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  1. ate0ate

    Complex Doom

    Complex Doom and the whole CF vs LSD drama are quite the rabbit hole. Some good and much bad has ultimately come out of it, but I think Complex itself was a simple yet solid concept. I second Bryan's suggestion above here, Pandemonia is a more polished and streamlined experience kept up to date much more reliably. Definitely worth a look if Complex is something you are into. Ultimately, play what makes you happy.
  2. ate0ate

    Labyrinth of the Aku (17 levels) updated

    Same as everyone else above, I also cannot download, and oddly the timer has gone up not down. I originally checked it and it had forty some odd minutes to go. I came back in an hour and now its got over an hour to go on the clock lol.
  3. ate0ate

    Doom Sound Bulb - HD sounds that stay true to the original!

    I've been playing around with the extra sounds and I gotta say, they are quite nice. They fit quite well and none of them seem out of place, well, except for one. That lost soul idle sound. Its kind of strange. Usually I associate a scream/screech sort of sound with them, but the one in the extras sounds too much like a whistle. A slightly paranormal whistle, but a whistle nonetheless. That's really the only sound that could use a bit of tweaking in my opinion, but other than that this is some impressive work. Thanks for your effort!
  4. ate0ate

    [FINAL RELEASE] Refracted Reality

    I gotta say, I loved the little secondary ambush after dillydallying too long on the elevator and having to ride it up again. I had just enough time to think, "hey I wonder if they actually thought about this and are gonna throw more mons... (teleport sound) ...Yup they did!" Its the attention to detail like that that really makes the maps in this wad stand for me thus far. Not to mention the incredible atmosphere.
  5. ate0ate

    Djinn - 25 Maps Megawad

    Only missing the very last map, not bad at all. Thank you so much for this! I saw UltraViolence play through this on youtube and it looked like a great time. I've been waiting for the official final release to be re-released to try it out, but it's been oddly quiet on that front.
  6. ate0ate


    This is the mod they are referencing for those curious... https://www.moddb.com/mods/dont-play-with-hell-black-edition
  7. How is testing/progress going on this? Did any of you guys volunteering like what you saw? The screenshots that exist look quite nice, plus there's been a whole lot of time and effort put into this so I look forward to playing.
  8. ate0ate

    Complex Doom Clusterfuck

    May wanna update your post with Dusted's official release... Clusterfuck mod from the man himself: https://mega.nz/#F!GdsVnKyY!tBahBv35NujhwVpUxAkpDQ Link to celebratory public release stream: