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  1. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    Random Image Thread

  2. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    Your Top 5 Doom II maps

    Well... 1.Wolfenstein(MAP31) 2.Groove(MAP32) 3.Hangar(E1M1) 4.Warrens(E3M9) 5.Entryway(MAP01)
  3. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    horror WADS

    I'm recommend play Horror-Mod for doom called Project Horror by Seidolon?
  4. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    Vortex of Evil

  5. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    Before the Nightmare

    UACMN2,TBAPart1 and B4NM is best terrywads ever?
  6. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    Doom City

    Best wad from 90s
  7. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    What is your favourite secret Level?

  8. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    Icarus: Alien Vanguard

    This wad is good,story is epic,soundtracks are great and design is good?
  9. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    Save the World!

  10. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    Doom Extended.WAD

    not bad
  11. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    The New Order

    Ok i'm played this wad(yeah i have strife) and i rated 0/5
  12. [RETRO]Fulgore101


    Well this is interisting
  13. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    Maw of Doom!

  14. [RETRO]Fulgore101

    ATG VS Humans

    I rated 2/5 because-Worst Sound Romero-Man