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  1. quake92

    Eternal Snapmaps ?

    think I spent over 100 hours fiddling around with makin stuff in snapmap mode on the playstation when doom2016 first came out. I would even go as far to say its a big innovation to create your own relevant content in todays games. Last time I had this much fun building stuff that actually had a meaning for me was in tony hawks pro skater on the PS2 makin skate parks recently I bought doom AGAIN ! doesn't happen often I buy games twice but this time I got it again for steam the current price is really nice, so at the moment I'm 13 hours in on the PC playing around on Ultra-Nightmare and having probably thrice as much fun (probably due to much better graphics and incredibly better responsiveness ) than I was on the ps4 thus, really hoping they realized the potential of snapmap and convert all the wonderful ideas they had from the previous installment onto Eternal ;)
  2. quake92

    Eternal Snapmaps ?

    Will we see improved snap map creation in Doom Eternal ? it had incredible potential in doom 4 will they manage to make it better ? i will probably always prefer doom builder but i wouldn't mind seeing them elevate on the technical possibilities of the snap map system cheers
  3. quake92

    Final boss?

    there was a serious lack of bosses in doom 4 hope they introduce new mechanics for that in the new one
  4. English isnt my native language but atleast now I know this is the info I need to disect to grasp how to rearrange stuff within pk3 files, thank you a lot i will take time to try to get a hang of this good stuff
  5. Anyone know a good tutorial for transferring assets from a .pk3 file to a custom wad using slade ? i can do wad to wad but not from pk3 to wad. best regards
  6. quake92

    Twice the demons?

    We need Nazi demons ! Please have them included and I will buy two copies
  7. quake92

    Enemies you don't want to return

    the more enemies the merrier bring em all back remastered
  8. like you know in a pk3 file the decorate image sound and info files are all in different folders? Am i supposed to somehow realign all those together when trying to transfer a specific enemy from the pk3 onto my wad ? Specifically I'm trying to extract some of weasels nazi enemies from his nazi pk3 file, when I get this to happen I will be a happy man please if anyone has any pointers it will be greatly appreciated :)
  9. I can extract wad files using slade and into my wad but I'm having issues transferring .pk3 stuff into my .wad does the method differ doing so ? like I can put wads from realm667 into my wad easily but have problems doing so with stuff from .pk3 files and I'm wondering if theres any more to this
  10. Hey I'm using GZdoom builder and somehow I changed something so that when I select textures in visual mode it doesn't highlight the selected parts anymore , does anyone know how to change this back so I can see clearly what I'm selecting again ? Thanks a lot !
  11. quake92

    Custom Textures?

    I'm new to this too but I think the best program these days to do that is SLADE
  12. I primarily want to make a map for myself to play and for friends who come over :) thank you for the awesome answers
  13. Would it be okay if I extracted a couple of enemies from wolfendoom into my own wad ? Would I do so using slade even tho its a pk.3 file ? I'm sure everyone at some point wanted to make a wolfenstein level haha
  14. I'm having a blast using the 3d floors option in gzdoom builder its fun to use haha