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Everything posted by elend

  1. elend

    Share Your Sprites!

    Yeah that is looking nice so far. Like the glove.
  2. elend

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 9/25/19]

    That's not exactly the rotation I had in mind. xD
  3. Wow, superb work! Love it.
  4. elend

    Hocusdoom RELEASED (/idgames pending)

    Great work! Trying to re-play it all over again.
  5. Had the same problem when uploading my WAD. Needed the email confirmation, because it was my first idgames upload. Just talked to Bloodshedder on Discord real quick and he confirmed my email adress.
  6. elend

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    No, you can not drop the container on a monster. :/
  7. elend

    What should I call this map?

    toxic avenger
  8. elend

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Wow that layout looks very organic. Nice work!
  9. elend

    GZdoom buidler triangle sectors

    Hot damn, DRAW GRID. Thanks, I did not know this. I might need this very soon. Thanks for taking your time and always being there to help, KappesBuur!
  10. elend


    A Jimmy megaWAD.
  11. elend

    Id Anthology on eBay

    Damn, I should not have sold mine back then. T_T
  12. @Raptomex Oh hi there, nice to see you here. I love Doom - obviously - and would love to see more Doom content. Other games are fine, too but a bit of Doom here and there really works wonders for your channel. Hehe.
  13. This time I'll try to make a make. Gotta use that 24h window, though, since the event is literally in the middle of the night for me. :D
  14. elend

    Is centering maps important?

    I am working on a pretty huge level, which utilizes three stacked portals. Thus, I need 3 times the space and noticed that, depending on placement of the portals on the grid, I can look "through" to the other side of the map. Moving the portals more close to the origin of the grid fixed that. For now.
  15. elend

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Damn, I need some playable terrain like this as well. I'll try Jaska's approach. Would be non-playable anyway.
  16. elend

    Most recent movie you saw

    I recently saw Klaus and was quite blown away by it. Not by a storytelling viewpoint - although the story and delivery are definitely very fine - but more from an animation standpoint. This is a traditionally 2D animated movie by a spanish studio (?!) with absolutely incredible smooth animations and a quite unique visual style. If you can, check it out. There are definitely worse Christmas Movies you can watch.
  17. elend

    Mapping regrets?

    This, absolutely. Seeing how incredibly fun mapping is, I am a bit sad, that I didn't start earlier. I am a bit older now and realistically speaking don't have so much time on this planet anymore. :(
  18. elend

    What is something about doom that you absolutely hate?

    When I perfectly circle strafe a Hellknight / Baron in close quarters, but he manages to volley his projectile almost perfectly behind himself.
  19. elend

    Tartarus (UDMF / OTEX map for GZDoom)

    Damn, this is looking wild! Have to try this out.
  20. Have been watching this guy's content for some time now. Only recently started doing Doom stuff and not sure it will last forever. His narration can be a tad sedating, but other than that I enjoy his videos.
  21. elend

    New Map I've completed "Shiver Hollow"

    That is looking really nice! I wanted to download and put it in my backlog folder, but I just got an error message. ;/
  22. elend

    My Doom pixelart

    Oh yes, that is looking good. Now only 500 more.
  23. elend

    JP LeBreton's latest Doom homage

    I always watch his show "WAD wednesday". Very insightful and interesting. :D
  24. elend

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This is looking nice!