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  1. BlackFyre

    Been away for a while, need help

    I downloaded the file, and it does make launching ZDoom easier, but I'm having the same trouble with it as I am with Skulltag...while it will load the file, it will not put in the new animations and weapons for Brutal.
  2. BlackFyre

    Been away for a while, need help

    Makes sense, though I guess I would have to use the warp cheat to get to them, assuming they are not in direct order with the maps in the IWAD file.
  3. My ideal Doom 4 would be something like this... 1.) New monsters with better AI (a'la Half Life). Seeing monsters with with each other rather than against each other would add a great deal of strategic challenge to the player. Imagine what would happen if a Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind worked in conjunction! 2.) More NPC interaction. The "sole survivour" shtick gets a bit old after a while. Along the same lines, better storyline development would be a plus. 3.) Mini-games/tasks. Even though it sounds a bit strange, such an addition would make sense. For example, during the course of the game, the player meets up with a squad that has been seperated from the main force, and must help them defend against demonic attacks. The reward could be a special weapon, valuable information, or access given to an area that otherwise could not be entered during the normal course of the game. 4. Better character development/less linear gameplay. It would fall to reason (to Me, at least) that the character would not stay the same during the entire course of the game. The player (assuming Doom 4 would not be a direct sequel) would be frightened at first by the demons, but, as the game progressed, would learn thier strengths and weaknesses, and be able to fight them more effectively. Also, one of my biggest gripes in the original Doom/Doom 2 was looking at areas thinking "Why can't I just jump over this railing", for example. I feel the player should be given a variety of options to pursue in order to complete the level. 5. The last change I would put in is having the player rewarded (or punished) according to the amount of effort they put into the level. For example, who's to say that the band of demons the player skirted around in a previous level won't come back to haunt him in a later one?
  4. BlackFyre

    Tetris Movie Trailer!

    I'm glad this turned out to be fake. A movie based on Tetris? That would be worse than the Super Mario Brothers movie!
  5. BlackFyre

    Been away for a while, need help

    It appears that ZDL is no longer available for download. Is there another site where it can be found? Addition to previous: How do I add pwad files to play using Brutal Doom?
  6. BlackFyre

    Been away for a while, need help

    OK, well I sort of got it to work with Skulltug by dragging the .pk3 file to the skulltag application, but the new weapons or visual effects were not present. However, I was able to get it to work with ZDoom. Thanks much!
  7. BlackFyre

    My second level!

    I downloaded the map a little while ago, and what I have seen so far is very good work :)
  8. BlackFyre

    Been away for a while, need help

    I've been away from map editing and the Doom community at large for a while now, and I have a lot of catching up to do. One of the mods I am most interested in is the Brutal Doom mod for ZDoom and Skulltag. I have downloaded both Skulltage and ZDoom, as well as the corresponding pk3 files for Brutal Doom, but have no idea of how to proceed from there. Can anyone assist? Thanks! :) P.S.: Before anyone asks, yes I do have the IWAD files in thier proper locations already.
  9. BlackFyre

    Level of Experience in Doom.

    If it'll work in JDoom, send me a link to file as well.
  10. BlackFyre

    A little help, please...

    I finally got the effect I wanted tohugh I had to do it a bit differently... I attached the dummy sector to the sector whose floot texture I wanted to change, and referenced a linedef to it, and built up the walls alng the connecting linedef, and added a trigger to change the walls as well. I guess that might have been what Andy meant LOL.
  11. BlackFyre

    Now where did this come from...?

    That comic was so bad it was hilarious!
  12. BlackFyre

    Now where did this come from...?

    If there's a Doom comic out there somewhere, I'ld sure like to know where to to find it. Thanks.
  13. BlackFyre

    Indirectly related to Doom question...

    Try the TBYB version Paint Shop Pro 8, from JASC software. It's a good sized download, but well worth it.
  14. BlackFyre

    A little help, please...

    Click Recent Wads, and you'll see my name about third from the top.
  15. BlackFyre

    A little help, please...

    You can see the WIP at http://wip.paci-fist.org/index.php