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    WADs with great music

    Scythe II has some nice tracks. I like how well the creator sampled the Sisters of Mercy tracks.

    First ever image of a black hole is released

    If only Stephen Hawking lived long enough to see that picture, I'm sure he'd do some thinking and share something interesting with the world.

    Introducing my Girlfriend to Doom

    I think you're the most naive person I've met on DW. Edit: Fuck, got me.

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    "Even though the movie sucks, it took a lot of effort to make, so please don't be so mean." Just because it took a lot of effort to make doesn't excuse it being ridiculous. I do apperciate the effort, considering how it has relatively low budget, but there's nothing else to that.

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I've made some more progress on my map. It's interconnected so much that you can finish it without finding any of the 2 keys now (ofc via secret routes).
  6. I know it was said already but I have never used weapons that were more underwhelming than (or just as underwhelming as) the Quake arsenal. They're so unsatisfying and underpowered that it makes Quake ridiculously frustrating for me, which is why I always play it with mods.

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I've once won two TF2 raffles in a row and I like to think that all of my luck was exhausted on that and that I'm now getting unluckier day by day.

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Doom is also mentioned in the movie "The Color of Money" in which Cruise’s character pulls out his custom cue case at a pool hall. “‘What do you have in there?’ asks someone. ‘Doom,’ replied Cruise with a cocky grin.

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    - Doom Guy was based off Jesus Christ, as he shows great disdain for demons and can walk on liquids. - id Software intentionally put a smiley face on the pistol sprites and is in no way related to pareidolia. - Doom has so many advanced mechanics and codes that some of them are considered 'bugs'. - The original 'helmet' HUD wasn't removed because it was 'distracting' but because it was too cool for its time. - Defeating the Cyberdemon boss in the Episode 2 of Ultimate Doom at exactly 3 AM will trigger a real demonic invasion.

    Interconnected maps(need help)

    There's a lot that can be said about interconnecting maps but here are my two cents in this: - I interconnect what makes sense to interconnect. I sure as hell don't want to interconnect the starting room straight to the map end in a hallway or two. - Whenever I see a chance to interconnect two rooms that are practically close to eachother, I take them into consideration and make a mental note that it might be a good idea to interconnect those two rooms. - One of my rules about interconnecting to a room is to have one path that's longer, but easier to navigate and the other path which is shorter but harder to navigate. I treat taking shorter paths as some kind of 'punishment' and I do that by placing more environmental hazards in the said shorter path, tougher monsters and sometimes I deny the players an access to a new gun or a powerup by taking the shorter path as well. - There should definitely be secret parts that provide an alternative path to a room. - I also interconnect maps by forcing the players to backtrack after obtaining a key or doing something else that's crucial for the map progression. It isn't a good idea to make the backtracking long or confusing, so avoid doing that. - Another good idea for secret alternative paths is to offer the players a chance to access a room that requires a keycard without having one, but also to ensure that the secret is well hidden.

    Why do people like black gloves so much?

    Because black gloves are metal, rock-n-roll, sick, badass, cool, edgy and brown gloves are pedo, homo, not cool and not badass.

    Original Doom songs you want to see return

    Definitely D_RUNNIN and have it as an option to play it on loop throughout the entire game.

    Somebody remember this Win95 Doom comercial?

    "These games are getting really realistic..."

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I can type at around 650 CPM.

    Half-Life 1 or Doom 1?

    inconsistent Dictionary result for inconsistent /ɪnkənˈsɪst(ə)nt/ adjective adjective: inconsistent 1. not staying the same throughout. "the quality of the material was often inconsistent" Their modding community hasn't seen a TC/gameplay mod like Counter-Strike for a pretty long time, for an example. A new Half-Life TC/gameplay mod was no rare sight back then, nowadays it kind of is.