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  1. dewmguy

    old games modded still better

    Damn even though new iphones are sleek I hate the fact that I can't replace or repair my new iphone's bits like I could with them old ones of the same company from 10 years ago. They just don't make them like that anymore and therefore are worse. /s
  2. dewmguy

    Ammo Holy Grail Found?!

    So people don't get to SSG rampage their way through the game like they did in 2016
  3. The mysterious voice after khan makyr's death also sounds a lot like the glitched out voice vega makes while asking "Am I the Father?"
  4. Yes. And when connected to the fortress, vega says that Sam is taking over because of the similarity of architecture. It's also worth mentioning that Samuel Hayden requested his cortex and frontal lobe to stay intact while undergoing the cyberisation process
  5. Don't make these kind of threads or they might call you a bethesda shill
  6. shit attitude and stupid nitpicks don't count as arguments that could help improve the games 2016's flaws were extensively talked upon even after it was a success and a very different approach than modern shooters. Yet when you talk of your idealistic approches towards the game such as removing arena combat and story and reject whatever the devs are trying to achieve, that's just half uneducated and half stupid opinions. We have platforming because people hated 2016's corridors We've got focus on pacing and arena features being improved upon by throwing away realism for launch pads and swinging poles in a destroyed cityscape We have story because a part of the community dived deep into it You may not be that part of the fanbase but you can't just deny what a good number of people want Yet you call the devs lazy and those of us arguing in favour shills or whatever Never said that it can't be improved upon. But everything is relative and of all the shooter's i've seen this is one of the best so 9 works for me.
  7. I only miss 2016's aesthetics. Platforming is awesome but I would have preferred death from falling off Classic dooms and D64 had harder platforming IMO. And getting lost in classic dooms happened more often It's a solid 9 but i'll give it a 10 because no other shooter comes even close
  8. Me Born in 1995 so missed OGs Live in a third world country so didn't have access to Doom 3 in 2004 Waved off Doom 2016 as a low-effort job to get money from hardcore fans without even giving it a look (I blame the original cover art)
  9. youtubers who spoil shit like that should be sent to hell. without guns.
  10. dewmguy

    Gman's review

    still better than those Doom speculation-ist youtubers bitching about each other
  11. dewmguy

    LGR's Doom Eternal review

    "If my brother buys it" hahaha sure whatever you say
  12. dewmguy

    Sergeant Mark IV's take on Doom Eternal

    Don't you start to think your opinions even remotely speak for us. I know everyone's entitled to theirs but yours are utterly wrong So the fact that you saw BD and not Mortal Kombat and Duke Nukem Forever makes you think GKs may only be inspired by BD? And what about the people who actually like BD? Don't they have a right to say anything in the Doom community or the 'right to say in the final product' (lol)? Weapon mods are for the people who want more diversity and versatility in their weapons. And you can choose to ignore it. On my first UV playhrough i played only with SG and SSG without alt-firing once Your 'forced to do' arguments are crap. That's like saying you're forced to hug the wall and spam to find secrets in og Doom. You cannot blame the game for your completionist attitude. You can even walk past the weapon mod drones. The general demand has been met with 2016 an Eternal. You can go ahead with the latter option
  13. dewmguy

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    Good for you then! But the general consensus regarding criticism in doom sequels after Doom II has always seemed to be based on why it's not a full copy paste It's supposed to be genre-defining and the best-of-it's-generation fps. Id Software is pushing boundaries on all aspects on each entry: so comparing one entry to the other seems pointless
  14. dewmguy

    Sergeant Mark IV's take on Doom Eternal

    True. IMO those kind of characters are better off in the RPG genre nowadays
  15. dewmguy

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    1993/1994 - Doom/Doom II 1997 - Doom 64 - It's different = not Doom 2004 - Doom 3 - It's different = not Doom 2016 - Doom (2016) - It's different = not Doom 2020 - Doom Eternal - It's different = not Doom Damn id Software. They ruined the franchise by not keeping with my tastes!