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  1. ArchonCyberdemon

    End bosses

    Ick... I guess that does make him the worst endboss, but I've never fought Nihilanth before, so I'll still have to go with Shub. Sorry, Liam.
  2. ArchonCyberdemon

    End bosses

    Yeah, I have to agree, Shub was the most pathetic endbosses. Korax is one of the better endbosses, especially if one knows how to manipulate his ability to activate scripts and teleport around, and the same goes for D'Sparil with teleporting also.
  3. ArchonCyberdemon

    Making the Maulotaur and...

    thinking of how Raven got the Maulotaur's "flame snake[the flames that crawl along the ground at you in Heretic]" attack to act the way they did, since I'm planning to give him that attack, and possibly a "homing" flame snake attack. I'll probably find a way to do it myself, but does anyone have any ideas on how they think it might work anyways? You may come up with a better method than I would. Thanks.
  4. ArchonCyberdemon

    Hexen/heretic sprites in doom?

    The following only applies if you can use Paint Shop Pro 6 or up[maybe lower]. 1. Open PSP 2. Extract a sprite graphic from Doom.wad or Doom2.wad 3. Open the graphic in PSP 4. Save the palette of the graphic into a palette file. This will allow you to apply the said palette to any picture by using Shift+O[open palette command]. 5. Get your Heretic/Hexen sprites, open them in PSP and apply the Doom palette to them and then resave them. 6. Should be all the info you need to know. :) I used that to extract the Iron Lich, Maulotaur and D'Sparil graphics for my MOD. I also used it to extract Korax from Hexen.
  5. ArchonCyberdemon

    Sound Problem

    Yeah, the thing is, it won't work with EDGE 1.26 or EDGE 1.27. In 1.26, any sound playing caused the game to boot you out, and in 1.27 the wrong sounds are played for each action. I've tried vainly countless times to fix it, but I get no DDF errors concerning sound problems, and I still get the bug. If I could get it fixed somehow I could upgrade EB Doom to 1.27 and get some other nice features for it. If anyone has any idea how to fix it[like whomever did Immortal Conduct might have had the problem but fixed it, or someone else who had to go from EDGE 1.25 to a higher version.], please tell me. =\
  6. ArchonCyberdemon

    Is there a list of Wads or TC for Edge?

    EBDoom... the link to it is in my signature, and it runs on EDGE, but you have to use the 1.25WIP for it to work. I'm still trying to get it to work right with 1.27[for some reason, EDGE is screwing around the placement of the sounds, and I can't figure out why]
  7. ArchonCyberdemon

    Those who commented on EB Doom look here...

    Cecil here. For some reason, I can't create an account on the comments section of Doomworld, since the creataccount.php3 is a missing link, so I will just say stuff about it here. Just so you all know, I don't have plans on there being a "best" or "main" character. It'll be more like Hexen. Certain characters are better for certain things, etc. CacoDemon Leader, I will put mention of you making the one sound from the Free Hissy mod[when the next release comes out that is]. I'm kinda a Hissy fan myself. Also, I have never played Mother, so there will be nothing from that game that is solely seen in just Mother[like Eve or Pippi, etc]. Sorry, but it's only gonna be based off EB itself, and it's not a remake of the adventure, it's more of a sequel/alternate dimension type of thing. This mod is more made with another community's interest in mind, mixed with my own. I will not totally disagree with opinions, but I will most likely not alter ideas right now. Also, it was originally given to just beta testers, but I released it because www.starmen.net, a major EB site, has a fan games section, plus I want the public to try it out. To me, it doesn't ruin much if you there's no true plot yet. Oh, and between me and you, I'm not a huge Ness fan[he's my 4th favorite of the four playables, but he's decently cool], so even if there was a main character, it most likely would not be him. Way too many people ignore the other characters, which just irks me. BTW Zaku, I happen to like the mugs I have better. A good friend actually took the trouble to draw the original faces I used for these. I'm not a fan of clay over anime, so the mugs will stay the way they are. Sorry. I guess that's all to say for now.
  8. ArchonCyberdemon

    recommend doom wad for me plz

    If you care, you can try my EB Doom beta thingy. It's in my signature.