blood: The Curse Hunter: WIP - nature and time of day

    ^ THIS ^ Caleb reloading it obscenely quickly is its hallmark. Also, the Tommy Gun seems very slow firing. Still, its an interesting thing.
  10. eharper256

    MEGAWAD - Eye of Doom

    One quick note about the first level, its possible to get into the door that is supposed to autoclose in front of you by running at full pelt, and when you do, you can't get out again without no-clip. As I'd apparently completely forgotten most of the first level, I spent ages trying to progress on it, which led me to this accidently.
  11. eharper256

    Birthday Bash MegaWAD

    If you're looking for further playtesters (I usually play on HMP or HNTR, and with mods, if you want that perspective) give me a PM with the link and I'll check it out when I can and give you detailed caps and feedback usually. Last feedback thing I did was this: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1902737
  12. eharper256

    MEGAWAD - Eye of Doom

    Wow, two of my favorite old things in the same package? I'm in. Actually, I'm more a Dungeon Crawler than a Doomer, in fact. I'll briefly pause my Labyrinth of Refrain playthrough to check this out. Maybe it'll work well with Heretical or GMOTA.
  13. eharper256

    m8f's Toolbox (a bunch of addons for GZDoom)

    Thought I'd give you a nod over here since I've been using your mods for a while from the ZDoom forums and it feels a shame there are no useful replies here. I always use Hellscape Navigator and the Automap Arrow (these are fantastic for needlessly convoluted maps); and I would use Target Spy if I didn't slightly prefer Tekish's UI for the job. Having this bumped to the top has reminded me my Hellscape Navigator is still 0.5 in fact, lol. To others: If you use GZDoom at all, m8f's mods are great stuff, professional, lightweight and quite customisable.
  14. Probably because I ignore berserk packs as anything other than full heals. I can't Tyson to save my life.
  15. I thought 'great' and then sighed when I was in the first level and got owned; and thought 'right, average for doomworld'. (le sigh) Seriously though... lots of archviles on the platforms... nowhere near enough shotgun ammo to kill everything as it comes, and running just gets you ever further into the mire even on HNTR. Looks pretty cool, but not one for my skill level I guess. Happy birthday nonetheless.
  16. eharper256

    REFRACTED REALITY (formerly Infinite Void)

    Even the demons appreciate the need for a good disco. They had to make do with a gothic marble one, though.
  17. Wasn't UniversalGibs the Ketchup successor? I guess alot of people are still using the original though... and UG still has stuttering problems with slaughtermaps for sure, so I'll certainly check it out. EDIT: Sadly, it doesn't adapt blood colours for enemies with non-red blood it seems (as one can find in, say, Shades of Doom).
  18. eharper256

    How important are complex room shapes?

    Some very impressive things can be created with just cuboid objects. I've seen a few map packs exemplify that. But Doom Maps go through phases in the same way as artistic movements, and the main current movement is extremely huge, very detailed geometry with custom textures and really high difficulty. Personally I prefer short and snappy with untaxing difficulty, like Scythe 1 (up to 25), WoS, and Coffee Break style; as well as DWidD things, so I can understand your idea. On the other hand, I'm not sure using Doom 3 as an example is neccessarily a great plan; its the only doom I never finished, and never really enjoyed. Though I guess its certainly got its followers.
  19. eharper256

    Doom: THE MEME SOUNDTRACK! (Part 1 released!)

    Loading this up in SLADE I'm mostly confused. Maybe I'm just not up to date with the memes. I mostly just heard rap.
  20. eharper256

    REFRACTED REALITY (formerly Infinite Void)

    So the Astral Plane, then? Going by D&D lore, you need to make it all grey now. XD Nice to see this ticking along though. I like the Pink theme myself.
  21. eharper256

    miku doom 2 yes thats right

    But the big question: are there any Rin Kagamine songs? (Yup I'm a Rin-chan fan)
  22. eharper256

    Wads like Hell on Earth Starter Pack

    Yep, in that case then, Echelon and Chainworm Commando on that list still apply, as well as Legacy of Heroes, UAC Ultra, Doom Eternal, Going Down, and Verse Hopper.
  23. eharper256

    Wads like Hell on Earth Starter Pack

    What aspect are you looking for specifically? Retellings of the Doom 2 Story? For that, I'd recommend Echelon or perhaps Coffee Break. There's probably others I can't recall right now as well. Maps ideal to be used with Gameplay wads? There's quite a few; but my favourites that work all the time are Whispers of Satan, Chainworm Commando, and 2048 Unleashed.
  24. Okay, sure. Doomworld Handle: eharper256 Skill level: A commoner. Sunlust on I'm too Young to Die is way too hard for me. Preferred difficulty level(s): HMP Maximum number of maps in a set: Any number, but if a huge megawad, give me a couple of days to finish it. Minimum number of maps in a set: N/A Preferred genres: Levels trying out new texture sets, concepts and mapping ideas. Maps that are short and punchy, scythe 1 style. Genres you don't like: Slaughterwads and Terrywads. Preferred source ports: GZDoom Source ports refused: Nothing as such. Demos or written comments: I'm happy to give you detailed written reviews with comments. I can also provide a recorded .flv if wanted, but I've never got my head around making FDA's. Notes: I've played doom since a kid in 93, but I'm still not great at it, I'm naturally a strategy gamer TBH, but this allows me to give you a common joe perspective of lower difficulty levels. Also, by default, I play with a laundry list of mods. If requesting, please specify if you want vanilla testing, or else I will default to Trailblazer, Tomtefar Brutal, Weapons of Saturn, or Argent.